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02-17-2018, 04:11 PM
In this study I will show how Carbon and Oxygen become donor particles in the transmutation of Sodium to Copper, from Copper to Silver and finally from Silver to Gold.
I will show the mathematical relationship of all three processes, neutron and density characteristics too.
Transmutation one
Firstly we take Sodium and observe that it has the following characteristics:
Density 22.99
Mass 11
Electron configuration 2 8 1
Neutrons 12
Density 63.5
Mass 29
Neutrons 35
Electron valance 2 8 18 1
We see that there is exactly 18 missing from the mass of Sodium to the mass of Copper and a Neutron difference of 23.

Now the excitement begins, we are going to use Carbon as our donor atom in the transmutation of Sodium to Silver. The reason we are using it because we don't need to break any rules of thermodynamics in order for our Carbon experiment to take place, 3 Carbon atoms is EXACTLY the mass we need so here goes.
Carbon mass of 3 atoms is 18
Density of the 3 atoms is 36.03
Our newly created atom of Copper now has an Electron valance of 2 8 18 1
It's mass is 29
It's density is 59 (4.5 short of actual copper)
It's Neutrons total 31 (4 short of actual copper)
I want you to take special note that the shortage in density is a similar number to the shortage in Neutrons, we will talk about this later.
Transmutation two
We will now go from Copper to Silver:
Mass 29
Density 63.5
Neutrons 35
Electron valance 2 8 18 1
Mass 47
Density 107.8
Neutrons 61
Electron valance 2 8 18 18 1
We see that again there is 18 difference between the mass of Copper and the Neutron difference is 26
After our transmutation using 3 Carbon atoms we see that our new Silver atom is thus
Mass 47
Electron Valance 2 8 18 18 1
Density 99.5 (8 short of actual silver)
Neutrons 53 (8 short of actual silver)
Do you see a pattern emerging? The shortage of density and Neutrons has doubled from the first experiment.
Transmutation three
From Silver to Gold:
Mass 47
Density 107.8
Neutrons 61
Electron valance 2 8 18 18 1
Mass 79
Density 197
Neutrons 118
Electron valance 2 8 18 32 18 1
For this experiment we can no longer use Carbon as the donor atom. The Mass required is an increase of 32 which is the mass difference between Silver and Gold. Carbon does not fit as a denominator so Oxygen with a mass of 8 is the candidate being a perfect denominator of 32. So we use 4 Oxygen atoms
Mass 8
Density 16
Neutrons 8
Electron configuration 2 6
After our transmutation we see our newly formed Gold atom:-
Mass 197
Electron valance 2 8 18 32 18 2
Density 171 (25 short of actual Gold)
Neutrons 93 (25 short of actual Gold)
The amazing reality of transmutation in the Sodium-Gold chain is that the missing number of Neutrons is ALWAYS equal to the missing density mathematically in Carbon/Oxygen donor configurations.
This means that the Neutron density of Sodium, Copper, Silver and Gold is equal to one.
In the first transmutation we are missing 4 neutrons and 4 in density.
In the second we were missing 8 neutrons and 8 in density.
In the third we were missing 25 neutrons and 25 in density.
For us to understand how the process continues so that each respective atom acquires the correct number of neutrons to be stable we must establish the manor in which it does acquire such Neutrons and the mass of those Neutrons is equal to the density required. Since Carbon and Oxygen Neutrons are not dense enough Neutron for Neutron then the Neutrons can only come from the Sodium-Gold chain itself whose Neutrons are dense enough.
This in actual fact begins with the Hydrogen-Lithium chain before it reaches the Sodium-Gold chain and here is what I believe is the sequence:-
When you transmute Sodium to Copper, the reaction removes Sodium Neutrons from Sodium and reverts that atom back to Lithium and uses the Neutrons to make up the short fall (4). When you transmute Copper to Silver, the reaction removes Copper Neutrons from Copper and reverts that atom back to Sodium and uses the Neutrons to make up the difference (8). When you transmute Silver to Gold the reaction removes Silver Neutrons from Silver and reverts the atom back to Copper then again uses the available Neutrons to make up for the shortage of Neutrons in Gold (25)
The reason that you cannot go straight from Sodium to Gold is that the entire process is dependent on the amount of available Carbon and Oxygen and available Neutrons triggered in the reaction so that each transmutation between each element is a unique event that must be proceeded by other unique events.

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02-17-2018, 05:05 PM
You explained the mathematics behind the transmutation but how is one to marry Copper with Carbon and Oxygen?

02-17-2018, 06:31 PM
You explained the mathematics behind the transmutation but how is one to marry Copper with Carbon and Oxygen?

This thread is dealing with the mathematics of transmutation and Neutron behaviour not how to marry either Oxygen nor Carbon with the aforementioned elements. We are taught that elements are created in supernova explosions but we all know different.

