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10-06-2017, 03:02 PM
The Erring Ways of the Pseudo-Alchemists

"Whosoever, has no knowledge of the rightful beginning, will never find the desired
ending; and whosoever, does not know, what he seeks, does also not know, what he
will find."
-(Axiomata, Anno 1736).

In this chapter, we will discuss the main errors of the false Alchemists, to avoid the sincere Seekers from expending unnecessary time, expense or experiencing severe disappointments. It is sometimes hard to believe how some Pseudo-Alchemists in the present attempt to solve the problem of producing the Philosopher's Stone, with highly foolish methods.

First of all, there is the Guild of so-called Air fishers, that is, Od-Collectors, who "have the need, to be self-important beyond their abilities." In other words, plusquam-perfect (more than perfect), and this is done with all kinds of manipulation (i.e. breathing exercises, mirrors, hand gesticulation).

There are those, who want to attract the Od (Life's Vitality) out of the Air, to practice
some kind of sorcery with it. What the true Hermetics think about that was explained by Hermann Fictuld, who said:

"There are many who seek to catch Heaven's Salt or Sal coeleste
through magnets, but we rather remain with the Minera, it is already
caught in there and it has been placed there by God."

OD fishers can be classified into different categories

Those who are going to do some kind of Yogic breathing to pull the OD out of the air.

Those who are going to use some Magik operation to trap the OD in a talisman with or without the use of spirits involving ceremony, incantations etc. In this category too we can add those who construct a magic altar on which they can "charge" objects.

Those who indulge in vampirism, trying to suck the OD out of other living things, some settle for trees whilst others vampirise fellow humans during a "healing session" or sex...perverted people who are literally crawling with astral bugs and to be avoided at all costs!

Those who use devices simple or complex in their nature such as experiments with mirrors, pyramids, Orgone accumulators, devices containing crystals, magnets etc

These things may be loosely categorised as "natural magick" but it is not Alchemy.

In all the above operations the energy is differentiated, the Alchemist seeks the undifferentiated, unspecified and this condition can only be created by art since nature cannot produce it.