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12-06-2016, 12:34 AM
Hello fellow occultists!

I'm looking for a very powerful protection ritual. For some unknown reason my spiritual progress seems to be booming at an accelerated rate. The Stone is in within grasp, kundalini is having to be suppressed, and I fear, that due to my sign being strong in aquarian energies that I'm going to start spontaneously OBE'ing and I wish to step up my protection before joining 'The Kingdom of Heaven' so to speak.

Any great protection rituals?? References too please!?

I also invite people to share and add any rare or powerful ritualistic magics. Preferable of a 'whiter' nature

12-06-2016, 04:47 PM
kundalini is having to be suppressed

I must be misreading this. Why are you suppressing the rise of kundalini?

12-06-2016, 06:51 PM
Only those who are going through it know how painful it can be. I am still going through the process and I too am trying to suppress it. If you go on a fast, and meditate while saving your sexual energy, it will only amplify it. My initial symptoms were twitching in the face, then it began to spread to random areas. Each day it will move around to new locations, such as my left hand right now. It feels like electric currents are constantly flowing and sometimes get trapped in areas, and you have to remove the blockage. I found that grounding yourself is the best way to let the process take its time..go play basketball, run a few miles, do martial arts, that sorta thing.

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12-06-2016, 07:20 PM
The spirit is created during our lives, it is completely undeveloped in a fetus like state for most people. The creation of the light body or spirit is the ultimate goal for me. As Jesus stated in one of the Gnostic Texts "If the body came into existence because of the spirit, that is a marvel....if the SPIRIT came into being because of the BODY, that is a marvel of marvels..

12-06-2016, 09:44 PM
...and I fear, that due to my sign being strong in aquarian energies that I'm going to start spontaneously OBE'ing...

Lucky you... just go for it. It's like parachuting. First jump is the worst.

Any great protection rituals?

Follow your heart and turn toward the Light.

I also like to use Salvia smoke or Natural Tobacco smoke and blow it around me (no need to inhale).

I also like the suggestion I got of creating an orb of gold around myself from someone in the forum... if that person wants to expand more on that feel free. ;)

Reference: only personal experience


12-06-2016, 10:41 PM
Alternately eat freshly warmed garlic bread with a lady friend and have rampant sex. The orgasms will slow the kundalini.

12-06-2016, 11:22 PM
@Archer Sage: how epic is Jesus alchemy :cool:

@dev: golden orb is my current protection spell.

@Axis: why the garlic?

Kundalini should be suppressed when the body is not cleaned thoroughly. We do not put new wine into old wine skins ,lest the wine skins Burst!!

12-07-2016, 03:25 AM
There are times where the energy is like a tidal wave..especially at night when you lay down. This has been a hard month for me, as my sun moon and mercury are in saggitarius, and its still sagg season...and the moon was in sagg on my birthday.

12-07-2016, 08:15 AM
Garlic because it cleans but 'earths', I see you understand how orgasm is seen as not useful to raising of kundalini in Indian stuff.

I'm surprised that your work with Spagyrics has not caused these symptoms previously personally I have simply acclimatised. A continual tingling all over sometimes to an intensity that cannot be ignored as Dubuis describes; like thousands of ants randomly jumping on the skin but not always all in one direction. This is my most common symptom, just roll with it guy.

12-07-2016, 12:49 PM
Lol, only Dev saw into the question, it was not about kundalini (while I did still enjoy the comments) but rather:

EPIC PROTECTION SPELLS. So that I can get ready to start venturing into the astral.

Yep orgasm is a big no-no IMO when it comes to spiritual assention.

12-07-2016, 01:17 PM
Out of body work will often occur naturally it is only if you actively focus on it to achieve it that you may have problems.

Franz Bardon's training in Initiation into Hermetics is the safest way to work towards it I know of. Otherwise the lesser Bannishing before and after the projection, the Rising on the planes method Crowley outlined in Liber O (found in book 4), is perhaps the most common method.