Ask yourself a few questions about the periodic table: https://www.ptable.com/ use this table to ask yourself a few questions and slide the temperature gauge up and down making careful observations of the Lithium chain, when elements change from gas to liquid then to solid. Ask yourself what mother nature is doing by separating processes through variation in heat and pressure?

When Lithium was born, it took three directions, one was in the Sodium chain through Potassium down to Francium, another went through Beryllium through the Boron, Carbon and Oxygen chain then it made a third chain through Sodium, Copper, Silver and Gold. All done at different temperatures and at different times. This makes Lithium unique and to do what it had to do, it had to have the most unstable nuclei of most of the elements. Nature doesn't take risks in supernova explosions, it systematically builds an accurate and evolving list of products, jumping from one place to another at different temperatures when certain elements are in different spin states or temperatures, ultimately building a portfolio of products needed to create life.

Lithium is a hugely transitional material, always abundant around copper fields where it is left over from Sodium - Copper transmutation. Also found near Silver and Gold too, the whole chain of Lithium, Sodium, Copper, Silver and Gold go hand in hand.

Then think about Carbon, why it is one of the last elements to melt into liquid form, why does nature require it to stay in solid form right until it reaches high temps? All linked to when and where nature selects one thing to become another in it's portfolio. The 'how' is for us to ponder and work out and always remember that the sages never had the knowledge that we have today in doing so, they learned by observing and observing where it matters the most.


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02-17-2018, 08:04 PM
This thread is dealing with the mathematics of transmutation and Neutron behaviour not how to marry either Oxygen nor Carbon with the aforementioned elements.

That's too bad since there are so many theories already.

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That's too bad since there are so many theories already.
True Initiate, I respect your need to absorb as much information as you can from this forum and learn as much as you can but sometimes in life, the correct way to solve a jigsaw puzzle is to grab the puzzle yourself and put the pieces together rather than watch others put the puzzle together.

However, I have always had the philosophy that it may be in the interest of mankind to set people along their way.

You asked how Carbon and Oxygen are to be used as donor particles in transmutation processes and the way to answer your own question is to look at mother nature herself so I say unto you this:-
Science has always maintained that Gold is brought to the surface through hydrothermal vents in which it rises through a process of heat/pressure/vapour etc bla bla bla, you know the score. looking around the world as I'm 100% sure the sages did before our time, we see that not all hydrothermal vents produce Gold. For example, in the UK, there is no Gold in the Cumbrian Mountains, in the Yorkshire Dales or large parts of the Peak district yet there is Gold in Wales and large parts of Scotland and the Highlands. All of those regions had volcanic activity, hydrothermal vents and were an excellent opportunity for the bowels of the earth to spew out what ever it see's fit yet Gold placements were restricted to certain areas that had different types of specific rock.
Then we look at the curious case of South Africa where Gold is found not in what you'd consider as volcanic or mountainous regions but seems to have 1000's of tons of placer Gold deep underground in vast regions of shale.

Now ask yourself this: Is there a particular hydrothermal vent anywhere in the world where (and there are many) prospectors are waiting for the next hydrothermal event so they can rush it and collect the Gold which is still in solution or perhaps build a device around the vent to capture all the suspended Gold?
Yes there is but it's on the sea floor and not on the surface. We'll come back to this.

Go going back to where Gold is found on Earth we see that it seems to be appearing in larger quantities where ever Quartz is found, where Quartz veins run through Granite so on and so forth. Geologists will tell you that the Quartz is the carrier molecule through the vent while both in solution and that once at the surface they cool into a solid. They say that Gold needs the Quartz as the carrier because there are no other molecules capable of carrying it to the surface yet there are massive Quartz veins created hydro-thermally in Cumbria that have no Gold but have other metals contained in them, why?

There are Quartz veins all over the world containing minerals of varying degree but some have absolutely no trace of Gold what so ever, are we to believe that in the bowels of the Earth that mother nature has selected some hydrothermal vents to be carriers and not others? Are we to believe that in the bowels of the Earth where everything is in liquid and gas form, an absolute mish mass of everything you can imagine, that nature sends Iron up through one vent and chooses another vent to expel Gold?
Or could it be that just one product comes up through the vents and nature through a careful process of organization and mutation over millions of years using every method at its disposal changes that one product into many?

In the 1990's in Australia, several Gold nuggets impregnated with the surrounding sand were found on the desert surface, on top of incredibly deep sand. After investigation by the finder and the Australian authorities it was discovered it was not lost from a plane or any individual and after further investigation by a lab it was discovered that the Gold had sand impregnated within its structure which was consistent with the desert in which it was found. The only evidence they had was a lightening storm had hit that region in the days before.
It has baffled many people for many years and a study was done on the actual sand of that particular desert and it was found to be rich in a particular metal and a particular Quartz.
Lightening produces massive amounts of Ozone and it melts what ever it comes into contact with providing it is conductive using many millions of volts and amps.

I'll let you decide how nature works.


