View Full Version : Arbatel: Olympian spirits and Alchemy

09-29-2017, 09:37 PM
This Grimiore is interesting because several of the Olympic spirits have attributes relating to Alchemy. For example Aratron: ďHe teachers Alchymy, Magic and Physic. On line stuff from people who work with Arbatel doesnít seem to go into Alchemy much. For myself the issue of being caught in a pact is what prevents me from simply getting some of these Arbatel Olympian spirits to simply produce the stone. When I asked people on another forum who didnít seem worried about pacts and even thought that they were a good thing; they didnít seem interested in the philosophers stone or precious jewels which these spirits are also said to provide. Perhaps the spirits they were already working with are fulfilling their needs.

Any thoughts or speculations appreciated.