View Full Version : Space as a fluid

12-22-2016, 03:56 PM
I have been fascinated by the idea that space could be a liquid or fluid, however not made of water. Perhaps ether itself is a liquid that much like water, the deeper you go, the more pressure is put on you...and that pressure much like being in a submarine, is why escape velocity is different on different planets and moons, because they are at different depths..Just like the deeper you go in the ocean, the more pressure is on you, therefore it takes a lot of effort to overcome that pressure...Perhaps rather than gravity be the cause of the spiral formations and orbits of the planets, maybe it is a whirlpool like effect. Just like if you are riding a boat down a river and get close to a whirlpool, you will begin to orbit until eventually getting to the center, which is the future of most solar systems as the planets will collapse into the sun. Perhaps galaxies are all whirlpools! Imagine you stir a cup of coffee, then drop tiny objects inside, they will begin to orbit. And lastly, perhaps the notion that the universe is growing is an illusion..rather the universe has tides that flow back and forth across and appear to be larger at times than it really is...What if planets and stars are like islands submerged in clear fluid that we cannot see?....Planets may just be bubbles, and the outside of the bubble (atmosphere) is what prevents the pressure from being too strong on earth, much like living in a spherical submarine...don't judge me for my weird thoughts :D