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solomon levi
09-14-2016, 12:04 AM
has anyone realized that 'hermetically sealed' refers to a dimension?
as does ouroboros.


09-14-2016, 12:41 AM
Can you expand the idea?

Since you included an illustration, here's one I like a lot... an illustration from a book by Hildegard von Bingen.


The illustration is NOT BY Hildegard... it is possible that it can be a copy of an illustration she did, but that's uncertain. It belongs to a manuscript of her Liber Divinorum Operum (Book of Divine Works) made by a transcriptor [there are two versions with an identical text, but slightly different illustrations].
This version of the drawing shows two Ouroboros... one of them is around the Earth... the interesting thing for me is that Hildegard is drawn OUTSIDE that Ouroboros as a "seer" who has transcended that dimension.

The second Ouroboros is shaped like a square and it is "open" (on the left side)... she is inside that one.

If you go on with the book and the illustrations (in the two versions I know), then you'll find that the only thing outside the open and square-shaped Ouroboros is "God" (drawn as the head of an old man, which resembles a bit the Macroprosopus of Knorr von Rosenroth or other Qabalistic writings)

Lux Natura
09-16-2016, 05:05 AM
has anyone realized that 'hermetically sealed' refers to a dimension?
as does ouroboros.

Physical dimensions within the ouroboros of spacetime?

solomon levi
09-16-2016, 03:22 PM
well, Hermes is a general archetype for Mind - "all is mind". Mind is a dimension, a self-affirming loop/closed system.
thinking is self-reflection/luna/imagination... the serpent swallowing its tail.
when we unfold the self-affirming subjective loop of thinking/thinker, we realize a more encompassing dimension,
the aether, which is unconditioned relative to the mind/knowledge/memory.

this is the gist of what i'm pointing at, but it is everything - dimensions within dimensions.
the multiplication of the alchemists is like the One folding into two as self-reflection, self-awareness, light coming out of the darkness/unconscious - primum mobile.
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64... this binary folding/"mediation of the One" is also the unicorn which is captured by its reflection, or venus whose circle over a cross is like a mirror...
Venus/morning star/light-bearer, daughter of Saturn/limit... all this is explaining the primum mobile of the Void/unconscious becoming self-aware as light/consciousness.

I learned these things from direct observation. A lot of things come together for me through alchemy,
Carlos Castaneda's stopping the internal dialogue as the entry into the second attention,
J. Krishnamurti's conversations, Buddha's interdependent co-arising... anyway, i learned to suspend the dimension
of thinking/self-reflection, and because that dimension is a fractal or octave of all dimensions, it spread all the way to seeing the Source.
And now i see the green language (much more than years ago when i would post here) and that everyone is describing this same thing
in different terms. For example, Jesus saying we only get to the Father through the son - light/existence as the only begotten son of
Infinity/non-existence... the kingdom/dimesnion of heaven is before men's eyes, but they do not see/comprehend it...
the light shine in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not... the eye/dragon/antimony/fountain does not see itself...
:) <3

Lux Natura
09-16-2016, 05:44 PM
My experience in the stopping of thought is the collapse of physical dimensions. All is drawn unto one point full of power, brilliance. The first time I felt it, afterwards the only way I could possible relate it to myself afterwards was to say that it was like the source of energy behind lightning and all life. When it happened the idea of separation completely disappeared. I remember afterwards having an awareness the moment before thought completely stopped, and it was like something folding into something else, and folding a few more times, until it folded itself out of existence.

For the few moments I remained in that state, and maybe it was 10 seconds, I felt both as an infinitely small point full of that power, brilliance, and this enormously large all pervasive reach of awareness. I can share the last moment of normal awareness before it happened. It was like thick smoke that was clearing, and I could see there was a light behind it, and as soon as I realizes there was this light, that before I was completely unaware of, that awareness just melted all the other smoke away. It's a second light, in the sense that the first light is something like the light of intellect, or the light of the microcosm. The first light illuminates to create the shadows that are the definitions of the normal understanding. This second light melts them all away.

After the experience, it took probably a month or so for me to "come down" from it. When my normal process of awareness started back up again (after those 10 seconds or so), it centered itself on my midsection, and this incredibly glow in the area started that lasted around a month. It was extremely warm, comforting, pleasurable, balanced, loving, full of energy.

In my understanding and usage of green language, everything becomes interchangeable because the definitions exist in a plane of paradox - transcended beyond the simple binary of normal waking consciousness. A symbol, which represents an idea or experience, exists in a different orientation with other symbols depending upon what direction you are viewing it in the hierarchy of symbols and whether or not you are looking at a specific example of it in the micro or macro sense. Maybe I mean something different though that what is meant by others when they say green language - for me it all came out of study of kabalah originally, first as gematria to learn what relates to what, and after it took on a life of it's own, and now the web of relationships develops naturally.