So unless you spend a few years working towards it with Bardon's stuff just make sure you do a proper Bannishing. I didn't miss the out if body question, rising kundalini can cause spontaneous OOB, garlic and copious sex with ejaculation seems to bring a person back to earth, also eating something like steak tartar can help assuming you are not vegetarian.

12-07-2016, 01:35 PM
I do love my garlic, however I'm pretty sure that plenty of sex can bring anyone down from the clouds all on it's own.

Thank you for the source's. I have spontenously OBE'ed. Craziest thing that's every happened except when God actually spoke to me once DIRECTLY at Uluru.

(I'll ad that God always 'communicates' with people who communicate with him, but on this particular occasion it was an actual conversation, in which I asked a question, and He responded be speaking to me, with real words, of which I could not see the source, but which words made my entire frame shake and tremble, like the voice was coming from inside of me, but very audio-able..) anyway....

Spontenously OBE'ed at 16yrs before I even knew that it existed. First and last 'proper' time actually. I was meditating after work, picturing a sunset, breathing deeply and slowly, just trying to relax. I tried visualising this sunset in as much detail as I could, the distance
From the sun to the earth,
The reflection if the sun on the water, the vast weight of
The water... What would the wind sound like? BANG! WhhhooooooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!

I was there! I mean REALLY there!! I felt the sunshine, I felt the waves crashing, and more than anything,
I went from a perfectly quite room to what sounded
Like a f****** cyclone in comparison. Scared the quintessence out if me, I then discovered that others had done this and called it OBE, I have tried to replicate the experience but without success... (Unless you include lucid dreaming, which I do not, but have had a lot of them)

12-07-2016, 10:29 PM
You are coming across as a bit manic elixirmixer. I don't think if I was like you present yourself to be, well.... manic. Well astral work would definately be something I would leave until my psyche had cooled off.

12-07-2016, 11:23 PM
My high school teacher said to me once "elixirmixer, you're either a genius or a mad man and I said it's hard to be one without being the other ;)

I would hope that the practise of these arts would create wise enough people, that one day we will realise that the assumptions of others are exactly that, mere assumptions.

I do act a lot differently on the forum than I do in real life (well... )

Alchemy and spirituality are exciting, passionate subjects, also, I like to play in a wide frequency. I can swear, act the fool and carry on, while STILL touching on the truths of this world.

I admit last night I was very manic, because I have glass stuck in my hand, and it's extremely painful and the pain just goes on and on and was making me a little crazy yesterday...

12-08-2016, 11:20 AM
I am concerned by some of the things you have posted on various threads and you are coming across as very impulsive and imprudent elixirmixer.

Out of body experience brought on by pain is not a good way to do it. Shamans do this kind of thing with drugs as well as pain, but only after extensive training with an experienced shaman and in some tribes trainee shamen can actually die in some of these practices. BEWARE!

Edit: Looking at the above I see how I could be coming across a patronising, this is not my intent, I am concerned about injury, manic behaviour and ingesting unknown purchased substances indicated by you elixirmixer on various threads. I advocate caution and prudence.

12-08-2016, 03:36 PM
Actually it is quite easy to have OBE without any pain....what you are describing makes no sense. I can have OBE's just from meditation the point of sleep paralysis, then you simply can leave the body.

12-08-2016, 04:18 PM
There are lots of ways to have out of body experiences and I have specifically referenced 2 of these non painfull approaches (Bardon's training and Liber O from Crowley's book 4) there are numerous others. I politely refer you to previous posts on this thread.

12-08-2016, 11:22 PM
Yeah... Maybe a misunderstanding, I have never tried using pain to induce an OBE. That sounds quite counter-initiative to me, as my OBE was a result of a very deep relaxation.

I do appreciate your concern Axis, very much in fact because I think your right, this last year as been very very 'hectic' meaning crazy if they don't have that word in other places in the world.

I have made mistakes in the lab that could have been avoided with more prudence.

I will take your advice, and try to calm the psyche before moving on I think, particularly before starting these rituals.

