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07-27-2016, 11:27 PM
Has any of you achieved any spiritual enlightment or anything else through listening or doing mantras?
I have no idea wether they work, i just started listening to one and i have to admit it is very relieving, i have been literally crying like a baby for God knows how many hours, all the emotions i have been keeping sealed up these years have just overflowed and i am literally feeling lighter, more focused and happier. I am literally shedding tears over the keyboard as i write this. Perhaps though this effect is achieved cause before listening to the mantra i had seen a very emotional tv series which has "scarred" me as a kid and the mantra just enhanced this effect...

Loki Morningstar
07-28-2016, 08:58 AM
Hi Amon,

Yeah, sort of. Bit embarrassing really. I used mantras to feel more confident when talking to people. And to help when picking up women. It certainly worked to make me feel more confident. And when I think back it did improve the amount of women that were attracted to me. It is just a shame that the mantras that I was using didn't teach me to recognise when women were attracted to me lol.

I used a Ross Jeffries technique. The idea was that you record yourself on some sort of recording device. He stated that by using your own voice makes the mantras a lot more powerful. He also advised that you should learn a little about hypnotic tonality of the voice, trance inducing tonalities and rhythms, and the difference between command tonality, statement tonality, and question tonality.

You would say the mantras, 10x each into the recording device. All references to your self should be reframed to 'you'. He states using 'I' does not work as well, for reasons I won't go full go into. It is basically just self hypnosis. And we have many names for our self, all of which have different purposes.

The further techniques which he stated really helped to embed the information and beliefs that you wish to create in yourself is to once per day sit down and listen to the tape, and you would write the messages you are trying to send yourself out of sync.

So you would listen to the first 10 mantras, then when they finished you would begin writing the first 10 while the second 10 are playing in your ears. You could also do this by saying the first 10 out loud while listening to the second 10. The brain struggles to focus on too many things at once and so what this does is allows the suggestions to go directly into the subconscious. Beings why singing in rounds works to really get kids to memorise the lyrics of a chant or song.

Then you would listen to the tape whenever you felt like it, while going about your day.

Be-aware. Be careful, with the technique. Words can be more powerful that you know and it is a good idea to have knowledge of hypnotic suggestion, positive reframing, and the ways linguistics effect the mind before you go writing your own mantras, or using any old mantra.

Hope this helps a little, not sure if this is what you are looking for.

07-28-2016, 10:54 AM
I am not looking for something specific, i just want to learn about what you can achieve with mantras. :D thats sounds really interesting, i have heard of self hypnotism but i guess you have to do a lot of digging before you even attempt it on yourself if you dont want it to go awry

Loki Morningstar
07-28-2016, 11:27 AM
Fair play, the easiest way to explain it was for me to give an example.

I would agree, best to either have the knowledge yourself, or use a tried and tested method.

07-28-2016, 12:33 PM
Just a little sidenote regarding mantras,

the most famous mantra of many buddhist/taoist schools is the well known "ooohhhhhhhmmmm".
Actually you donīt have to say it neither do you have to hear it but you must vibrate it. A kind of singing internally to yourself. Try saying "ohm" with your mouth closed and you will feel how your mouth and than the rest of your body slowly starts to sink and vibrate. The frequency of "ohm" according to the sources I came across is very close to the schuhman frequency/ressonance (7.83 hertz) which is the normal vibration of earth/ our human heart and by vibrating "ohm" with closed mouth it is said to bring your body back in tune with nature and to open up your consciousness and hidden self healing abilities...maybe something which could be of interest to you.

07-29-2016, 03:33 AM
Yes, they work.

Though they do on many levels:

1) Listening to recorded mantras: I do not give much value to such thing... other than the aesthetic pleasure if you like doing such thing.

2) "Placebo Mantras": Several years ago friend of mine had huge problems with insomnia and asked me to use "magic" to cure his insomnia. I tricked him. I invented a completely meaningless mantra (imagine something like "Pim Pam Pum taram taram scooby scooby boom boom") and told him that it was a secret mantra for sleeping and that he had to repeat it every night with his eyes closed.

I willingly invented a meaningless mantra as to avoid "contaminating" my friend with information.

The result was that the "secret" mantra worked perfectly as a placebo and made him sleep in less than 10 minutes after repeating it... his insomnia was cured.

If you use a mantra that you don't understand, a mantra that belongs to a system that you don't understand or are not familiar with... I'd say you are using a "placebo mantra". They work, but their effects are limited (i.e, they can be good for sleeping or other simple thing).

3) Mantras from a system that you understand: they work, of course... and their effects depend a lot on what you are looking for.... but you have to UNDERSTAND and KNOW the system you are using (i.e, I like Abulafia a lot... but his system doesn't make any sense if you don't know quite a bit about Qabalah).

Depending on how you use them you can achieve: relaxation, knowledge, visions, a huge flow of energy and healing... and a better understanding of the system you are using.

4) Group Mantras: They work very good in a lot of different levels. They are very interesting if there's a "soloist" and a "chorus"...

A typical example would be:




The effect of these "group mantras" using permutations with a soloist and a chorus are... well, they are one of the best invocation techniques.

Here's a video explainig one of the techinques of Abulafia (I have no idea of who is the speaker in this video... but the explanation is OK... and it's the only explanation in video I've found).


11-29-2016, 05:07 PM
If you could have asked tesla,he was fond of frequency and vibrations,

John Bane
11-30-2016, 09:59 PM
I think it all depends on what kind of mantra you're listening to. Basically its all about the frequencies and because everything is a frequency it is up to you in witch direction you want to go. Mind that, that all the mantras as we know them are based on low frequencies and they are strictly connected to ancient languages. Be careful about mantas etc on youtube for example. I never trust them because everything what is affecting you and your spiritual development has to be done with proper knowledge same as when you are using a right tool for the right thing.
I personally would not listen to them. Mantras for me make sense when they are incantate them by yourself because theirs purpose is to affect you during your meditations.

11-30-2016, 11:13 PM
Amon, "do mantas work"? Aum let me think about it ;)