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09-10-2016, 08:06 PM
Blackberry brandy:

1 kg Blackberries
1kg of sultanas ( not currents)
Yeast, demijohn, airlock etc.

Soak sultanas overnight to soften them. Mash up blackberries and sultanas with hand blender, mix in yeast pour into demijohn using a funnel. Allow to ferment to approx 2/3rds completion. Using nylon tights leg over opening of demijohn shake pulp and liquid out, tie off and wring tights to extract maximum wine. Distil wine to get approx 50% alcohol to water in distillate. Discard 1st 10 ml of distillate just in case of methanol. You get 1 bottle of brandy from a demijohn. People ask me a lot for this stuff as a Christmas gift it is very sweet but earthy.

It's just too good to make into a Spagyric.

Lux Natura
04-13-2017, 04:03 PM
The way I made my blueberry brandy was to ferment the wine to dryness, repeatedly distill (always throwing out the methyl alcohols based on temperature) but to mix back a select portion of the leftover in the still with the new batch, until I was getting a very clean run. That is, the final run, which was the 3rd or 4th on the potstill all came out at the same alcohol % - and then the % very swiftly dropped off.

The tails of the distillate, being collected in separate jars, had some amazing flavours and smells. This is then allowed to oxidize a bit, to develop the final flavours. Now things are mixed, the majority of the distillate came over around 75%-80% - to this was mixed some of the tails that had great smells.

Now we put it all into a 1 gallon demijohn, add home toasted oak, and more blueberries.

Coffee filter is placed on top to allow evaporation. The demojohn is full when I start, at 80%, so when it reaches half height, it is at 40% alcohol content, and will have retained all the flavour because we never had to dilute it. The last batch I made in october, it has only lost about 10% so far, but the smell and the flavours are already absolutely amazing.

For what it's worth, my interest in alchemy in general is heavily influenced by my hobby of home brewing.

Specifically I noticed that some of the bitters I have made have profound effects on consciousness, making them sharp and the mind racing, and dreams - giving a sense of a very full of dreams but light "surface" sleep, and this is something that others have noticed as well.

The rhums I make tend to have a very "light" drunk - even when drank to excess, and eventually just leads to deep sleepiness rather than being drunk and blacking out.

05-02-2017, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the info, I'm sure how you do it makes a wonderful brandy.

08-15-2017, 10:13 PM
Lux; it's funny you say that, I've also experienced the 'light' drunkness that comes from home made rum, even when drunk to excess, you don't seem to get at all 'blotto'.

Interesting, and what I thought about at the time, was whether or not the sulphites that the big companies put in our alcohol, may actually be increasing the effectiveness I the alcohol in making you drunk, cause hey, the drinker you are, the more money your going to spend, am I right?