Corpus Hermeticum has been generous to me, in teaching that to be immovable is to be incorruptible. And that to gain regeneration is a gift from God, achieved through silent awe (I perceive this silence to be the calming of which you imply) ((you are implying I calm my psyche right?)

12-09-2016, 03:01 AM
Yes, in my personal view there are times when assimilation occurs rather then increasing excitation. In fact this past year for me has been like that but 2015 had huge amounts of Alchemy and Magic. Now things are spinning up again with what seems to be a natural momentum. The trick I think is to accept when these quieter periods and more active high energy periods are occurring. My problem is sometimes not wishing to slow down or alternatively preferring to stay chilled out when it is time to push on.

I could be completely wrong about what is happening for you elixirmixer but I know what from personal observation of my peers here in the U.K. Can happen if you push and keep boosting the energy when it is time to chill and assimilate.

12-10-2016, 03:01 AM
So today I started the morning with the usual routine of being overcome by my sexual desires and spill the cup. Usual consume it, which I'm sure many would find repulsive but it's just been a natural habit of mine since I was young, and when I later found that it was indeed a huge source of DNA and protein , vitamins ect... I've never had a reason to stop. I'm comfortable with this more than I am watching my life force run down the drain....

Anyway... Today was different. It has been the topic of discussion a lot latterly the cultivation of sexual energy ect.. So after being arroused by the mornings celestial fire, I then proceeded to continue stimulation but with periods of deep breathing and relaxation exhalations, which coupled with visualisation, proceeded to move my JING (not chi, at least not yet) up my spinal colume and dispersed throughout my chakras.

Feeling really good today, things seems to be happening slightly better than they have been and most importantly, my mind seems to be naturally focused on WHAT I WANT rather than WHAT I DONT WANT. Ie: worrying about things ect.

The new lab seems for the first time to be within the grasp of manifestation, all in all, having JING energy spread through-out my body today is definitely a better feeling than not having any....

12-10-2016, 04:02 AM
Awesome :)

So after being arroused by the mornings celestial fire, I then proceeded to continue stimulation but with periods of deep breathing and relaxation exhalations, which coupled with visualisation, proceeded to move my JING (not chi, at least not yet) up my spinal colume and dispersed throughout my chakras.

I've found through my own work that there's 3 ways to "relax". There's a physical relaxation, an energetic relaxation, and a mental relaxation.

All three of these are controlled tip to bottom, starting with the Mind.

Feel free to Pm me for explaination.

01-03-2017, 10:54 PM
Must say a thankyou to Axis, who did share with me the Author and Title of , Franz Bardon Lomer's "Initiation into Hermetics"

While I totally forgot and did not take the advise to hunt this book down, 3 weeks later, while researching hermetic fasting, I stumbled across it and found that it is exactly what I've been looking for.

So thanks for the tip Axis, I wish I had been more diligent in taking the advice because I would probably be an extra three weeks into the exerciess by now.

Nevertheless, the point of this post is simply to bring to light how useful a book like this can be. It has given me a lot of direction and I am also using it as a motivational tool to quit last of earths passions. I also recommend it as the safest and most clear method ive encountered yet.

01-04-2017, 10:03 AM
I'm surprised with how much I have learn so quickly from Franz Bardon.

He certainly makes clear the division of astral realms and entities, has really enlightened me to the nature of elementals and other astral phenomana...

I am preparing for lift off, thats for sure.

Are there any OBE'ers that have a specific destination in the astral realms, that they tend to visit a lot?

It would be nice to catch up with someone from the forum in the next dimension :cool:

01-04-2017, 03:18 PM
Consciously separating from the body is a must in the spiritual alchemy process, it is the separation phase of the alchemy process. The true prima materia is within you, you must leave the body to use it. The reunion of the astral body with the mind is the conjunction phase, once it is in the body again the fermentation can take place within the entire being.

01-04-2017, 11:20 PM
beautifully spoken friend.

That resonates with me perfectly.

What is calcination? What is dissolution?

