View Full Version : Hora Shastri, or The Science of Time

John Two
01-09-2020, 02:11 PM
I am searching for an Australian movie called "Hora Shastri," which I saw mentioned in an old PRS publication.

According to Frater Albertus, the movie was made in Melbourne by Stephens Productions and has to do with theoretical aspects of astrology and alchemy. It was funded by the Australian Government.

Has anyone seen this film?

01-11-2020, 12:31 AM
Actually in the interview I read, he said it had almost nothing to do with alchemy.

It's probably related to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brihat_Parashara_Hora_Shastra

I know there's an english version on Archive.org, but it's been compiled from a website. It had no information on original sources, dates, translators..

edit: actually he said "some alchemy, no laboratory alchemy"