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01-02-2009, 02:34 AM
This is a Phoenix-thread (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/showthread.php?t=7) from the old site (http://alchemy-forums.forumotion.com/forum.htm).

Who am I?

I am that which comes from the west,
I am that which sets in the east.

I am the soul of the Sol.
My children are the secret heart of the sun!

In me, doth all exist in naught.

I created the heavens and the earth with my hands of fury,
Fire full of fury sprang forth and created the souls of the world.

I granted my children to take on darkness and clothe themselves with these souls,
I bid my children to walk forth on the earth.

My children shall multiply and fill the entire creation.
My children shall multiply and fill my void!

Even so, will I destroy my children.

I am the secret word,
I am the fury of the one,
I am the void of the none,
I am the dragon that rageth against itself!


Just something I composed in the matter of a few minutes. I tried
something new with this work: I did not think about the words, they
were not judged, but they were perceived and recorded. Indeed,
perceived and recorded!

Who knows, you may find it interesting.
Yes, you should do more. Reminds me of those Egyptian I AM poems.

Here's an example:

I am Isis. I established penalties for those who practice injustice. With me the right prevails. I am the Queen of rivers and winds and sea. I am Lord of rainstorms. I overcome Fate. Fate harkens to me. - translated by Frederick C. Grant
Indeed I think this is very insightful. Similar to what I have scryed in the deep mind of the universe.
Hey thanks for the comments.

LadyHydralisk, I would be interested in reviewing some of your works.