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08-04-2016, 04:34 PM
When I do a proper psychedelic ceremony I enter another realm where basically I am a baby. This is not something that is specific to me, but common for a lot of psychonauts.

Especially when we are talking about the "heavy" stuff like ayahuasca, iboga and pure DMT.

In those worlds we are like babies. And we experience those realms with awe and wonder, like a baby does. Sometimes when it becomes too much we get scared and want help. In these cases it is so wonderful when a sitter/parent comes by for comfort.

One trick when you feel like you are in a hellish loop is to change position. This changes everything. It is also common that if you do psychedelics in your house and suddenly walk outside everything becomes extra intense because you change physical environment.

On psychedelics you can go from laughing to fear or crying in a moments notice. Like a baby.


Basically there are a great deal of similarities between being in a psychedelic state and a baby. Now having recently had a baby I have had the great opportunity to study this theory a bit closer and I am very convinced so far.

But how to test it?

Well I know what to do when someone on psychedelics are in a loop and becomes scared... you change the position of the person. Same with baby. If it starts crying change position. What happens? It stops crying.

Same goes for changing environment. When you move a baby from one environment to another you can tell it is a big deal for the baby, just as it is for someone on psychedelics.

Anyway you can probably tell where I am going with this. But if not let me spell it out... :)


Everything is a microcosm of a macrocosm. When we are born into this world we are beginning our "trip". With age we slowly forget it is a trip and we descend into acceptance/belief. That is why psychedelics are so good. They push us back to our origin state. The moment when we first entered this strange world.

By treating a baby as if it is having a psychedelic trip (which it probablyis) parenting has become fairly easy. So far it has not failed and I am amazed I have not heard about this outlook or technique before, but I am certain I am not the first to notice how it can be applied.

Sidenote: I sang a certain icaros (Shipibo medicine song) that I love to the baby in the womb a lot... I also played it when it was born and everytime I sing it to the baby now it reacts to it much stronger than any other nursery song. And that is another thing... those sacred songs are nursery rhymes for babies. Yes, it's true!



08-04-2016, 07:13 PM
I have recently been looking at autism, and I see a correlation with that and a psychedelic experience.

Apparently autistic people have too many synapses firing at any one time. A brain scan of someone on psychedelics shows that multiple connections were made between different parts of the brain.

Might be an area to look at.


P.S. that is one scary pic lol