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Hello fellow lovers of the Art

My name is Arkadiusz, I am 28 y.o
I think I had philosophic attitude since a little boy. I was searching for answers in christianity for childhood period.
When I got older I became fascinated with martial arts, I was practicing mostly Tae Kwon-Do, but also other eastern and western budo arts. Around that time I started to read about nei-dan internal alchemy techniques, which was written by old budo masters.

When I was in college I watched a few documentaries (it started with "Wake up call") which had a big impact on my "truth seeking". Not long after I read a handbook about orgone devices. I was shocked that it was really simple to built, but nobody was doing that. I started to search for people who would knew anything about this in my neighborhood.

I found one person which supposed to work in this area. That person shared with me his ORME knowledge and experiences.

After some time I got more and more interested in alchemical texts. I consider myself a beginner, but I want to develop myself in philosophers art. The more I read about alchemy, the more fascinating it gets. As a beginner I plan to concentrate first on spagyrics. Next month I plan to buy copper alembic and glass retort to start my works.

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Welcome to the forums!

Around that time I started to read about nei-dan internal alchemy techniques, which was written by old budo masters.

I'm a big fan of nei-dan. Might i ask, which "old budo masters" are you familiar with?

12-08-2016, 01:12 AM
I knew it will be a good place to register :)
Ueshiba, Funakoshi, Choi Hong Hi. It really got me after reading "Magus of Java" though. I also like the teaching of Tsutomu Ohshima, or Rick Hotton.
I could feel transmission of power on myself while atending one of Terry Wingrove seminars.
Could you share some valuable book titles/treatises on this subject?

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Nice, I have read Ueshiba's "Heart of Aikido" and very much enjoyed his discussion on the principles (circle, square, triangle). It's helped me grasp the practice much better.

One person I especially hold in high esteem is Lu K'uan Yu. Not particularly "old" but his understanding of the inner circulation and the development of Essence and Nature in "Toast Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" is sound. He also describes quite well the difference between the microcosmic alchemical agent and the macrocosm one.

Other than this, I have not found many decent English language texts.

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Welcome Arkadiusz


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Welcome !!


John Bane
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Witam rodaka ;)