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For those interested, the highly anticipated book from the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka is now available through Amazon.com
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To be completely honest I don't believe in the truth of the Asetians. I believe that in essence, they might know few things about "common" black magick but that's about it. Considering their own simplistic sounding creed, and likely made-up tradition, it makes me believe no otherwise. Usually sorcery dabblers make the boldest claims.

First of all, I've got no source for the claim that goddess Isis (Aset) is vampiric. Can anyone elucidate that?

Secondly, their creeds contradict some of the best esoteric sources on immortality, namely alchemy and daoism that do not even mention any "psychic vampirism" (where do you find sources of practices of "psychic vampirism"? Not there but in nigromantic (black magick) practices and demonism of incuby/succuby etc. Just research it and you'll find the links.. and there's no "keys to immortality" there, except maybe at best in the form of "wandering ghosts"). They also claim to be the "only immortals" which sounds like a bold lie, additionally they claim to be the only ones having "immortal souls" (more likely, they're the only souls that can't see anything else than their own ego and their likes in the spiritual).. that goes against pretty much any ancient spiritual teaching. Besides investigation into the astral spiritual planes have not validated their claim of only 100% "psychic vampire souls" in the afterlife. Basically it seems they just claim things out of thin air to attract following and to make other groups look unattractive and themselves appear like some elite society holding all secrets. Can anyone prove anything to the contrary?

I personally am interested in dark subjects, for example I looked into satanism but usually found ignorant close-mindedness no better than from fundamental orthodox believers but still am interested in theories of demonology. I've always been a bit attracted to the subject of death (would chose necromancers in some RP computer games; don't play computer games anymore) ... however at the same time I'm very skeptical of bold claims from "Lower Magick" front since usually you find out it's just their own ego speaking bold (from my experience satanists are extremely ignorant of anything besides their own personal beliefs in whatever narrow theory they choose.. the vampiric community however seems very cloudy, so I often doubt their observation of what really is going-on.. although I don't deny "vampirism" per-se, I just doubt the way they rationalise it).

One other reason for my scepticism is my personal encounter with a "paranormal investigator", that apparently has a small internet following, into vampirism.. This investigator had a big interest in dark subjects (I think she was possibly dark wiccan/witchcraft, satanist or something of the like due to other things she was interested in) she made big claims of an "real elite vampiric society" with special hierarchy and titles such as "Zanahary" and "Synderi". What sources did she use? I did a bit painful search on the internet since I was interested but found it was just from an internet story by an anonymous writer (here's the internet story (http://www.necrotania.com/eFiction/viewstory.php?action=printable&textsize=0&sid=1113&chapter=all) and author's page (http://grantkeima.tripod.com/id1.html)). Even after pointing this out to this so-called paranormal investigator (she admitted it was from the story) she still insisted upon the veracity of her "research" and insisted that the author of the fiction really based it on fact and that everything about the story's concepts (Zanahary and what-have-you) was real, although she provided no other source than the fiction and her claim. I realized that she was most likely either lying about her so-called paranormal researches or very delusional to boast her ego.. or she was just the author of the obscure vampire story to make a "second job" out of it (I mean it's just some 3/5 star fantasy story on an internet forum or something.. very fishy). How can anyone prove Asetians are any different?

I'm open minded to new ideas, and still learning, so please tell me if you believe there's anything I missed here.
Em hotep spectre,
I can direct you to the Egyptian Coffin texts, the Pyramid texts and the Book(s) of the Dead where you will find many references to Aset and her Divine birth of three children that were to be the primordial vampires.
The understanding of psychic vampirism can be found in the studies of the Qlipthoth and the Tree of Death, which is a part of the Kabbalah / Qabalah.
As for 'Lower Magic' (Black Magick), there really is no White or Black Magick / good & evil magick, it is the intent of the Magus which makes it constructive or destructive.
I agree with you about Satanism, I prefer Luciferianism.
I have been involved with the Occult for decades and out of the many false belief systems and Narcissistic orders that come and go the Aset Ka remain and have been here for thousands of years, there present day belief system incorporates the most sound Theistic practices I have come across.
I respect your opinions and look forward to further discussions
Yes please do refer me to any texts that mention vampirism with relations to the Egyptian religion and Isis.

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Well? I directed you a while ago . . . have you learned anything?