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09-10-2016, 02:04 AM
Hello everyone,
I don't really post that often, in fact you could say I'm a lurker but I do want to change that, get off my chair, do more lab work and participate more on these forums. I'm continually learning and receiving from this community and wanted to give back. So here I am uploading a manuscript that I paid a fairly pricey figure to be scanned in the hopes that it would inspire me to learn German..it still has not but I know that many here may get use from it.

The manuscript is called Schlussel der Wahren Weisheit and is a supplementary text to Coleum Resoratum Chymicum by Toeltius which is widely known. In this text there is a point by point revealing of traps or keys missing from the original text. As these Rosicrucian texts from what I have read of them are very generous I really hope that by sharing this others can benefit..maybe even share in what they have gleaned ;)

EDIT: On second thought I have decided if you'd like a copy please PM me