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solomon levi
02-25-2009, 06:56 PM
For those into ormus, this looks interesting:


Haven't read it myself. Just ran across it while searching.

Clayrn Darrow
02-26-2009, 12:29 AM
Brilliant! I will have to explore this text. I have always wondered the about the signifigance of the church and it's influences upon our art--of course, I'm not one to criticize the church(heh). I believe it is rather strange to attest to the knowledge of the adepts yet scorn the techniques used to acquire that knowledge--Ah, well back to the books. Thank you Solomon Levi for the resource.

02-26-2009, 01:11 AM
Nice one...

"This one is sure to ruffle some feathers! An entirely new way of looking at Mary Magdalene and the ORMUS phenomena. Provocative, heretical and scandalous. Be prepared for a great deal of controversy and outrage. It isn't just another watered-down poke at Mary Magdalene. The information spans several thousands of years leading up to the period of the birth of Mary Magdalene, the Jesus movement and the early beginnings of the ORMUS phenomena. Looks like a lot of historical, academic and speculative research went into the preparation for the book. The ORMUS aspect was intriguing. I was fascinated at the prospect of Mary Magdalene having been an alchemist and high-priestess of the Temple of Hathor." - source (http://sanfrancisco.tribe.net/event/intl-debut-WILLIAM-HEARTHs-new-book-ORMUS-The-Secret-Alchemy-of-Mary-Magdalene-Revealed-Part-A-Passionate-investigation-into-the-life-of-Mary-Magdalene-ORMUS-culture-December-10-2007/san-francisco-ca/6fc088af-b5ef-411d-8129-d9df2b509a70)