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10-19-2017, 09:02 AM
This guy that is bothering you Elixirmixer, what does he want that you have? Or what are you stopping him from getting? Or is he someone left over from your previous lifestyle that you spiritually struggled and evolved away from and he is resentful but misses you perhaps?

This is a very insightful comment Axis. All of the above is correct, this bloke mainly wants my wife, but also gets jealous over small stuff really easy (which i cant for the life of me understand because jealousy is not one of my major vices, maybe even my least sin.)

He had his best mate die a couple years ago, i used to be his best mate aeons ago (13 years) but we are very different people and ive been trying to drift away from him due to him being so loud and aggresive, a hinderence to finding the peace i require to find the inner calmness needed for training. I think he's trying to use me to replace his dead friend(s)

So yes, both physical jealousies and emotional insecurities are fueling this guy's endless BS.

Yesterday he tried bashing me infront of my wife and kids. So yeah it has continued to escalate, he attacked me when i told him that i dont want to hang out with him anymore and he's not welcome at my property.

Ive tried to explain to him on previous occasions that i am training in hermetics and it requires tremendous amounts of personal space and quietness but he didnt get the message so i used his next disrespectful comment about my wife to tell him he's not welcome and he attacked me. Third time in two months.

Im starting to get a clear picture of hermetic practise in my mind due to the bardon books.

I am having some small signs of slight progression, however, im intentionally taking it quite slow.

Axis, what types of magics would you employ in this senario?

Also, can one magician create and send elementals and elementaries to each other?

Previously in my life, removing negative people from my environment has sometimes been the single most powerful catalysts for change. I made huge progress a few years ago and got completely clean and thats when i landed the gig with the Mormons.

Due to this being such a great oppertunity for growth (cleansing away negative people) i decided to start this thread: all are welcome to share their experiences.

EM :o

10-19-2017, 09:25 AM
Perhaps obvious but I find that the most powerful force is positive so rather than removing negative people, what about bringing in positive people... then the negative person will either be assimilated or choked. In general... however this dude you talk about perhaps need that old school fatherly love.


10-19-2017, 09:46 AM
Ive definitely wanted to guide him with love, however there are serious superiority issues at play (some of which are probably my own) and it doesnt seem that any advice ive shared thus far had made any difference. Plus i tried to take him under my wing and i introduced him to my friends down here, and all he's done is tried stealing all my friends by buying ridiculous (seriously ) amounts of alcohol and giving it away to them, also, they keep telling me that he keeps talking behind my bavk trying to screw me over with all my friends.... ive done the love bit but attacking me in front of an 18month old girl is just too far for me to give the slightest of shits what happens to him now.

I have always loved the idea of the positive people thing, unfortunatly i live in a fully westernized soviety and good, trustworthy, positive people are hard to come by.

I made one hermetic oriented friend in town but he also surcame to paranoid delusions about me, convincing himself that i was a distraction from his progress, even though he would have learnt more about hermetics in the last year hanging out with me then he ever did in hisn previous 53 years. People have always been very strange to me, one way or another, some demon will alter the way the person views me, they will imagine and exaggerate some kind of "offence" ive committed. Ill feel sorry for them that the darkness in their life clouded thwur judgment towards me and in turn ruins any chance they might have of breaking free of the western ignorance trance, and then ill just leave, consider that i once again wasted energy on someone who was never grateful, and i always end up re-committing myself towards my own family's development. Such as i am now.

Yeah i must have a "shit cunt" magnet. Ive been assulted over 40 times. Which has in fact been a blessing in disguise because its made me a lot tougher and more manly for my wife and kids to feel secure, and i never let it turn me violent in any way, so its all worked out so far... having said that, id really prefer to never be in an altercation ever again, and any assistance from my astral traveling friends would be greatly appreciated.

10-19-2017, 09:50 AM
Im refering to practioners of hermetic magic specifically, because this pattern emerges so often that i veiw it more of a.spiritual issue im facing rather than a social one. After all; my actual social character has changed so often that it couldnt possibly be my social skills since different elixirmixers still end in the same result... (and im actually an extremely polite and patient person in real life towards people i dont know very well)

So i believe that its something like this;

Im about to finish my first powerful Alchemical medicine, im about to open my blacksmith shop, my wife and i have made a lot of progress with each other and the kids, and i think that everytime i get close to "breaking free" or "making it to the light at the end of the tunnel" some feeling of inherent guilt causes me to subconsciously attract a sabotaging force, to ruin my peace, and keep me in the tunnel.

Now i see the light and its all repeating itself all over again. Id love some help

10-19-2017, 11:20 AM
Elixirmixer I remember you saying you had some familiarity with the Lesser Bannishing of the Pentagram. This is a good one to deal with problems from people who you have told to go away but still wish to cause trouble.


1. Kabbalistic cross
2. Banishing pentagrams ( Bannishing earth to be precise)
Here is the bit where you start to Bannishing the person from your sphere of influence. Visualise the person in each quarter and going away after each Bannishing pentagram is done.
3. Invoke Archangels at each quarter
If their is still a ‘residue’ of the person as each Archangel is called ask that each elemental energy flushes through the work area clearing this guy away.
4. Kabbalistic Cross

Do this at night before you go to sleep. And do the invoking pentagram version of the lesser Bannishing in the morning calling in positive elemental influences. You must invoke as much as you Bannish to keep balance.

