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02-14-2009, 05:09 PM
i didn't think this fit in either of the other 2 alchemy forums. i hope it's ok here. will you please explain any or all these as best you can?
'fire is our spiritual seed, our drive toward the realization of self. air is the theoretical framework of ideas and images that make accessible the transforming yet seemingly chaotic energy of fire. energy is transferred in a liquid state, be it water, rain, blood, hormones, or sexual fluids. water is the practical means of expressing the energy of fire after it has been transferred by air, just as water ascends and descends through evaporation.'
'water is the emotions that give force and energy to ideas, making them manifest materially.'
'earth is the etheric structure or invsible net of energy that gives rise to physical form, as well as being the actual form itself.'
'fire and air combine to form the self-arising consciousness [?] of sulphur; earth and water combine to form the material world and its etheric matrix [?], or salt; and air and water combine to form mercury, the medium that allows energy and matter to communicate with each other[how?].'

solomon levi
02-14-2009, 10:41 PM
Well, it actually seems pretty self-explanatory.
I don't know if I could say it more clearly.
The author is using alchemical terminology and theory
to describe life - consciousness and energy and matter -
all the same thing at different frequencies of vibration

S/he gives you his/her definitions of the terms so instead
of elaborating I can only take this as his/her understanding.

Fire, rising, the loftiest of elements, s/he equates with self-realisation.
Makes sense.
Air as theoretical, ideas, mind, etc, is the common interpretation or
correlation. It determines the fire.
Water is the next stage in involution - 'water is the emotions that give force
and energy to ideas, making them manifest materially.' - another common
understanding - water equated with emotional energy. Emotion gives ideas
a charge - this brings it closer to mass.
S/he equates earth with the etheric (which is like the energetic double of mass,
or think of the infra-red reverse image in photography) and with form. Etheric
form is vibrating just slightly above what we call physical mass in the area
of Hertzian frequencies.


This is a common glyph or outline of the elements and how they combine
to form the principles, or vice-versa, how principles lend themselves
to elements. (see the diagram posted in Practical Alchemy under the acid and
alkali thread from Golden Chain of Homer).

So just looking at the glyph is sort of self-explanatory - fire and air are the
two loftiest and their combination is called sulphur - not mineral of course, but
the alchemical idea/principle of consciousness.
The lower two elements combine to form salt - the alchemical idea/principle
of form and matter.
The middle two elements combine to form mercury - the alchemical idea/
principle of substance - mindstuff (mind not limited to mental, but including
emotional). It is the medium between matter and consciousness - energy.
It's the medium simply by being in between.

If you already understand all that and are still saying "Yeah, but HOW?",
then that is something you just realise by practice and observation of oneself.