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True Initiate
02-02-2017, 11:49 PM
Everyday the internet is filled with new Black Goo videos, studies and teachings. Magic substance, the First Matter or a big pile of s**t? You decide!

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03-05-2017, 09:37 PM
Black Goo, supposedly an intelligent, "demonic"/evil (or positive, depending on the source of black goo) and conscious substance, of black color. It's appearance is similar to mineral oil. The largest deposits can be found in Paraguay. Interestingly, George W. Bush has bought a 100.000 acres (40.500 hectares) ranch in the Chaco, a semi arid lowland in Paraguay. Bush does not have to worry over loneliness, as rumor has it that german chancellor Merkel has bought a ranch (close to the Bush-Ranch) in Paraguay too, in case of (another) downfall of Germany. Why Paraguay? Why in a semi-arid region? Future will tell.

Back to topic. It is said that Black Goo can be found in many old churches and chapels as a kind of "altar stone". Also the vatican supposedly contains some form of Black Goo, as well as the Kaaba, the islamic sanctuary in Mecca.

Further (supposed) characteristics and basic information:

-Liquid crystal.

-Seems to be living, intelligent and conscious.

-Also found in rainwater (Germany).

-Does not respond or contain the aspect of the heart chakra, hence without empathy (counts only for the negative black goo).

-Found on earth (positive, "good" black goo).

-Found to be also of extraterrestrial origin and reaches earth by asteroids (negative, destructive black goo).

-When kept in a box, it remains silent. When you have two different boxes of black Goo, it seems that they "feel" the presence of each other, they turn to each other, they strive to reach each other. Like some kind of magnetism or even by a conscious act. If they cannot, they shake in the box.

-Also extracted from black stones carried by the Waffen-SS. Black stones similar to those used in pagan rituals and by witches.

-These black stones were used in human and infant sacrifices.

-Liquid black goo can be found on the Falkland islands. A possible reason for the Falkland Military Operation in the past.

-Deepwater Horizon incident: No civilians were allowed to help cleaning up the beaches because of the hazardous nature of black goo. Several civilians that did help regardless, later claimed over sickness. Some had infections on their extremities, some had even to be amputated. Some claimed they could not get rid of the black goo (what they believed was tar or mineral oil) and claimed it infected their whole system.

-Contains mono-atomic Gold and mono-atomic Iridium in its makeup / composition. These precious metals can occupy the spaces in the DNA-spiral of humans. In this way, it affects humans in a positive or in a destructive, negative way. Mono-atomic Gold and Iridium were found in the m-state matter of black goo. Ancient egypts are believed to haven eaten mono-atomic Gold, what is said to transform them into m-state matter and this way keep their youth. Humans stay in m-state matter until they are around 18 years old, then they start to age. The ancient egypt priests used to feed themselves mono-atomic Gold and were therefore able to live up to 800-900 years. Reference to mono-atomic Gold can also be found in the old testament (Genesis).

-Can alter space, time and gravity.

-And many more

Now, what could this black goo really be? Does it have some connection to Annunaki or Reptilians (longevity, lack of empathy, manipulation of the hologram/reality)? Does it have something to do with Saturn? Is it maybe even the philosophers stones (that many of you in this forum are looking for)? Or is it complete and utter bullsh*t?

03-05-2017, 10:05 PM
There is another thread about it, so I guess they will get merged.
The one who did the other thread posted several videos.

The Falklands and Black Goo are completely unrelated in my opinion! (The OBVIOUS reason for that war was that BOTH the Argentineans and the British had very unpopular governments and the Falklands are considered by the average citizen of both countries as part of "their territory"... thus the Argentinean dictatorship planned a "conquest" and the British decided to "rescue" that territory... and "winning the war" was mostly a BIG propaganda tool -the British won and Thatcher managed to have a better image, the Argentineans lost and the Dictatorship crashed into pieces after a few months ---Thankfully we "lost", we "won" a lot by losing that war!).

All I saw is people talking and absolutely no photos... So it's like testimonials about the infamous Big Foot... though at least we have some fake videos with the Yeti saying "hello".