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09-08-2018, 10:43 AM
Greetings all

I've been studying the topic of Physical Deathlessness for years and I came to some conclusions.

There are many paths for it, but in my opinions some paths are better than the others.

Some rationality and skepticism are required, and in my opinion, if we would have to choose the best path, we would go for the path of Ramalinga Swamigal. Why? Because it's a very recent saint who achieved 3 levels of Deathleness:

1) Suddha Deham: The transformation of the mortal human body in the “Suddha Deham” or “Perfect Body”, that is achieved by means of Compassion to all living beings and Devotion to God

2) The transformation in the “Pranava Deham” or “Body of Grace and Light”.

3) The transformation in the “Gnana Deham” or “Body of Wisdom and Bliss”, the body of Supreme God.

Ramalinga aka Vallalar recorded his journey in 28 books which sadly are no translated in English language, but I will work soon on it and translate from old Tamil to English and hopefully I can help spread the teachings to the west, it's unacceptable that religions such Christianity, Islam are very popular in the West, but the doctrine of vallalar isn't.

We will focus on the first level for now because it's the one that many aspire to get.

The Suddha Deham is a state of Jeeva samadhi, in which the body shows perfect youth, the youth of a kid, the skin, joints, bones are biologically the one of a baby but you still retain a young adult appearance. This body has absence of sexual desire, food and water desire, does not excrete, does not age over time.

From my understandings, in order to achieve the suddha deham several things are required, I will list them in order of priority:

1) Infinite compassion and Love towards all Living Beings, Human beings, animals, plants and I would add that ramilanga also had some degree of respect to things that seem non living like rocks, because he said God is Omnipresent even in things that are non living or low level of consciousness. He withered at seeing a withered plant

2) Infinite Love and devotion towards the Supreme Light, the Jothi which is God

3) Constantly begging the Divine Grace for more grace to come, a practicioner goal should be to become the brightest in the universe, this obsession is really important.

There are more things to consider but the above practice if done properly should be enough to reach the suddha deham

Myself, I'm getting great results from doing just the above practice and I was able to transcend sexual desire, I sleep much less and still feel energized and my health has improved greatly.

Feel free to ask me questions if you need :)