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09-05-2016, 03:30 PM
Below is my current line of thinking that is beginning to make a lot of sense, and fits perfectly what I so far have learned.

People search enlightenment, liberation, freedom... whatever.

We already have all those things (or whatever else is desired - not counting material things... if you don't have a porsche you don't have one).

We are enlightened. We are liberated. We are free.

But in this current state of being we think we need to achieve those said states... but we have already achieved them.

It is a well-known fact that people in extreme power often sexually get a lot of satisfaction from being subdued into bondaged, whipped etc.

Same goes for the liberated... it feels nice to go down here into this body and be subdued by physical code and forget our liberated state.

Now you might say: why would someone/something that is truly liberated ever want to "sink so low" as to go back into a pre-liberated state?

There never was such a state. It was always liberation. Freedom. The entire reason for all of existence (this universe and all the rest) is a result of a liberated eternal energy wanting to be "tied up and fucked in the ass".

So enjoy the ride. It won't last long. Liberation on the other hand is forever. Muha ha ha.


Illen A. Cluf
09-05-2016, 03:41 PM
Matter is always trying to capture the Spirit/Energy and enslave it. Spirit/Energy is always trying to escape from bondage. These two forces are what drives and sustains all existence.

09-06-2016, 08:28 AM
Dev are you trying to tell us something ;)

Joking aside, I agree, but do we just enjoy the challenge rather than the subjugation specifically.

Throughout history people have tried to lord over other people, one being oppressed the other being
the oppressor. Is that really how we want to live or should we all work together to overcome the
challenges that face us all, would that not be as motivational?

Instead of spending Trillions on pointless wars, could we not work together to explore the Universe?


09-06-2016, 12:38 PM
Throughout history people have tried to lord over other people, one being oppressed the other being
the oppressor.

My point is that there are no oppressors or oppressed. This is delusion. If we play a war game, player vs. player, and I massacre you with an Uzi you will probably laugh as the blood splatters on the monitor in full HD. The avatar in the game might, if the AI is advanced enough, feel both pain and sorrow from this... but you and I (killer and killed) are laughing our asses off... enjoying the game.

Warning: this does not mean I say I can just go out on the street and kill and maim people left and right... because that would be childish. I don't think it is that kind of game... but honestly, perhaps it is. So maybe I am saying we can all be serial killers, because why not?

The problem with this kind of thinking, and the serious problem of using video games as an allegory, is that video games are a silly affair. Currently the avatars in videogames are, allegedly, dead matter... empty code... and the REAL game of this physical existence (illusionary and all) is still more ALIVE...

Videogames are an allegorical microcosm of the reality of the illusionary world. So it would be extremly bad form to play this game as a serial killer... that would be to loose the game, even if this game is not really about winning and loosing as much as it is to just experience. And there is a part of me that feel that a serial killer would "learn" more from his "bad" acts than some prude saint would who just sail through life like a ball of cotton.

I am aware that I keep contradicting myself, but that is because I "believe" both aspects at the same time. Some call this being a schitzo, which is fine with me. If you pick either side in a dualistic setting I think you loose the side you don't pick and the full picture is lost.

Am I making any sense at all? LOL.


09-07-2016, 08:16 AM
Yes, I can see what you are saying. I too look at the world from a dualistic perspective where in one frame of reference
I live my life withing the confines of this illusion affected by all the actions and reactions of its game-play, but in another
I see the illusion and realise I am only looking through the holographic representation of a "me" in this simulation.

At the moment I seem to be locked into the confines of the former and this was not always the case.


09-07-2016, 11:37 AM
Maybe the illusion is us calling it illusion which is an attempt to create something "real". I currently find it very entertaining to see the illusion more in lines of a energy/knowledge blockade/cap as opposed to viewing it as a complete mirrage/dream/hallucination.
So not that this reality is some form of game but some form of prison. That their is some kind of grid/matrix which is sucking up all the SM and energy created through human consciousness. Such a viewpoint would mean, for me at least, that the goal is not to wake up or accept but to become stronger and more wise in the hope that oneself someday will reach a state of mind where "the solution" or way out becomes obvious and achievable.

In general like dev I am of the opinion that the right and left hand path are both valid and can reach "the solution". The "universe" does not care what our morals and beliefs are but just that we have them and cultivate them. A serial killer like dev said will have much more "input" from the outside world to forge their morals than a saintly hermit.But a saintly hermit, in general, will have much more "understanding" and "harmony" and therefor can extrapolate more out of less input than the serial killer. Since killing still is a form of conflict and at least (most) victims will have a problem with it.Conflict strenghtens and changes morals but it never creates anything.Because creation is always agreement and peace. A serial killer might create chaos and rearrange currently existing morals of him/herself but only when he/she has a moment of peace/introspection will he/she be able to create something new.
A serial killer might enjoy cutting up little children but only in the moment where he/she becomes aware of his/her desires will he/she be able to advance. From a "normal" perspective this advancement seems like the opposite, a serial killer becoming a "better" killer but from a cosmic perspective this serial killer has become a more spiritual being and closer to "god".

09-07-2016, 06:52 PM
Maybe the illusion is us calling it illusion which is an attempt to create something "real"...

The illusion is real. The delusion is reality. ;)

So not that this reality is some form of game but some form of prison.

I disagree. And this is exactly what this whole thread started as: a rejection that we are slaves, in prison, controlled etc. We ain't. IMO. No more anyway than someone who willingly (on their own accord) enter a Fifty Shades of Grey relationship, wanting someone else to be their Master... or someone that gets off by being spanked and feeling pain... metaphorically...

So "reality"/"Earth Life" is more a dungeon, than a prison.


Enjoy it why it lasts, because why visit a brothel if you ain't going to fuck the whores? Allegorically speaking...