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02-09-2009, 05:36 PM
The first matters: Bitumen, Asphaltum.


If I remember correctly, this is the matter of which Fulcanelli said:

"This shortened way, which is, however, covered by a thick veil,
has been called by the Wise the Regime of Saturn. The boiling of
the Work, instead of necessitating the use of a glass vase, requires
only the help of a simple crucible. 'I will stir up your body in an
earthenware vase, in which I will inter it', writes a famous author
who says again further on: 'Make a fire in your glass, that is to say
in the earth which holds it enclosed. This brief method, about which
we have freely instructed you, seems to me to be the shorter way
and the true philosophical sublimation, in order to arrive at the perfection
of this difficult task."This could be the explanation of the
basic maxim of our Science: 'One single vessel, one single matter,
one single furnace.'"