View Full Version : Principle of Gender?

06-29-2017, 09:15 AM
What is your take on the principle of Gender? How do we define Gender? I have been watching the neo liberal trash with their theories about how sex differs from gender etc. and so i asked myself "what is gender" and if its the same as sex why are there 2 words for the same thing?

So i took a look at the Kybalion but its not so clear to be honest. Any thoughts?

06-29-2017, 12:27 PM
Gender = what is in the mind... for instance if you feel like a woman even if you are born a man... basically the identity
Sex = cock or pussy or neither (androgynous) i.e. physical traits

Gender, for me, is personal and the problem with the SJW neo-liberal trash is that they want to force their own view of themselves on other people. They often don't understand that while it is their right to feel, be and behave like any gender they like it is equally fine for anyone else to call them a she or a he. It's called freedom of speech. LOL.

People living in the "rich" part of the world are so spoiled that they have to have "safe spaces" to avoid "triggering" people. This is stupid. Alt-right people and SJW people are at war... but what is so funny about this is that they behave and act in the exact same way. They have more in common than what they don't have in common.

I personally look at this stuff in a very simple way. I am a man. I have feminine aspects and masculine aspects of my personality (these would fall under the "gender" category). I am satisfied with who I am and - for now - I am hanging on to my dick. It has some use.

It is easier to change sex when you reincarnate, than changing it right in the middle of life. But then again I have always had a strategic outlook on living.

How other people feel, or what other people want to be, is up to them. I could not care less. But if I happen to call you a "she" when you want to be called a "he", then you can suck my dick because you called me "Awani", when I demand you actually call me "Lord of the Universe".

Finally I think a big problem with all this gender bullcrap and identity is that I don't think it has any value to focus on what gender/sex one identifies with. I think this is a distraction and brainwashing. Instead people should focus on who they are as a human being: compassionate, hateful, loving, generous, greedy etc.

The human race are materialistic as it is, and the gender topic even infects the mind with "what the body is". Fuck the body. It is just like a car.

Example: I am driving a Ford pick-up, but by God I identify my car with a Tesla so it is a Tesla... which is fine... but does it matter. Not really. Do I have the right to force others to see Tesla when it is a Ford? No.

I understand why the gender topic has become a "thing", because it stems from the fact that gays and trans have had a hard existence... at times it has even been illegal... so they have fought for the right to exist. In the places where this war has been won there needs to, now, be peace. The fight is over. Now sit back and relax and be gay. But no... we are addicted to fighting.

Instead of students in Universities across Europe and North America focusing their time on gender issues locally, they should fight for the right of people to be free in places where they don't have that privilege. Syria needs safe spaces, not fucking Harvard.


Post-script: gender/sex has nothing to do with sexual preference... people wanna fuck who they wanna fuck, regardless of "what" they are... and what this world needs is more fucking and less fucking around.