01-05-2017, 01:18 AM
I shall release my interpretation of the various stages of the process in my next book. It is too much to write in one post. However, the transformation that I am describing is written in detail in the Nag Hammadi library.

01-05-2017, 01:20 AM
Where in the Nag? I love the nag but haven't read it since before I started alchemy.

Whats your website AS? if you have one...

01-05-2017, 01:20 AM
It is too much to write in one post. However, the transformation that I am describing is written in detail in the Nag Hammadi library.

What texts?

01-05-2017, 03:13 AM
Its funny, they say "spiritual alchemy" is only a few centuries old, when it is written in texts thousands of years old. The Nag Hammadi library texts are not the oldest concerning this process, but they are clear about it if you know where to look. It is not new age bullcrap about changing your negative thoughts into positive ones, that is not spiritual alchemy..this form of transmutation involves the actual creation of the soul, the vehicle for which the spirit needs to exist in the next phase of existence...the Egyptian book of the dead makes this process clear as well, as death is just the first part of the process..the process cannot be fully completed while in the physical body.

01-05-2017, 03:27 AM
The Nag Hammadi library texts are not the oldest concerning this process, but they are clear about it if you know where to look.

Specifically where do you look?

01-05-2017, 03:38 AM
..the process cannot be fully completed while in the physical body.

Not sure about that one....

Give us the goods Archer Sage, where shall we be looking in the Nag?||I know that some of the saying in "The Gospel of Thomas" are very clear indicators that Chirst was teaching His disciples about the inner workings of spiritual man, creating astral bodies ect..... But I wouldnt say its very clear, its more of, you need to know what your reading to be able to read it, kind of situation.

Is there a clearer manual in the Nag?

01-05-2017, 05:11 AM
Give us the goods Archer Sage, where shall we be looking in the Nag?||I know that some of the saying in "The Gospel of Thomas" are very clear indicators that Chirst was teaching His disciples about the inner workings of spiritual man, creating astral bodies ect..... But I wouldnt say its very clear, its more of, you need to know what your reading to be able to read it, kind of situation.

Is there a clearer manual in the Nag?

Yes, plenty.

There are many texts in the valuable Nag Hammadi Library declaring the Universal truths of Alchemy. I was just seeing if ArcherSage was willing to put forth effort into backing up what he said...which clearly he has no intent to do. Allow me.

The Reality Of The Rulers (The Hypostasis of the Archons)

The great angel Eleleth, understanding, spoke to me: “Incorruptibility inhabits limitless realms. Sophia, who is called Pistis,wanted to create something, alone, without her partner, and what she created was celestial.

“A veil exists between the world above and the realms below, and shadow came into being beneath the veil. That shadow became matter, and that shadow was projected apart. And what she had created came to be in matter, like an aborted fetus. It assumed a shape molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, as I have already said, because it derived from matter.

“Opening his eyes he saw a vast quantity of endless matter, and he turned arrogant, saying, ‘I am god, and there is no one but me.’

Allogenes (The Foreigner)

And the all-glorious One, Youel, anointed me again and she gave power to me. She said, "Since your instruction has become complete, and you have known the Good that is within you, hear concerning the Triple-Powered One those things that you will guard in great silence and great mystery, because they are not spoken to anyone except those who are worthy, those who are able to hear: nor is it fitting to speak to an uninstructed generation concerning the Universal One that is higher than perfect. But you have <these> because of the Triple-Powered One, the One who exists in blessedness and goodness, the One who is responsible for all these.

"Indeed it is not through me that he is to such a degree anterior to knowledge. Whereas there is no possibility for complete comprehension, he is (nevertheless) known. And this is so because of the third silence of Mentality and the second undivided activity which appeared in the First Thought, that is, the Aeon of Barbelo, together with the Indivisible One of the divisible likenesses and the Triple-Powered-One and the non-substantial Existence."

