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01-02-2009, 03:05 AM
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Here's another process in which earth is used as the prima materia. In this process the prima materia is wet clay deep from within a gold mine (should contain trace amounts of gold, and possibly some monatomic gold), or one can use normal wet clay and infuse it with gold hydroxide. I should note it's also possible to use wet clay from a gold mine, and gold hydroxide to further increase the power of the philosophers stone. The process differs slightly from the others outlined in "Gold of a Thousand Mornings" and "Opus Magnum via Virginea Terra."

At the end of the excerpt, Nicholas from Alchemy Illuminated further expounds on the process, and he even includes a few photos at the end! Very good information folks.


1. The Privy Seal of Secrets (aka. Aurifontina Chymica) - Part 1 [link broken]