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02-08-2009, 05:52 PM
Nearly four and a half years ago, 12 august 2004, I tried psilocybin mushrooms for the first time.
I had the idea to add dry white powder of gold to it. I took so little as to wet my finger against a beaker which had dried white powder of gold on it's sides, and lick my finger.

When the mushrooms started to act, colors felt a little different, I felt a bit high-happy, and started to think I was a computerprogrammer that had programmed the mushrooms in reality as a key to get out.
Then I started to notice a white light in which I was (yes, felt like that), rise from the bottom of my spine, upward.
Then, when it reached the upper portion of my head, all the following things happened simultaneously.

There was a very fiery point of sunlight, like looking into the sun, behind - above me, non localizable, and with a double sense of being, with me as I am, and me the very fiery point of sunlight.
I was out of space and out of time, like above/out of my body, like my body was a puppet.
There was a ring of light around my head, and there was a feeling of being the king, and a feeling of christmas.
There was total solipsism. I was only. Not alone, but only. There was nothing except me in existence. Unborn. Eternal. Never born.
There was a self judgement. I knew I had sinned and not lived nicely, and that had resulted in me returning to my self.
I had a choice. There was a feeling of an abyss below me. I could descend into the abyss and that felt like something else than dying.
I didn't descend into the abyss but accepted my faults, and then I returned to reality, the fiery point of sunlight like descended into me, and then I felt like an influx of liquid light into my whole body, from above downward.
Then reality became real again, and I retained the previous state too with a real reality feeling.
The liquid light in me was the best feeling ever. Better than an orgasm.

This lasted maybe 30 seconds, then all the light disappeared from me and I felt terrible. Then I went to eat two grapefruits and basically the experience was over.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months I had several visions.
I've felt myself being made alive, from something very old and ancient and like remains.
I've seen myself as a cross between me and a girl I liked, so beautiful that I was startled by the vision.
I've seen myself eat and feel eat light fruit from a tree with a shining white 'essene' like figure next to it, feeling every bite when I saw myself bite.
I've seen myself being taken out of a world-city that looked egyptian in nature, with a thunderous moving sky, blue light pyramids and obelisks, all looking more real than here.

Some months later I talked to the Essene. He said very few people have experienced what I have, and that this normally happens all at once when you take the red lion, and that the white lion, the white gold, does this over a period of 9 months, but that I catalyzed this with the mushrooms and skipped maybe 3 months.

Later I've taken mushrooms on several occasions, but I never had a similar experienced. I never combined them with m-state gold again though.
In fact I think I've only had negative experiences from mushrooms and DMT, and am staying away from them for now.

But I figured I'd post the experience I had as I think it was from the gold.
I don't recommend taking mushrooms with gold though. It seemed dangerous, like I could die. Not from the mushrooms but more like my body felt drained.

02-09-2009, 05:01 PM
Yes, mushrooms are great, but I am still not lucky to have any effect from diy ormus wet method from dead sea salt. I really wonder why this stuff is not working.

02-09-2009, 07:44 PM
Hmm, this light going up the spine and seeing bright sunlight resembles much kundalini experiences. The bright light is mentioned in many esoteric traditions as encountering God. Your report strengthens the hypothesis that what actually ormus do, is to stimulate the kundalini.
Pretty strong experience, it must have taken months to recover from that... When kundalini awakens once, it doesn't return back.

02-10-2009, 07:59 AM
I forgot to mention something that I deem imporant (and I usually forget about this experience).
When I came down, and had the influx of liquid light, I could breathe in a way I can't consciously replicate. It's like my lungs moved automatically and it felt like real breath.

solomon levi
02-11-2009, 07:05 PM
That's funny - I, too, took m-state with psylocybes, hoping to
fix the consciousness into me a little more.
My experience was very enlightening, but after I thought -
"what the fuck was I thinking?"
I'd be considered insane if I got stuck in psylocybe land.

02-11-2009, 07:16 PM
The day may have mattered.
One of the first things I encountered on the web during research after the experience was the following.


We do operate in a matrix of a dream theatre. On August 12th, the group Dream Theater, released its CD "LIVE SCENES FROM NEW YORK", which shows the World Trade Centre engulfed in flames, as the lives scenes which are above an apple chained into imprisonment. The DVD version release day, by "synchronisation of the Earth Coincidence Coordination Office (ECCO: Dr J. Lilly), was to be released September 11th.