And I saw holy powers by means of the Luminaries of the virginal male Barbelo telling me that I would be able to test what happens in the world: "O Allogenes, behold your blessedness, how it silently abides, by which you know your proper self and, seeking yourself, withdraw to the Vitality that you will see moving. And although it is impossible for you to stand, fear nothing; but if you wish to stand, withdraw to the Existence, and you will find it standing and at rest after the likeness of the One who is truly at rest and (who) embraces all these silently and inactively. And when you receive a revelation of him by means of a primary revelation of the Unknown One - the One whom if you should know him, be ignorant of him - and you become afraid in that place, withdraw to the rear because of the activities. And when you become perfect in that place, still yourself. And in accordance with the pattern that indwells you, know likewise that it is this way in all such (matters) after this pattern. And do not further dissipate, so that you may be able to stand, and do not desire to be active, lest you fall in any way from the inactivity in you of the Unknown One. Do not know him, for it is impossible; but if by means of an enlightened thought you should know him, be ignorant of him."

The Paraphrase Of Shem

"For you did not remember that it is from the firmament that your race has been protected. Elorchaios is the name of the great light, the place from which I have come, the word that has no equal. And the likeness is my honored garment. And Derdekeas is the name of his word in the voice of the light. And Strophaia is the blessed glance, which is the spirit. And Chelkeach is my garment, who has come from the astonishment, who was in the cloud of the hymen that appeared as a cloud with three forms. And Chelkea is my garment that has two forms, he who was in the cloud of silence. And Chelke is my garment that was given him from every region; it was given him in a single form from the greatness, and he was in the cloud of the middle region. And the star of the light that was mentioned is my invincible garment, which I wore in Hades; this, the star of the light, is the mercy that surpasses the thought and the testimony of those who bear witness. And the testimony was mentioned: the first and the last, faith, the mind of the wind of darkness. And Sophaia and Saphaina are in the cloud of those who have been separated from the chaotic fire. And the righteous spark is the cloud of light that has shone in your midst. For in the cloud of light my garment will go down to chaos. But the impure light, a power, appeared in the darkness and belongs to dark nature. And the upper air and the lower air, and the powers and the authorities, the demons and the stars, these possessed a particle of fire and a light from the spirit. And Moluchthas is a wind, for without it nothing is brought forth upon the earth. He has a likeness of a serpent and a unicorn. His protrusions are manifold wings. And the remainder is the womb that has been disturbed.

“You are blessed, Shem, for your race has been protected from the dark wind, which is many-faced. And they will bear witness to the universal testimony and to the impure rubbing of nature. And they will become higher of mind by remembering the light."


They will say of him that he is unbegotten, though he has been begotten, (that) he does not eat, even though he eats, (that) he does not drink, even though he drinks, (that) he is uncircumcised, though he has been circumcised, (that) he is unfleshly, though he has come in the flesh, (that) he did not come to suffering, though he came to suffering, (that) he did not rise from the dead, though he arose from the dead. But all the tribes and all the peoples will speak the truth who are receiving from you yourself, O Melchizedek, Holy One, High-Priest, the perfect hope and the gifts of life.

When the brethren who belong to the generations of life had said these things, they were taken up to (the regions) above all the heavens.

The Thought Of Norea

Father of All, Ennoia of the Light, dwelling in the heights above the regions below, Light dwelling in the heights, Voice of Truth, upright Nous, untouchable Logos, and ineffable Voice, incomprehensible Father!

It is Norea who cries out to them. They heard, and they received her into her place forever. They gave it to her in the Father of Nous, Adamas, as well as the voice of the Holy Ones, in order that she might rest in the ineffable Epinoia, in order that she might inherit the first mind which she had received, and that she might rest in the divine Autogenes, and that she too might generate herself, just as she also has inherited the living Logos, and that she might be joined to all of the Imperishable Ones, and speak with the mind of the Father.

And she began to speak with the words of Life, and she remained in the presence of the Exalted One, possessing that which she had received before the world came into being. She has the great mind of the Invisible One, and she gives glory to her Father, and she dwells within those who are within the Pleroma, and she beholds the Pleroma.

