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02-02-2017, 12:15 PM
It has been said that the alchemist seeks not only to grow in philosophical understanding via study, nor only again through the effects of procured medicines, but also through the transformative effects that the performance of laboratory process can have on the psyche of the individual.

Through performing calcination on certain subjects, whether they be vegetable or mineral, I have undergone certain emotional episodes, that differ in both magnitude and effect, from typical emotions. Emotions I have felt during the performing of calcination are always very powerful, and sometimes, like the fires we wield in Art, difficult to control.

Nerve tensing stress, uncontrollable excitement, devastatingly deep depression and the ineffable hope that comes with the promise of a perfect paradise.

Our art, surly not for the man feint in heart, nor the impious man, but one who seeks God in all things and is quick in both mind and the peaceable things of the soul.

Dissolution is saturation, like the deep satisfaction that comes with a juicy steak, a cold beer on a hot day or of a job well done. Success in the little things.

Separation gives time for reflection. As we isolate each element we analyse it, we consider, we ponder, we reflect in the clear shimmer of our secret waters and our mind wonders to heavenly things.

What separates must again be joined, and with the need comes the wittiest of intelligences. The ocean is vast, some waters blue, clear and filled with knowledge, others green, misty, inhabited by they mysterious monsters of our intuition.

Yet the Artist is no stranger to rough seas, he knew the perils that awaited before he began his journey. What is a man's life worth, before he has found the source of that which gives him life? Why spare your life, in danger that you might lost it, in the finding of it? For can the dead drown? Nay, only the living may drown. Seek life then, that you may drown, in the waters of Christ, and have life evermore.

For once we die, we distill. Our soul accends while our salt burns away. Lofty places await us whom are distilled, some are caught and stored away, some are freed, and ascend up to the highest of places.

I remember a story, told long ago, about a great and noble King, whom had a wedding feast, one of great expense and preparing. He invited all the people of His land, that King, and yet some people said "we are too busy, readying the Riddly scroll and meditating on the emerald tablet, we cannot attend the wedding"... Others replied to the Kings invitation, "I've gotten stuck into the mass hypnosis trance, and am investing my time being an activist for something I am actually expempt from experiencing, I'm far to stuck in my bullshit to attend the wedding of this great King"... Even then, there were those that thought "The wedding is not for me, I do not know this King, what good will it bother me to attend such an event, it's probably boring anyway"...

The King said "Fine, have it your own way, I'll just have a small party with my dearest friends, and I shall prepare gifts for them, for for my wedding I have spared no expense."

02-02-2017, 05:11 PM
Jean Dubuis identified how to raise the energy level of a Spagyric elixir in his Spagyrics: Vol 2 lessons 34-35. The part I found most interesting about this material was when Dubuis suggests the 'Alchemical Wedding' usually occurs with the mineral work but can possibly occur with Spagyrics.

02-02-2017, 09:14 PM
Yes. It is difficult to get the perfect union in Spagyrics, but it is possible. To be honest, I've only ever seen this level of perfection in one of my preparations, you will did it in the quintessence of turmeric thread. Interesting about what you've said here about Jean. I'll have to check that out. Thankyou for the lead.

I am currently working on a new style of lemon balm preparation that I am very much hoping because a complete and volatile unity. A lot of work, many mistakes been had already but still on the road to success.

02-02-2017, 09:28 PM
Yes. It is difficult to get the perfect union in Spagyrics, but it is possible. To be honest, I've only ever seen this level of perfection in one of my preparations.

What were the most notable effects of your preparaion? How did you go about preparing your matter for the effects to be so profound?

02-02-2017, 09:44 PM
The most notable effects were powerful anti-inflammatory results. Great pain relief, used topically by sports players I was told that it elevated the pains of old injuries and I was asked for more or it. These sports players only used it topically.

I used it topically to reduce cramping in my hand from too many hours of intensive game-play (Total War: Warhammer :cool: )

I did drink it, there are accounts of how I felt under it's influence in the turmeric thread