* August 12th was the day the Egyptian King eats the left Eye of Horus, as the Bread of Light composed from the Assena Burning Bush, the Soma plant (anagram of Osama), and the Akacia Tree with monatomic elements.
* August 12th is when Yahwte or Tehuti-tucli, son of Pau Atun (Ptah Atum), whom the Mayan´s called cool, or Kukulkan, and the Toltecs Quetzcoatl, ascended 5,200 years before 2012, when 144,000 Baktun cycles complete.
* August 12th 1994 is when Saturn received her white spot at 19.5 degrees lat.
* August 12th 1994, is when anomalous coherent gamma rays began to make their appearance in our galaxy, with an overall pattern of 24 tetrahedrons.
* August 12th 1994, is when ultra high order cosmic rays began to bombard our universe with more energy than our universe.
* August 12th is when Saturn´s moon Titan begun to glow earily, in an unexplained manner (see The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unity Of Diversity, for details and reproductions of the above in documentation).


The bread of light is thus apparently an ayahuasca analogue with monoatomic elements.

07-04-2009, 04:42 PM
I remembered something else, which I nearly always forget about when I think of this experience.

There was music in my head.
Beautiful music, very digital-like and sounding like from the finest classical instruments. Yet not comparable.
I don't quite remember how it was like, but I definitely remember there was music.

The dreams I had in 2006 were also very vocal and in some I also heard music.

In 2007, months after the intense heat experience I had end 2006/begin 2007, at a time when my dreams had become bland again, I took Red Gold and had music in my dream again.

I have not posted to this forum my experience with the intense heat end 2006. Here is a description about it:

"It was 16 or 17 december 2006. A couple of months after my second visit to Peru. That day I started smelling a smell like fried leeks. At first I thought the smell came from smelly people. But after washing my clothes and self, I still noticed the smell, and it became stronger with time.
With that smell, I noticed something like my blood pressure increasing. Like the blood in my veins started to boil. And this came with periods of 2 3 hours, always lasting like half an hour. Cyclical. Every time it happened, I felt the increase in pressure, smelled the horrible smell, and after some times, started getting thirsty, but unnaturally. I actually got a thirst that felt unsatiatable with water. And my body heat increased with it.
A day or two later this thirst and heat became so bad that I could drink two liters of water and still feel thirst. I drank glasses of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and still felt hot dry and thirsty, along with the blood pressure increase that had become terrible and the smell.
I started to worry, because of the heat and dryness. In fact a day or so later it became so bad that I decided to follow advice from dreams I had gotten that year that said 'go to the southern hemisphere!'. I shrugged it off as something that couldn't be verified and didn't want to go at all to the southern hemisphere, but I had read in a book I had that according to ancient Indian Vedic cosmography, our solar system is divided by the plane of the ecliptic in cosmic air, the realm of the gods, everything above the tropic of cancer, cosmic water, the realm of the dead, everything below the tropic of capricorn, and the earth or the realm of the living, everything between the tropics. I reasoned that just maybe that dream I had could have had something to do with that and the dry heat was an energy body kundalini phenomenom that could be related to subtle water and hydration since drinking common liquids didn't hydrate me enough. So I booked a last minute flight to Capetown in South Africa for a week.
When my brother flew me to the airport, my body felt so dry and hot that the ice cold air from the open car window going at 120 km an hour felt soft and good on my skin, not freezing cold. And the car heater actually burned my skin. I was like mr freeze, wanting cold.
I got on the plane, wanting water all the time without feeling hydrated, but noticed when I flew over the sahara, that the heat subsided. I still felt dry when I arrived in South Africa, but it wasn't as intense. I noticed I couldn't eat most foods though for it felt as though they poisoned my blood and made it burn. I could stay well on sandwiches with tomatoes though and salads.
So I stayed one week in Capetown with the holidays, visited Table Mountain, not much otherwise, and got back beginning januari 2007.
When I got back in Belgium, the heat and dryness restarted in a few days, albeit changed. This time it felt like there was an energy at the base of my back/spine that was trying to rise, and bust my body open in the process. I think this was kundalini energy. It happened also with cyclical periods. Sometimes it was happening, sometimes not. I couldn't live normally. I still was dry and thirsty, couldn't eat most foods, and when the energy came it felt like my body would burst open in the process though I could calm down the energy with my willpower. It seemed controlled by will but it was VERY hard to do. It's like trying to bend magnetic energy with your will, the push/pull feedback was there. A girlfriend was there when I was in trouble and she said I saw pale white while it was happening.
I had some white powder of gold left and I noticed when I put a lick of it on my tongue this seemed to calm the energy down for a while. For maybe 30 minutes. But eventually I ran out of it though.
The energy and heat calmed down to a degree and it got somehow under control but from that period onward I've started having other problems I'll get to soon.
One peculiar thing happened at that time. I had a dream which told me I was radioactive. When I woke up, I had blood at my palate. So I turn on my computer and browse the net, to find as the first thing, that bleeding at the palate is a sign of radioactivity damage in the brain.
In ancient alchemical texts, it is said the red stone, the stone of the philosophers, when ingested as the elixir, heats the body intensely and dries it out, and is so fiery that if ingested at the incorrect dose, can kill by 'firing the body'. The ancient alchemical texts say that it heals all diseases by the dry heat, and that (important clue as radioactivity damage does this too) the nails and hair fall out, but then grow back. I read in a modern alchemical book from the 80s that the stone was tested, and even though made from gold, it tested as a very heavy radioactive substance.
I'm thinking the gold I ingested with the help of the kundalini in my body may have formed the red gold or the stone in the body by inner alchemy, and thus account for the heat and dryness like it is said ingesting the elixir does. It may explain the dream that said I'm radioactive.

