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Florius Frammel
01-15-2019, 05:57 PM
As main paths I'd define those that are discussed the most here. That is (non-duality) meditation and psychedlics.

It's not about a previously paved path like a worldview, or religion, but possibilities to get answers from within oneself. What's interesting is that there seem to be certain dependencies (more or less) on all "paths".

Imo there could be alternative major or minor paths that may lead into the same direction like those above. Due to a lack of understanding/nomenclature/experience I'd like to ask you what you think about the following ideas:

#1 Music

I know one guy who meditated for years and is a dedicated (jazz) musician. Sometime he found out that meditational practice couldn't give him as much as what improvising gave him (empty mind, flow of energy/ideas and not knowing where exactly that comes from. Sometimes this state can be reached in just listening to music and I somehow can relate to that. Think about native tribes who get into a trance-like situation with rythmical drumming and dancing. He described it similar to

#2 Automatic Writing

where you clear your mind and write more or less stupid things on paper that just pop up in your mind. Some use this practice for divination just like the

#3 Tarot

and similar practices where one is supposed to get connected to the (personal or collective?) unconcious (or maybe a little more towards the center of the black sun on an imagined line between that and the white one?), or to close the circle

#4 Dancing

which is strongly related to #1.

This list of course is not complete. What's your opinions?Can above mentioned things be equal to meditation and psychedelics? Are they just some kinds of catalysts, or amplifiers? Minor paths?

01-15-2019, 08:01 PM
If you replace writing with drawing then you have described shamanism: divination, painting, music and dance.

Nothing comes close to Mother Ayahuasca in my opinion, nothing on this Earth. However if it works for you, it is all good... whatever it is. Each person has to find their own path.

All paths eventually end up at the same place... which is probably at the beginning.


01-16-2019, 07:21 AM
Most spiritual traditions have (or use) music, inspired writing (or drawing... or painting), a divination system (not necessarily Tarot, but that's one of them)... and dancing.
So they are not truly "alternative" spiritual paths, but very traditional ones.