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True Initiate
08-20-2017, 02:07 AM
The purpose of this thread is to bridge the visible material world with the invisble spiritual world. This division doesn't really exist in Nature but it exist only in our heads specifically in our eyes. Our senses betray us by giving us limited vision and depriving us of seeing the big picture.
Alchemy, the queens of all sciences can't be mastered with the limited perception of our senses. We need to wander out into the invisible world of Spirit or Energy. Let's start with one ingredient of the Philosopher Stone that rarely is mentioned: Sound!




This is gonna be a continuous thread over longer cycles of time.

08-20-2017, 02:20 AM
Cymatics is super cool! It's neat to note how much we can learn structurally from images produced by sound. If we take notes from Nature, our buildings and future-stuff will be more viable than if made through human ingenuity alone in my opinion. Nature has us beat!

One of the best books on Harmonics is a book by Hans Kayser called "TEXTBOOK OF HARMONICS" written in 1950. This guy knew Truth and delivered his teachings so well!



True Initiate
08-20-2017, 02:27 AM
If you have a free pdf copy of that book just post it here.

08-21-2017, 05:31 PM

True Initiate
08-22-2017, 02:31 PM
I have planned a great revelation today from Timothy Hogan's new book The Way of the Templar but it failed to materialize. Those two pictures prove that Knight's Templar knew about cymatics almost 1000 years ago.
No mention if this technique was used in alchemical process to awaken the inner fire in the center of matter! Oh well...