I used this technique in the mid 1980’s to get over a woman who I was obsessed with and I later learned had done malificum against me. I later learned she knew how to use her sexuality as part of attack sorcery. So I know this method works and you have some familiarity with the lesser pentagram Elixirmixer. This guy will basically just go away if you do the above morning invoking and evening Bannishing daily for a lunar month. If your wife is inclined she may even do it in tandem with you on occasion.

Also my wife says you must go to the police and get a restraining order about this specific guy.

NB if you don’t know the pentagrams they are at the back of this book which got me started on magic back in the 1980s:

Techniques of High Magic by Francis King and Stephen Skinner. A paperback I would recommend if you have decided to more fully investigate Magic along with Alchemy.

10-19-2017, 12:18 PM
Ahhhhhh, clear, practical advice. How refreshing (haha)

One more aggressive attendance at my property and i will certainly be taking your wifes advice. Here in Australia you need three reported occasions of harrasment to warrant a restraining order.

However, perhaps if I begin these rituals tomorrow i wont have to worry about it anymore. I feel like right now the momentum is of him leaving me alone (at least for now) so the rituals could help support that force and might become a deciding factor of moving through this.

I didnt know the LBP(R)? was able to be used like that, however now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense.

So no elementals in the mail? Dam. LOL

Axis, do you practise your rituals physically, or mentally in your mind, or both?

The way i see ritual in the physical word, while having power in their own right, at this point in my fdevelopment i see them more as training tools to master the rituals, scribe them to permenant memory, so that the magician can remember and use these rituals while in the lucid dreaming state or.within the astral planes (im still confused as to wether these are the same thing)

Ill share my experience to clarify.

Using breathing and awarness i can collect vital energy (chi) into my body, i used to be very proficient at this, not as much now because of lack of practise but im training again.... anyway....

I can absorb energy from my surroundings, into any organ that I wish (exept the brain because when i do it feels like my head will explode)

This leaves me feeling tingly, and a bit 'tougher', by that i just mean that i feel physically stronger, more athletic, confident and clearer minded. However these feeling are subtle unless the training is consistent and consecutive.

But when i go into a lucid dreaming state and use this ability of absorbing vital energy from my surroundings, the effects are literally 100's of times more potent and powerful. I am able to walk up to a large old tree and completely strip it of its entire life force in a single breathe that will change the tree from green to grey and withered in the course of that breathe. When i awaken from such an event, my body is filled with massive amounts of pulsating vital energy, in fact i am talking about a specific time and i remember that being by far the most chi my body has ever had surging through it. And i extracted the energy out of my dreams!!

I will do my best to follow your instruction Axis and ill keep you posted.

Its a good first experiment for my magic ability!

I always enjoy our chats Axis, till next time :)

10-19-2017, 07:33 PM
You have a good feel about energy and focus Elixirmixer. Basic ritual involves visualisation feeling and energy flow I see no difficulties in this for you from what you describe.

There is however a Bardon method in Initiation into Hermetics which far surpasses this kind of methodology. Once the magician is able to move and gesture whilst having physical, astral and mental in unison any ritual act becomes considerably more potent.

10-20-2017, 12:02 AM
You can also bring your home, other property, and family into the center of the ritual with you. You'll do it subconsciously anyways, because that's what you're trying to protect. So why not bring them in consciously?

10-20-2017, 01:46 AM
Lovely. Im going to ritual it up tonight. Today, Falun Dafa.

If you havent tried ritualling in your dreams, im no person to make recommendations on the subject; however it seems worth a safe investigation by more experienced peeps such as yourselves.

Will we luve in a future age where elementals are currency? Just a thought..

So far so good. None of my friends have seen him hovering around since the event.

10-20-2017, 08:00 AM
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And i would be more than delighted :D I did recieve some type of electronic interference involving you :cool: however, at this very second im out, and im struggling with a skype connection; however, considering that after a year your the first person to request such a thing, ill put in special effort to organise me account and have a virtual chat. Anything special in particular? Give me a job on $125,000US you prick ;):p:cool:

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Please stay on topic. This is not a private chatroom. That's what PM is for.

10-30-2017, 09:28 PM
Its funny how things work. The mind is a powerful tool. I never got around to performing the lesser banishing rituals because I have been heavily focused (for a change) on other things. However; I did visualize a senario that matched my interest, and low&behold; everything panned out the way I WILLED it to.

And now that situation is all good. The point im making is that "thoughts become things"

Edit: I did visualize myself doing the lesser banishing ritual the way Axis described would help in this situation (twice), perhaps that played a part also.

10-30-2017, 11:27 PM
Edit: I did visualize myself doing the lesser banishing ritual the way Axis described would help in this situation (twice), perhaps that played a part also.

Well you know what they say, 'thoughts become things' ;)