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10-07-2016, 07:30 AM
Not so long ago I had to be the babysitter of my 5 years old niece for a night (her parents were busy)...

So we came home and played... among other things, we played music... we played random notes that became songs in our "jam session" and gave them names ("The song for the color blue", "The song of the dinosaurs", "The song of the sun", etc).

And then I filmed her with my phone playing her music after explaining her how a metronome works, which she perfectly understood. Since the light was not adequate and my phone isn't amazing for filming without a good light, I had to enhance the brightness, which makes the video look a bit weird... but you can still see her happy face and her way of playing. This is her version of "The song for the color blue":


(what she says at the end of the video is "corte" -"Cut"-... LOL, she's the daughter of a filmmaker... so she's used to the technical words of cinema... and before someone films her, she always checks if she likes the frame or not).

As you may notice, she's not a trained musician, she's not a "virtuoso" and she has no idea of which note she's playing... she simply has fun.

I share the video because it made me think a LOT about the origins of Music... we can't know them, they precede our written history. But I thought: Why we (mankind) invented music?

Was it to praise the Gods? Was it to emulate the harmony of the spheres? Was it to praise a pantheist vision of nature?

I arrived to my own subjective idea: probably we invented music because it was FUN... as simple as that. So I enjoyed a lot seeing her playing with music... because her tools are more complex than the prehistoric tools (a melodica, a piano and even a metronome)... probably the first music was done with sticks and rocks or something very simple.

A few days later I talked to a person who's very close to me and had a problem. she's having problems with a quite complex classical sonata that she's rehearsing since a long time and isn't happy with the results. She's literally suffering the sonata. So I showed her the video of my niece and told her that MAYBE her solution was there. Which solution? not suffering the sonata, but having FUN with it, taking it as a game... and you know that kids are VERY serious when they play... it's not about "not being serious", but about having fun.

And later I found myself talking to a very experienced alchemist who spent decades trying to find "The Stone", but could not arrive to it yet and he's somehow stuck. So after some explanations about his works at the lab, the paths he follows, etc... I noticed a lot of suffering and frustration. An obsession that is becoming even a bit Pathological (it somehow reminded me of the first part of the tale of Cyliani and all his sufferings).

So after hearing a lot of explanations I asked a simple question: "when you began practicing alchemy at the lab, was it fun? Did you play at the lab?"... and then I asked: "What about your current situation? Could it be that with all those decades at the lab you are no longer having fun? Could it be that you forgot how to play like a kid?".

I told this persons that such things were more important than finding the Sone: enjoying what you do NOW, having fun NOW, playing NOW... like a kid. Sadness and frustration can't create any Stone, I take such thing for granted. Whilst having FUN and PLAYING are equal to the Stone, probably more important and valuable than the stone itself.

JDP is going to murder me after this statement (I really love JDP, no irony there!!): Could it be that Alchemy began just like music? i.e, that it began because it was FUN?

So... without caring how far you have arrived, without caring if you are the most amazing Adept that history has known or is you are a neophyte giving his first steps:
Do you still have FUN at the lab? Do you still PLAY? Are those ideas important for you?

(And playing does NOT equal doing something stupid or forgetting to "play safe", I am talking about an attitude of mind).

10-07-2016, 10:28 AM
I like the idea and agree wholeheartedly with you.

10-07-2016, 01:38 PM
This is something I've been doing more and more out of boredom, having fun while working. Otherwise, I just sit and criticize everything I'm doing, which extends to criticizing everyone else when i'm in public. Not so much fun moving through life that way!

10-07-2016, 11:30 PM
My personal rule/creed is: I don't do anything if I don't enjoy it... and if I do something I don't enjoy then I have to be paid. So yes, if you are in the Lab and not having fun do something else (unless you get paid).


10-07-2016, 11:34 PM
My personal rule/creed is: I don't do anything if I don't enjoy it... and if I do something I don't enjoy then I have to be paid. So yes, if you are in the Lab and not having fun do something else (unless you get paid).


Take care with what you say, or I'll end up writing my heterosexual love letter to you!!!!! Dev <3