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10-31-2016, 06:53 AM
Do you guys believe its possible that the stone is only produced during certain times of the year? What if the moon must be in the sign of your sun at the same time? So the sun and the moon imagery in alchemy could be very literal, such as this year my birthday is on the 28th of november and the moon will be in saggitarius that day. So just as there are certain times of the year for planting seeds, perhaps the stone is produced at different times depending on the energies from your chart, just a thought that I had..

11-16-2016, 04:43 AM
I believe the allegory must hold from the dictum "as above so below", if it holds at all. That is, there is a story to be told among the seven wandering bodies (planetas) in the twelve houses. Setting aside the houses, the seven wandering bodies, each representing a unique alchemical metal (Venus is copper, Saturn is lead, etc), are, as the Rosicrucians surmised, somehow influential on the metals themselves. I would agree with Jennifer Rampling's theory that the Green Lyon is copper, so that the base metal to be transmuted is not lead (which transmutes to silver), but copper (which transmutes to gold).

Conjunction, as a stage of the Work, implies a total solar eclipse, in the as-above portion. But there is more. The Tabula Smaragdina talks about a seed carried in the belly of the wind. Let's suppose that this must have an as-above manifestation. I would propose this is particularly rare - if the seed is the base metal - copper, then it would be Venus. I'd like to think that the only possible solution would be a transit of Venus across the face of the sun, but only when the moon is also about to eclipse the sun.

The dragon Leviathan, Lilith, is the total manifestation of luna at peak solar eclipse. As Geber suggests, the developing stone must remain in the belly of the dragon for 7, 14, or 21 days. I think it is a riddle and the correct response is 14 days. As we know, a solar eclipse is quite often followed by a total lunar eclipse exactly 14 days later. The red moon at maximum lunar eclipse is quite possibly the white stone turning into the red stone. As is stated in Collectanea Chymica, the "red lunary".

There seem to be alchemical riddles that prophesied an event like this:

Namyd by Phylosophers the Lyon Greene,
He ys the meane the Soon and Moone betweene:
Of joynyng Tynctures wyth perfytnes,
As Geber thereto beryth wytnes.
(from Ripley's Twelve Gates - here I suggest Venus)


This Lyon maketh the Sun set soon,
To be joined to his Sister the Moon:
By way of wedding a wondrous thing,
This Lyon should cause him to beget a King
(from Abraham Andrewes in Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum)

And the sequence of events actually did happen once - on the evening of June 3, 1769 into June 4, and then a total lunar eclipse 14 days later. And this sequence of events is more rare than the precession of the equinoxes.

Venus completed its relative-to-Earth precise 8 year astral pentagram with its closing transit (of the 8 year pair which happens every century and a bit) emerging as Eosphoros, the morning star (or Lucifer in Latin). Thus the birth of Lucifer above. Coincidentally, a few weeks after this, Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

11-16-2016, 05:29 AM
Granted, it is strange to talk about the Transit of Venus in the context of alchemy, since common knowledge puts its discovery and first sighting in the 1630's with Horrocks's observations, long after Dee wrote his Monas, but I believe there is something much deeper going on with Venus (Vesper the evening star and Lucifer the morning star). I think Ive even solved how the Egyptians would have been aware of this quintessentially important astrological transaction, which MAY be the derivation of a certain alchemical symbol, Venus at peak transit being a small dot in the middle of a circle.

But the event in 1769 is a most remarkable circumstance, being a woman (Venus) clothed in the sun, the moon under her feet. Followed by total solar eclipse, as Lilith the dragon. Lilith, who eats her children (at a rate of 100 per night as the myth goes).

11-16-2016, 07:11 AM
Do you guys believe its possible that the stone is only produced during certain times of the year?

Only if you believe it is. Otherwise not. IMO.