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02-08-2017, 12:32 PM
Greetings everyone,

I decided to start drinking nettle tea to make up for the lack of iron in my blood. So i took a bunch of dried nettle leaves and allowed them to soak in cold water for a day, then filtered and placed the liquid in an airtight bottle and stored it in the fridge. After that i took a few new leaves and made some instant tea with them (with cold water and stirring). Now the instant tea has a green-yellowish color whereas the bottled one (in the fridge for possibly 5 days now) has taken an orange color and its smell is sharp and not so pleasant. Can i store tea for that long or is it an instant drink? And if i can, is it "safe" to drink the bottled one? (glass bottle)

02-09-2017, 11:29 PM
The fresher the better, don't drink rancid tea. The fresher the leaves the more quickly it will degrade. There are a lot of variables but generally tea isn't good after a day. You can make a powdered tea extract of any herb by boiling it down discarding 90% of the herb, blending it then letting it air dry. Then you can take some of the powder and have instant tea anytime.

02-10-2017, 01:32 AM
nettle is a queen
100 oC, 15min wait
best are spring tops
you can eat it directly, just soaked ))
spring salad from nettle + dandelions + onion from garden with home apple winegar dressing ))
4 fe: just let a nail in a bottle overnight, then drink )))