Any examples of techniques you used for the stopping of mind? Mine arose quite naturally, although I was in a meditative position with controlled breathing and already with a singular focus as far as my mind was concerned, but since then, the same thing will not give the effect again.

solomon levi
09-16-2016, 08:20 PM
nice :)
well, as man and mind we are in the middle of two other dimensions.
the personal accumulated linear history/knowledge is a line.
sounds like you collapsed to the point. The method i generally use is to diffuse to the plane.
Methods given by Castaneda had to do with saturating the mind (look up the gait of power; also his Tensegrity exercises aim at saturation)...
when the mind sees more than it can handle or think about it gets suspended - people experience this in moments of fear/shock.
But the way i came about it was a long process of unconditioning myself...
and then Krishnamurti explains it all really well. There was also a particular exercise by Ramana Maharshi called self-inquiry
in which i saw that what we think of as the self is a memorized psychological thought form-being and not an actual/physical being...
physically we are one substance - it's the thinker that says "I". this has a lot to do with the tree of knowledge versus the tree of life.
Knowledge is already known, acquired, stored, memory, past... life is happening now, unknown/virgin, living fountain (of youth), zen beginner's mind...
the kingdom of heaven that is before men's eyes yet they do not see it (because they see their conditioning projected onto the virgin.

As i am now, both are always simultaneously happening and i can emphasize either one. As i experience it this has to do with the pineal/third eye/triangulation of two points,
the ida and pingala merge/emerge from there, yin and yang, sun and moon. The 6th chakra is represented with 2 petals. The 7th with 1000 = 10 cubed.
Cubed is a dimension. (perfect ashlar)Square is a dimension. (checkerboard, 8 square = 64, binary...)
:) i'm seeing it everywhere. It's like everyone already knew this and i'm late to the party. :) But then i try to communicate it and so few know it :D
Nice to meet you Lux!

solomon levi
09-16-2016, 08:45 PM
green language has to do a lot with phonetics. For example, when alchemists speak of the hen and her egg...
well, first this is the Philosophers' stone... Greek for the One is "to hen" (which is similar to ten as well).

en to pan: one the all

When one learns to see dimensionally, everything has a more objective meaning that becomes obvious.
One who hasn't learned to see will speculate. But for seers, if you say "the One", it is veryobvious that there is only one One.
they have no confusion of what it means. When Jesus says the The Father, and the only begotten son - there's only one meaning for this,
but most christians have no idea what that is. For us, the dimension above is the Father of the son below.
If one seeks first the dimension of Heaven, all else shall be added unto you - obviously the plane encompasses all lines. :)

Lux Natura
09-17-2016, 12:42 AM
Solomon... the saturation of the mind of Castenada is very similar to one of the ways the western occultists suggest crossing the abyss: by a forceful overloading the mind with ideas that always end in paradox.

Over time that brick wall, being hit again and again, breaks apart.

Now, what crystalizes afterwards is highly determined by forces of habit, so it's not something suggested light-heartedly to those who are not otherwise stable, because the potential exists for the new mind being recrystalized in unwanted ways - i.e. with a speck of dirt inside, or the new mind being built upon anger, etc.

I don't think anyone is late to the party! It's been going on since the beginning, and will go on to the end!

solomon levi
09-17-2016, 03:59 AM
well, with steady self-observation and unconditioning, one doesn't crystallize again but remains fluid, or quintessential.
yes, there is an unstable period that can be dangerous. When i first began meeting with infinity, it was terrifying.
I saw the relativity of everything - that we're all drawing lines in infinity and agreeing they mean something....
losing the belief in meaning can be very depressing and make you question life. But unconditioning is the necessary first/black phase of alchemy.
death, putrefaction... if you don't go through this you remain asleep.
"A man may be born, but in order to be born he must first die, and in order to die he must first awake." - Gurdjieff

The saturation doesn't have to be ideas. For Castaneda one of the main exercises was long walks with the eyes unfocused on the horizon,
holding the hands in specific position to tense the forearms... getting into the body is another way out of the mind.
Really just being present is what's required. Thinking only works with the past/known/knowledge.
Even what we call "thinking of the future" utilizes the past, not the future :) Everything we can think is already known/past...
we can only think with the known. That's why thinking is a dimension overlayed on the actual present isness which has never happened before,
yet is always happening... saturating oneself in awareness instead of thinking.

The success of it is really effortless - we need to come to the end of effort. I suppose one of the ideas that stops the mind is that there is nothing
one can DO to be unconditioned... all doing is conditioning. Doer and doing coarise. These things have to be seen directly in order to stop -
as long as they are ideas, they don't stop. :) Most of enlightenment is realizing it already always was/is. It's not some state -
infinity/omnipresence isn't somewhere else or sometime else. I don't see these perceptions as forcefully overloading the mind...
Saturation is more like surrender.

10-27-2016, 05:08 PM
In my view, Hermetically sealed means to retain the energy within and not spill it, not actually retaining chemicals in a laboratory vial. It also refers to the secrecy surrounding the esoteric knowledge, which all secret societies and mystery schools have practiced. You must be hermetically sealed and not spill your energy nor the secrets of the work to anyone who isn't ready to hear it.

10-27-2016, 09:05 PM
In my view, Hermetically sealed means to retain the energy within and not spill it, not actually retaining chemicals in a laboratory vial. It also refers to the secrecy surrounding the esoteric knowledge, which all secret societies and mystery schools have practiced. You must be hermetically sealed and not spill your energy nor the secrets of the work to anyone who isn't ready to hear it.

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