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06-22-2016, 06:42 PM
the philosophical king of all acids

upon the days that the leafs of the forists are falling, one can collect the rotten and dead bodys of the ones that once stood high and tall.

firering these bodys to ashes. Letting them be as the rays of luna. Throwing upon these ashes, every moment the sun's rays come from the east, a spiritual water of man, let these waters and ashes breathe, for as long as the days of luna.

Let these waters be made clear of all that is inpure,
upon these clear waters is trown, a very edible fixed plant spirit, this is set on a gental wormth, allowing a very strong amd firey water to arise from the waters.

this strong water will solve the bodys of luna and venus and corpufing all that is inpure..