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02-18-2018, 04:45 PM
We should not forget that Quartz is piezoelectric which means that it can produce it's own lightning/electricity. Gold is found in the veins of Quartz provided they are rich in iron and so on...

There are other explanations as well like those of Alex Putney:


02-19-2018, 08:22 PM
Please note the temperature of transition between alpha quartz and beta quartz. When lightening strikes a quartz vein of any kind, the transmutation will occur according to the available base metals and Oxygen initially. The base metals are mainly Lithium and Sodium at this point. The Oxygen is trapped in the quartz, the lightening strikes and the plasma causes the Oxygen to form O3 at the same time as the base metal is melted. O3 is totally unstable at high temperatures and immediately tries to reform into O2 again but for a millisecond two different molecules of Oxygen are present, O2 and O. The single O is the part we are interested in because before single O atoms can find a partner to form O2 with again, nature has other plans.
You see single Oxygen is incredibly unstable as an atom in the exact way Lithium is, both probably the most unstable atoms around and nature designed them that way so that it could create the entire periodic table. If you present unstable Lithium with unstable Oxygen (O) the end result is Sodium. Work out the math and you'll find an exact match down to the billionth of a gram, in density and mass.
What is happening in the bowels of the Earth is what we see every day on the Sun, Hydrogen and Helium are combining to form Lithium, Lithium is combining with Helium and Hydrogen to form the elements 4 through 10, which include Oxygen and Carbon, once you create elements 4 through 10 then all the rest are a combination of those elements plus the ones you already have.
So Lithium is by far the most important element in the bowels of the Earth, it is the precursor to all other metals and all other elements in the periodic table, it is the start of the Sodium - Gold chain which is the one we are interested in.
So just to reiterate, Lithium is the first metal to emerge from the bowels of the Earth, it is struck by lightening which creates O3 for a millisecond, the O3 releases single O and both the unstable Lithium and unstable O form Sodium, the key of course is having an unstable nuclei in the first place. Without this nothing will be achieved.
The next step on the ladder is Copper, again lightening strikes to achieve this transmutation. Sodium must be in the presence of Oxygen and Carbon this time not just Oxygen. When the plasma strikes CO2, for a brief instant Ozone (O3) is created and an incredibly unstable molecule called Carbon trioxide which has an half life of just one second. The Sodium is at melting point and the unstable nuclei that was once sat in Lithium once again returns. Again we are faced with unstable elements, the only way transmutation CAN EVER take place. The unstable Carbon and Sodium atoms join together to become one not because they like each other but because their own instability and charge/spin state can only be neutralized efficiently when they meet. In other words their respective ionic states are so out of balance during instability that it takes less energy to bond them than to keep them apart. Please take note of that sentence in bold because you'll never read a more important sentence in the whole of your lives. I jest not.
Copper to Silver is the same process and you can't go from Sodium to Silver because the imbalance and spin states of each transmuting metal has to be in a unique position, each stage is a unique event.
Silver to Gold: This is the biggy. We can use lightening to destabilize the spin state of molten Silver and open it up to an incredibly unstable nuclei once again but the unstable Carbon events of Copper and Silver are of no use to us. We need another unstable candidate that has a mass of 32 rather than 18 of denominated Carbon. So the destabilized O3 comes back into play using the exact same process from Lithium to Sodium, once again the transition from O3 to O2 and single O provides us with an unstable O atom and and unstable Silver atom, once again it takes less energy to keep them together than it does to keep them apart and they will become one.
The key then to the whole magistry is to know the temperature at which Silver becomes incredibly unstable and for this we look to it's inner soul - Lithium.
The key to being able to store the other half of this instability of Carbon and Oxygen is to know how to trap Ozone and Carbon trixoxide within a lattice and keep them there. For when your trioxide meets the heat of a melted metal, it will release its instability into the metal and only then. And when the O3 meets the heat of the metal will it release it's single unstable O atom and marry with the metal.
Have a nice day.

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lithos ))

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I am sad to see this thread fade into obscurity so i am gonna try to revive it by giving it some practical sense which it lacks. Nav2010 mentioned this sequence of transmutations:

In this study I will show how Carbon and Oxygen become donor particles in the transmutation of Sodium to Copper, from Copper to Silver and finally from Silver to Gold.

I will present to you a particular process by Alex Putney on how to go from Copper to Silver and from Copper finally to Gold!


08-13-2018, 04:47 PM
"Heating to 309C converts copper surfaces into gold"
I wonder, how does he achieve this sort of temperature control precision with common wood fire?

(In the document (http://www.human-resonance.org/Nahuange_Alchemy.pdf), the required temperature is actually 308.5C)

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08-13-2018, 04:55 PM
I don't think it needs to be exactly 308.5C but i think i saw him waving with something in the hand like laser temperature sensor if i am not mistaken. He offers a little bit more information in an article on his website and goes into detailed study of Franz Tausend process which is a known alchemist on this forum.