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10-12-2016, 01:46 AM
Calling all Aussie Alchemists (That is my trade mark DJ name so don't pinch it)

Can we get a show of hands to the very rough location of the seven of us (judging from the poles so far)

It would be interesting just to gauge the difficulty of some kind of alchemist meeting in Australia.

Would be cool..... Almost... Historical.

We could build a large stone circle or a big pyramid and then future generations will be like "We believe these relics to belong to 21st century aussie alchemists where they developed a cure the 2020 american lab created smallpox virus pandemic...."

You know you want too.....

03-16-2017, 05:53 AM
So, secretly behind the scenes, I've been funnelling (relatively) large sums of money to get my wife's company Australian Alchemy(TM) off the ground.

Basically, we are very limited as to what alchemical stuff we can get. The cheapest alembic retort I've found is $500. Pelicans are in the hundreds as well.

The basic plan is to establish a website that makes the entry curve smaller in Australia for people who would like to learn and practise.

Now, before I completely blow my life savings on assisting others to :cool:GET IN THE GAME:cool: I was hoping to get an idea, if any of our Australian forum members are interested in having cheaper alchemical equipment available to them??

I'd there was an Australian based website where you could buy everything you need to perform our art, what would you expect it to have? What would it NEED to have?

I would like to hear what you his think anyway. Cheers :)