View Full Version : Help needed: Organis Sulfur (MSM)

10-27-2017, 10:49 PM
I've been trying to work out exactly how one extracts MSM from the inner bark of the pine tree.

I know it has to do with the breakdown of cellulose, and something called DMOS?

Im in a period of detox and the brain is shitting itself (could be all the lead acetate ive been playing with; hense why im detoxing now)

I do feel like I contribute and help as much as I can. So would somebody mind doing that which I can not do (I have tried many times and always fail) that is... working out how to do this extraction.

I really want Oil of Egg and Sulfur of Pine available to all of us because the two certainly bring safe methods of healing into the hands of our capable friends here.

Please consider the postivie changes you could make *cough* (JDP) *cough* if you could help me with this extraction. Thank you to any CHEMISTS who get invovled, or anyone else who can help crack this walnut. Any who assist will be getting a large amount of Organic Sulfur donated to them