View Full Version : dew reminder

solomon levi
05-05-2009, 01:32 AM
Just in case anyone is interested in working with dew,
this coming weekend will be the last full moon of
the spring - "The ram to the bull (taurus)".

I had an idea, that if you are near mountains, as I am,
you could go up to a good snow level just before dusk/evening
on the full moon, and scrape away the first foot of snow that
the sun has been shining on all day, and throw the deeper snow
onto some 10mil plastic sheeting or something, spread out,
and sprinkle a quantity of nitre on this since it is luna's lover,
and come back before sunrise to collect this luna-rayed snow.
Also maybe keep a container to collect anything that might melt
and run down.

One should be able to collect alot of dew or near-dew quality
water from this process.


solomon levi
05-06-2009, 02:30 AM
Actually, I realise that nitre may not be appropriate at that phase
of collection, since the lunar rays have already united with the
aerial nitre and may be satiated. If so, they would be attracted to a
female again, lunar snow - which is cold and wet and white, or perhaps
a cold plate of silver if you don't mind designating the dew to the
mineral kingdom. I had the thought that in the Mutus Libre, when they
show collecting with large round plates or pans, they are probably of