Either way the dryness/heat continued and I was out of monoatomic gold powder to cool it down.
The heat and dryness effect seemed connected to locations too I had noticed. When I moved a few kilometers from where I lived, it wasn't as bad.
But when I came back, I felt like entering back into a black hole. Intense dry heat, and like no air. Then one day things started to go wrong when I decided to take psilocybe mushrooms again.

It felt like at the centre of my chest an electric activity ceased and went out. At about the same place I had felt a ball of light when having the vision of myself eating golden fruit and feeling it in my body.

Then one day it felt like my breath failed and disappeared and all electric fire extinguished. At that point I started seeing a triangle with an eye in it in my mind. It appeared like digitally drawn, like a computer drawing.
It communicated with me in a form of telepathy. I could translate the telepathic information into words in my mind I could understand. I basically said I was dying and suggested I do some things to produce life. From what I remember it involved something such as holding my breath for a while, drinking from a sparkling soft drink for the 'spark', and heat the indexfingertip with a lighter, all done at the same time. I tried this and it seemed to have worked. Whether it was for real or not I don't know.

But from that point onward, you could say I got into a psychosis or the HPPD (Hallucinogen Perception Persisting Disorder) phenomenom. This lasted for weeks and basically involded seeing entities made out of a light like from a cartoon or computer screen, mainly wanting me to do things to 'produce life'. "

There seems to be a connection between the 5HT2a receptor in the brain unto which psilocybin, DMT, and synthetic man made antipsychotics bind, and the 'conversion' of the white form into the active red form, which is claimed to take 9 to 13 months in the body in most people, according to The Essene.
About my initial experience in 2004, The Essene said I 'skipped about 3 months' of the 9 to 13.
Apparently after ingesting the mushrooms, the 'conversion' was speeded up.

When my breath failed and so on and I saw entities after taking the mushrooms, that was as I recall somewhere in march 2007. Januari and februari I still had the intense heat. I definitely do remember having to put the back of my head in the freezer to cool off at times, and that I bought a lot of frozen berries as that was one of the only foods I could stand.

07-05-2009, 09:58 AM
Vlad--I've heard that one can experience the feeling of bubbling light that you describe after trepanation. I looked into it but my wife put her foot down.
The Cloud

05-26-2010, 08:43 PM
I have experimented with Mushrooms ofr years now, doing them every few years or so for the past ten years. I have had many great mind expanding experiences. Each time feeling like I returned to the "normal" world with a higher understanding of why we all do what we do. The last time I ate shrooms though I got something I have been praying about for a long time.
I made contact... with many entities of light.

