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April 21, 2009 (*removed*)
A $100 Kindness to You, Courtesy of A Donor

Most people know that writing books is not a way to make money today. Their best use today is as a virtual business card to generate leads for higher priced products, which incidentally we don’t sell.

Publishers in the spiritual field have even told me directly that the topic of meditation is at the bottom of the profitability barrel for their book businesses because as one publisher told me, “Meditators tend to be cheap so they don’t buy books.” I laughed, but it’s a true story from someone who published thousands of New Age titles for over two decades. Another publisher friend warned me away from entering the business saying you’ll never make money shipping out paperbacks one by one (he was sick of it), so the ebook solution was born (otherwise you’d never get our materials since regular publishers don’t want to touch them). We still have most all the other costs of book production except the $1.50 or so it costs to put words on paper. So don’t think that just because something is an ebook it cost less to produce it or that it should be free… if that’s the case the other books you buy should all cost about $1.5 as well. Anyway, we do what we can here to help provide you with superior materials and try to cover our costs to make it all possible.

An individual who recently came into some money, knowing all this and the great value of genuine meditation materials (since you can’t find them out there today), asked to purchase from us 100 copies of Measuring Meditation to be given away to the first 100 people who requested them. Delighted at his request (we disuaded him and made him think about it several times before agreeing), we threw in The White Skeleton Visualization Method to boot.

Because of his generosity, if you are one of the first 100 people responding you can download these books for FREE right now. Yep, a $100 value for free. These are the very same books you buy on the site for green cash. So act quickly because the links won’t work after 100 people download these materials.

For this gift made possible by a donor, go here:


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Thank you !:)

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