There will be days when she will behold the Pleroma, and she will not be in deficiency, for she has the four holy helpers who intercede on her behalf with the Father of the All, Adamas. He it is who is within all of the Adams, possessing the thought of Norea, who speaks concerning the two names which create a single name.

The Prayer Of Thanksgiving

"We give thanks to You! Every soul and heart is lifted up to You, undisturbed name, honored with the name 'God' and praised with the name 'Father', for to everyone and everything (comes) the fatherly kindness and affection and love, and any teaching there may be that is sweet and plain, giving us mind, speech, (and) knowledge: mind, so that we may understand You, speech, so that we may expound You, knowledge, so that we may know You. We rejoice, having been illuminated by Your knowledge. We rejoice because You have shown us Yourself. We rejoice because while we were in (the) body, You have made us divine through Your knowledge."

A Valentinian Exposition

I will speak my mystery to those who are mine and to those who will be mine. Moreover it is these who have known him who is, the Father, that is, the Root of the All, the Ineffable One who dwells in the Monad. He dwells alone in silence, and silence is tranquility since, after all, he was a Monad and no one was before him. He dwells in the Dyad and in the Pair, and his Pair is Silence. And he possessed the All dwelling within him. And as for Intention and Persistence, Love and Permanence, they are indeed unbegotten.

...She repented and she besought the Father of the truth, saying, "Granted that I have renounced my consort. Therefore I am beyond confirmation as well. I deserve the things (passions) I suffer. I used to dwell in the Pleroma putting forth the Aeons and bearing fruit with my consort" And she knew what she was and what had become of her.

So they both suffered; they said she laughs since she remained alone and imitated the Uncontainable One, while he said she laughs since she cut herself off from her consort. [...] Indeed Jesus and Sophia revealed the creature. Since, after all, the seeds of Sophia are incomplete and formless, Jesus contrived a creature of this sort and made it of the seeds while Sophia worked with him. For since they are seeds and without form, he descended and brought forth that pleroma of aeons which are in that place, since even the uncreated ones of those Aeons are of the pattern of the Pleroma and the uncontainable Father. The Uncreated One brought forth the pattern of the uncreated, for it is from the uncreated that the Father brings forth into form. But the creature is a shadow of pre-existing things. Moreover, this Jesus created the creature, and he worked from the passions surrounding the seeds. And he separated them from one another, and the better passions he introduced into the spirit and the worse ones into the carnal.

Authoritative Teaching

From these the invisible soul of righteousness came, being a fellow member, and a fellow body, and a fellow spirit. Whether she is in the descent or is in the Pleroma, she is not separated from them, but they see her and she looks at them in the invisible world.

Secretly her bridegroom fetched it. He presented it to her mouth to make her eat it like food, and he applied the word to her eyes as a medicine to make her see with her mind and perceive her kinsmen and learn about her root, in order that she might cling to her branch from which she had first come forth, in order that she might receive what is hers and renounce matter.

She gave the body to those who had given it to her, and they were ashamed, while the dealers in bodies sat down and wept because they were not able to do any business with that body, nor did they find any (other) merchandise except it. They endured great labors until they had shaped the body of this soul, wishing to strike down the invisible soul. They were therefore ashamed of their work; they suffered the loss of the one for whom they had endured labors. They did not realize that she has an invisible spiritual body, thinking, "We are her shepherd who feeds her." But they did not realize that she knows another way, which is hidden from them. This her true shepherd taught her in knowledge.

But these - the ones who are ignorant - do not seek after God. Nor do they inquire about their dwelling-place, which exists in rest, but they go about in bestiality.

But the rational soul who (also) wearied herself in seeking - she learned about God. She labored with inquiring, enduring distress in the body, wearing out her feet after the evangelists, learning about the Inscrutable One. She found her rising. She came to rest in him who is at rest. She reclined in the bride-chamber. She ate of the banquet for which she had hungered. She partook of the immortal food. She found what she had sought after. She received rest from her labors, while the light that shines forth upon her does not sink. To it belongs the glory and the power and the revelation for ever and ever.