This is my trip report:

On Saturday 03-27-10 I was in Kern county at Lake Isabella, as the evening was approaching I decided to take my girlfriend and one of my best friends from high school for a hike up to the top of a very high hill/mountain above the lake.
All three of us made it our intention to experience the divine and we took sacraments (Psilocybin Cubensis). I have done this many times before and although I have experienced some awesome levels of understandings I have never actually had a divine experience until this night I speak of.

Just before what happened began, I realized my third eye had opened up wider than ever, and I began to hear audible noises like interference on A.M. radio. Then all went calm and it was like a huge bell gonged a frequency pierced through the entire Lake Isabella valley, then a huge kingdom began to asseble itself from an infinite hallway befor my eyes in the space above the valley. As the gong of the bell settled I heard the deepest voices I have ever heard chanting like the valley was filled with a million monks so loud it was all I could hear. I then made contact with the divine.
There was an interference somewhere near this point like an outside negative entity was trying to stop what was happening and it went after my friend Don. He experienced this first hand and I immediately asked the light for help and that is when my vision went into hyper-drive. I saw a throne come forward with a miraculous light full of the geometric math of creation flowing from the base of it. The negative entity was gone and my experience continued. I was brought out of my body and was invited to join some order of the light (possibly the Rosicrucians) The figure on the throne was the one speaking to me, he was a man with a white complexion and white hair and beard and a serious look. He was with many others I could not fully perceive and they all spoke as one voice. They kept saying "you are invited" and wanted me to come with them to see things. I was removed from my body slightly and shown many things regarding the workings of creation and who I really am. I would not go completely due to fear for my friends and what they may see my body do if I left, this was new to me and I did have some concern about it. I then experienced that I do not need this body for the first time. I then was able to see through the eyes of the beings speaking with me. I had a moment of self realization were I could sense all things around me and realized I was an integral part of all things on a level then I only now understand. I had access to all knowledge, but was so enamored by it all, I could not focus on anything particular to ask. It was like a feeling of 'there are more important things to learn right now besides all my little questions".

I did some research on visions of masters and spiritual guides and I believe the being I saw was the ancient of days spoken in the book of Daniel, my vision as a whole was very similar in many aspects. There were many angels/light beings with him surrounding the thrown. As the vision came to an end I saw my true self sitting on a thrown as well connected with this order of light in a grand way. I saw myself as a servant / warrior / king of the order if that makes any sense. I expressed, (without words from my mouth, but from my mind of course), that I was willing to join this order, but not to fully leave my body... yet. So they flashed me back and forth and said I had things I had to see before the experience could end. They were powerful things I understood while in the spirit but now I find them hard to understand or even fully remember. The one geometric shape of creation I vividly remember was the, mer ka ba, it was everywhere in the vision, like the decorations of the heavens. There was also writing everywhere that may be the language of creation, I do not know.

I had many doubts before this vision about who we are and the truth about eternity, but now I have become a witness to our infinite nature and our immortal souls existence. I will not be able to doubt any more. I have been moved to share this to anyone who has an ear to hear the truth.

I also know I will go back to speak with these beings again because I am pretty sure we made an appointment for next time while I was there!

I am enamored to learn more about this re-discovered world... I have been asking for this for about ten years. What a miraculous place that I saw... so many rooms, so many colors!

I would love to hear the thoughts and feelings reading about my vision brings to you.

Peace, Light & Love :)

05-27-2010, 07:47 PM
THX 4 report.

solomon levi
06-13-2010, 01:17 AM
Your description made me think of the Ancient of Days as well.

These experiences can be so subjective. I only wonder why you refer
to it as "the truth". Many people have seen many things on Psilocybes.
I've had what I would call a full-blown enlightenment experience and
it didn't involve anyone on a throne. It was more like a hub of a wheel,
or maybe a torus, and every spoke was "someone else" in my life/lives
and yet they were all myself, that is, we were all the one torus communicating
and interacting with itself.
While I know for certain that this vision was true, I wouldn't call it "the truth".
Compared to what? Have I experienced everything else to know this
is "the truth"? No. :)

Perhaps I'm just picking on words. The feeling has come across in your post
and I can relate and somewhat share your wonderment. :)