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02-09-2017, 07:30 AM
How many of you have read a book called:

"The Book of Knowledge:The Keys of Enoch." - By J.J.Hurtak???

Many people who visit this website are seeking higher knowledge, they seek the hidden, they seek the unknown...

May I humbly suggest, that for those who earnestly seek their inner-evolution and to gain light,vehicles, and life, to seek out this book and to drink of its waters.

It is my opinion (and if interpreted correctly, his) that this book was given as a revelatory gift to Jason Hurtak, after he had attuned himself into what was called the "Higher Evolution" using special Key-Power Words, which were sounds from the 5 ancient languages of Egyptian-Hebrew-Sanskrit-Tibetan-Chinese in conjunction with particular breathing techniques.

Through this higher consciousness state J. H. was able to communicate with certain angelic beings such as Ophanim ENOCH and METATRON, as well as move into the presence of the Father Himself.

I would like to add that J. H. is not the only Jew to have claimed to received knowledge from G-d using Mantras/Power words, for example, the 72 names of God. There are actually quite a number of Rabbis who claim this ability, both ancient and modern, and is believed to be the source of power, producing revelations and visions, also, angel experiences and the like.

What I am suggesting to you ladies and gentlemen, is that this man did indeed receive a very incredible divine revelation, and that he did share it. "The Book of Knowledge:The Keys of ENOCH" is a greatly inspired book that teaches men about their true purpose as intelligent beings who are seeking a spiritual evolution, The Brotherhoods of Light, a multidimensional functioning brotherhood of a high heavenly order, that seeks to make contact with man through focused thought-forms that open up the minds of people to the freedom of a spiritual reality.

There is many more things that would be said about why I am recommending this book, such as one of the most intensely in-depth theories of the purpose of the Egyptian pyramids, the scientific explanation as to why the world has many diverse religions, what men can do, as individuals, to help unlock, not only their own minds and light bodies, but also what they can do to help fight the spiritual battle, peaceably, and attain themselves a reward in the heavens.

I might like to add that this is a Jew who has a deep understanding of the Christ, and yet deems it important to have a non-dogmatic approach to scientific-spiritual understanding.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and praise towards a book I treasure dearly, I have not met J.J.Hurtak in person and my statements are only artistic creations of my impressions felt from J.J.Hurtaks writings.

This book is out of print now, and second hand copies are expensive. Still, worth every dollar IMO.

Illen A. Cluf
02-09-2017, 03:09 PM
That is indeed an excellent book that should be on everyone's bookshelf. I searched for it for decades and finally found a copy in mint condition, 17 years ago. Another excellent book is "Initiation" by Elisabeth Haich.

Here's an interesting interview with Hurtak about Melchizedik and the Keys of Enoch.


02-10-2017, 01:39 AM
can you quite some practical gem from it?
original enoch is rather interesting, but useful as any other alch literature...

02-10-2017, 02:29 AM
Today I shall summerize my understanding of the first sections of the book:

Basically, IMO, Hurtak suggests, that through using sacred words of power from the Egyptian-Hebrew-Sanskrit-Tibetan-Chinese pictograph languages, you can 'breathe' (i'm pretty sure this must be coupled with bio-electromagnetic forces) ((the 'sucking' feeling)) into these letters, which cause your thought forms to resonate with particular energies, energies of which Hurtak says, act like circuitry, connecting you to the universe.

When you bring your vibrational frequency into alignment with these 'tones', particular energies resonate in the body. (These energies effect you PHYSICALLY!)

Different tones resonate different energies. For example, last night I was toning myself, first into the Hebrew letter Tav and then into the Hebrew letters Yesod. This guided my visualisations to take me to the 'Tav bridge' and the city of 'Yesod' (I did not enter.)

J.J.Hurtak's practises are a bit more advanced, he suggests basically that you should mantra on the many sacred names of these traditions, such as the Egyptian gods, the Tibetan gods, the Hebrew prophets names, ect....

I'm just starting basically by trying to bring myself into tone with simpler sounds first, such as hebrew letters and the 'OM' sound.

The information in this book is relentless and I can not express how essential, a lifetime of occult study really is in order to be able to understand even half of what he is saying.

But, im pretty sure it is as simple as, raising your frequency through toning, when you can accomplish this, then go out to what he called a "Time-Warp Zone" more commonly known as a lay-line conjunction. Hurtak mentions that 'the righteous' will greatly benefit from toning themselves into these zones, where this 'Brotherhoods of Light' will send information and energy down to you, commonly in the form of 'new technology' which will only be given for the purpose of increased light unto humanity.

You basically have to be putting humanity first, and your own needs second, in order to qualify for these advanced blessings and privileges.

This is not a very well constructed post, but it is designed just to give you a jist. Perhaps later tonight I will follow up with some direct quotes to put all this in context. Till then:

Love God, Love Life, Make Peace, Free yourself using your inner light :)