The Treatise On The Resurrection

My son Rheginos, some people want to become learned. That is their purpose when they begin to solve unsolved problems. If they succeed, they are proud. But I do not think they have stood in the word of truth. Rather, they seek their own rest, which we have received from our savior and our lord, the Christ. We received rest when we came to know the truth and rested on it.

Since your pleasant question concerns what is the truth about the resurrection, I am writing you today to tell you. Many do not believe in it, but a few find it. So let us see.

The Three Steles Of Seth

You who made the masculinities
that really are three times male,
who were divided into five,
who were given to us in triple power,
who were conceived without generation,
who came forth from the superior
and for the inferior entered the midst,
you are a parent through a parent,
a word from a command.
We praise you, triple male,
you have unified all through them all,
you have empowered us.
You came into being from One,
from One you left.
You have come to One.

So understand, as those who are alive, that you have succeeded. You have taught yourselves about things infinite. Marvel at the truth within them, and at the revelation.

Need I go on...?

01-05-2017, 05:26 AM
Oh please do... this is just great!!!

I've always loved the Nag, but you have just re-birthed it, spiritually, for me. Thank you Schmuldvich and ArcherSage for bring it up.

The Nag is getting dusted off.... I love this bit:

A veil exists between the world above and the realms below, and shadow came into being beneath the veil. That shadow became matter, and that shadow was projected apart

SM anyone?

01-05-2017, 05:55 AM
Those are just my excerpts I hand selected from the books I have read and had saved in my notebook. Many other books in the Nag Hammadi Library contain gems such as what I posted. Instead of me taking the "joy" out of coming across this firsthand for yourself, why don't you instead post some relevant excerpts you find?! As cliche' as it sounds, discovering these things for yourself is so rewarding. Anyone can condense days of reading & research into a couple of dense paragraphs but nothing compares to seeking, seeking, seeking, and finally finding that one sentence you were looking for!

Most people I have found do not have the patience for this (as is proven time and time again on this forum--arguably the world's largest current public Alchemy message board where it would be assumed the most diligent and studious of Seekers gather) and even less people think they have the time to do this research. But why? Why are you not willing to sacrifice a year (and that's nothing!) of most all pleasure in order to provide yourself with a solid foundation of Alchemical truth? ...It means that much to you, right? Well I tell you what...It sure does for me!!! You post all these posts shunning those in-the-know and begging for tidbits of information to be spoonfed to you but you are not willing to put forth the MONUFUCKINGMENTAL EFFORT it takes to penetrate even a fractionally small percentage of this Art. It is exceptionally hard for me to take people like you seriously (though I know you are sincere in your efforts and intent) that claim such a desire to understand the truths of Alchemy when you are not willing to sacrifice nearly everything you have mentally, physically, and emotionally to attain it. Are you willing to forgo all friendships in order to succeed? Are you willing to forgo food and sleep in order to understand? Are you willing to refrain from any pleasure whatsoever until you penetrate the veil? If you cannot answer yes to these basic simple questions you are most likely not going to get very far...

01-05-2017, 08:59 AM
hehehe... the enigma of ElixirMixer continues....

Yes, I have sacrificed MANY friendships, those not of worth to the cause, in order to progess.

Yes, without trying to be arrogant, I have made most of my progress through intensive fasting periods in the wilderness. Of which, by no showmanship of my own, was in the public media in Australia, because I had 'returned' from an area of Australia, of which apparently no man returns ( I would also like to add, that I had asked many doctors (3) and did some research for how long a man could last for without food and water, and have broken that milestone a number of times.)

Yes, for someone who's main demon was just in repeated exhaustive, unproductive sex, and now am a happily married, devote to one woman Mormon. And have renounced sodomy and the like, for it does not honour my wife. ( I am giving up the pleasures.)

Yeah I give you guys some shit, has it not gotten the brain synapses firing?
Yeah I talk in sometimes an un-eloquent, perhaps even rude manner, but what would be learnt from me if I were just the same as you?
Yeah, sometimes I don't take 'the literature' too seriously, didn't THEY tell you not to be swept away and fooled by in?

I will try to humbly make clear, that while my generation, in my nation, was working out, which football team they liked most, which career they might choose, which university they might attend, which viewpoints most gratified their pride, I, was in my room, studying the Nag Hammadi Library MOSTLY of ALL BOOKS. And continued doing so until I was well segregated from my sociaty, I couldnt have a conversation to anyone because I was so deeply engrossed within Gnostic teachings and practises.

Crying, crying in my room because I knew that I had been blessed of the divine. That they loved me, that they knew my pain, that they knew my heart and my ambition for humanity. That they had heard my prayers for knowledge.

I was a 15 year old boy, Schmuldvich, I was homeless and lost, and yet even then I knew my calling. Find God, find the Truth, Seek it until I had mastered it, and help these poor saps that filled my world, to find the truth they lacked (and that I also lacked)

So pardon me, if I feel like I don't have the time anymore, to read endlessly. 5 good hard years of Gnostic teachings was a fair investment, one that now allows me to progress quite quickly in my Hermetic understandings. And I still sit here, every night, studying you guys now, its far more interesting, as well as studying other Hermetic works, to deepen my understanding of the whole totality, so not to say that I don't study at all, but I just don't get lost into hours of alchemy texts like I used too. (not good for the sanity ;) )

If I knew of someones true intent, I wouldn't sit their and watch them flounder, for what could be many years. I wouldn't act like God, that I knew what was best for their development and that only a tough love approach would bring them to the desired results.

I wouldnt even give a fuck if they were a hermetic, if they had a clean pure desire, provable, to heal others, I'd just give them the stone and wouldn't tell them what it is.

When will be the time of the alchemists good works? When humanity is so far gone that curing cancer would do very little to spurn off the continual slaughter?

Who gives an absolute shit, about my attitude, how I present myself through the forum, how much I challenge your ideals, even for the experienced. I have my place, it is here, it is necessary.

I am not you, nor will I be, but I do appreciate the efforts you have put in toward our collective mission on this forum (whatever that is, sharing, learning ect...)

I am not Andro, nor will I be, but I do appreciate his firm but gentle corrections, the insites he has shared, and they have certainly sped up my progress towards SM. I dont think I would understand the full significance of the male and female counterparts without his sharing.

I am not GL, Salazius, Dev or any other long standing member, I am wouldnt consider any of us, 'more' or 'less' learned. Because where I am shadowed in alchemical understandings, I am in the lead in other places.

I value you guys, and I value myself, just the way I am, whist daily seeking change and growth.

I do not see the advantage of shielding knowledge, I believe it is a lower thought form of the ego. What is the real purpose? So the evil don't get power? Give me a break......

I have put in, my friend, a monumental effort, those efforts have been rewarded in their own right and continue that way.

This is not a hobby, this is not a social playground where i stir the pot. I stir it for its own sake, and I live this because it is a part of my spirit, it has always been there and it will continue with me long after the lust for food water and worldly respect has long been dissolved.

Jesus Christ: "My work and my glory is this, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Jesus Christ: "Man is, that Man may have joy."

01-05-2017, 04:21 PM
Sorry if it seems that I am not backing up my words, it is just that I am devoting so much of it to wording it correctly in my book, that I don't want to rush it and make the work seem less than it truly is. I will say that there is physical work to be done due to the fact that the physical and spiritual worlds are linked, however once the light body is formed, then the true work can begin. There are realms even after death, that unless one is prepared may not survive. The Egyptians believed even the soul must be nourished in the afterlife and that there are temptations and evils that await us in the next life, it is not simply you wake up in heaven..The astral body is a vehicle that you must learn to drive and control, those who astral project can attest to the odd sensation of the initial projection and trying to control the astral body, it is a challenge. The Egyptian book of the dead contains affirmations as to how to have limbs, better vision etc..almost like upgrading the astral body.

01-05-2017, 09:31 PM
Can I get a copy of your books Archer Sage? Foooooooorrrrrrrrr FRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!