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All Things Work Together For Good

John ch. 5.

There are believers in the world who are afraid of the wind, the rain and the sun; there are believers who are afraid of illness; there are believers who get offended by everything, and thus always seek their due; if you invite them to dinner, they want the first seats to the right of the host; if you invite them to a concert or a lecture, they also try to take the first seats there. Those believers can be likened to a virgin who loves her suitor, marries him, yet asks herself whether he will love her. Why does she marry him when she doubts? Since she doubts, she should not marry. What sort of bread should you eat? Eat only the bread which contains vital power. All other kinds of bread which do not bear this vital power, should be put aside. - What shall we do without bread? - You will stay hungry. If the spider can stay hungry for six whole months and believe; he will not die, because food will come from somewhere, why should not a rational man, who listens to the Word of God, hunger for two or three days? It has been proved that man can pass in absolute fast for forty days. Therefore, man must recognize the truth in life and not deceive himself.

In contemporary life there exist certain false "facts." People must discriminate the true from the false. Much of the misunderstanding among people is due to these false "facts." I shall cite an example) to show what these may cause. When a minister is appointed to some large parish in America, the decision is usually made by voting. At one time the question of electing a minister for such a parish was raised. However, a rumor was spread among the people of the parish that the minister they had elected had the habit of parting his hair in the middle, as women do. All unanimously expressed their opinion that they did not want a minister who combed his hair that way. The meeting decided that before making their final decision about the minister, they would call him in person and take a look at him. When he appeared before them, they were all surprised - he was utterly bald. In the same way, many people dispute about questions which do not even exist.

"All things work together for good" - says the Scripture. Therefore, whatever happens in the life of man, good or evil, is good in the end. Good and evil are the two sides of one whole. Evil is the external side of the good, while good is the inner side of good itself. Since the external side of the good always becomes stained, it is called evil. The internal side of the good can never be stained, that is why it is called good. However, no matter how we may speak about the evil and the good, they will always remain unexplained. There are things which can not be explained by words. They are inwardly understood, they are perceived, felt and accepted, but they cannot be explained by any means. How, for instance, can you explain what the tone "do" represents? Who could take the tone do, re or some other tone, in its absolute purity? These are elementary things which can not be performed. If you can not take these tones as you should, then wish to perform something in the name of Christ. You say that you believe in Christ. Test your faith. Go to some seriously ill person and wish him to get well in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If he is already in a recuperative state, he will rise from his bed, but if he is seriously ill, your words and desire for him to be well will not produce a result.

Therefore, it is not sufficient only to say that you believe; you must test your faith. You will say that every person can sing. It is easy to say that, but have you ever tried to sing? Everyone must sing, but everyone cannot sing. When the thought of a person lacks something essential, he can not sing. He who cannot sing, can not value the good either - he is not a tactful person. Singing uplifts the spirit of man and creates a good disposition in him. In general, the Bulgarians are not very musical. In the past they have been more musical. No Bulgarian has created something original or immortal in music. How many Bulgarian singers or musicians can earn their living in a foreign country? You will say that a talent can be manifested in any country. Do you know what a talent depends on? Every talent depends upon the faith of man. What kind of faith is that, which wavers at the least trial? Someone wants to sing in public, but he wavers as soon as he goes to the platform - he does not believe in his ability to sing. Unless a talent is supported by faith, it cannot be manifested. After studying and working for a long time, you can appear on the platform believing that you can sing and play. If you do not believe that you can sing, and yet you sing, your talent can not be correctly manifested, for you have no faith.

When some people cannot sing as they should, they begin to excuse themselves on the grounds that they have not practiced or studied sufficiently. If that is true, then let them practice and study. Excuses cannot justify them. You will say that you have listened to angelic choirs and know what good singing means. In comparison with human singing, the angelic song is unsurpassed. The angels are excellent singers. It says in the Scriptures that when Christ was born, a choir of angels came from heaven praising God.

Therefore, you should also sing and go forward. Do not lose time with the life of your ancestors. He who wants to progress, must not live in the past. There is no greater danger for the disciple than to live in his mistakes of the past. Leave the mistakes aside and go forward. Stop on that which you are doing at the present moment. Ask yourself the question why you are doing this or that thing. If you are eating at this moment, ask yourself why you are eating. Man eats in order to support his organism. Why do you feel? Man feels in order to support the life of his heart. Why do you think? Man thinks in order to support the life of his mind. Everything which is not exercised degenerates. If love does not penetrate the heart as the air fills the lungs, man can not live. The fresh air refreshes and invigorates the lungs; in the same way love rejuvenates man. If love does not visit man, all the organs of his body atrophy. If thought does not activate the human brain, all its cells will atrophy. It is preferable at times for an evil thought to enter the human brain than to have no thought to stimulate it. This may seem contradictory to you, but the contradiction is only for you.

The contradictions of some people are a blessing for others. For instance, the child of one mother is crying, but it is alive, happy and plays all day. The crying of the child is a contradiction for that mother. Another mother's child is dead and does not cry. When that mother sees the crying child, she considers his crying natural. However, it is a contradiction to her why her own child is not crying. Therefore, it is preferable for a man to have contradictions and be alive than not to have contradictions and be dead. It is better for one to make mistakes and have temptations, but to be alive, than not to make mistakes or have temptations, but to be dead. Of what use is the perfection of the dead man?

The present day up-bringing imposes a number of rules on the child which petrify him. Parents say to children: You must not do this! You must not do that! On every side the child is surrounded by rules about what he must not do. When the question arises as to what he must do, he does not know anything. You must know one thing: if you act in a human way, you must be honest, but if you live in a Divine way, you must be just. Honesty is an expression of the human life, while justice is of the Divine life. If someone can not act humanly, or honestly, let him act Divinely, or justly. And inversely, if someone cannot act in a Divine way - justly, let him act in a human way - honestly. Whether or not man acts justly or honestly, he must pay his debts. He must know how to act. The power of man lies in his knowledge. If an archaeologist cannot read the past history of a nation on the ancient monuments, he has no knowledge whatever. If you can not penetrate into the annals of your past life, and by reading them study yourself, where is your power? People are interested in their past life and want to know something about it, but they themselves must come into a knowledge of it. Why? Because the good is very minute in the past of humanity. For eight thousand years, humanity has not made any significant progress. In the life of man up to his fall, there were good things; but after his fall there is nothing worth mentioning. Since you know this, it is better not to be interested in your past. You can judge your past by the sufferings and trials you are passing through today.

Today all people are paying for their past. Someone wants to know whether he has been a king in the past. He has been a king, but he has not been able to rule; that is why his head today has turned white. All men must work consciously upon themselves to correct the mistakes of their past. How will they correct their mistakes? By learning to rule their thoughts, feelings and acts. To be king is to rule yourself. Somebody walks and waves his hand around his ear. What does that movement mean? That man is confronting some temptation. Some evil thought has passed through his mind and by waving his hand he thinks that he can free himself from it. But that is not a mechanical act. Things can not be settled in a mechanical way. How can you recognize a temptation? It is known by its odor, just as the flower is known by its fragrance. You can tell a carnation by its aroma without seeing the flower. Every flower is known by its fragrance.

All people must study in school as the little children do. Which school must they attend? Young, adult and old all must enroll in the Divine School. There is one requirement in that school: all students who enroll there must be as children. When a child first starts school he is open, ready to listen and receive everything the teacher is saying. When a grown-up man goes to school, he has his own specific conceptions and opinions about things; as a result, he meets with contradictions. He is too late for school. Therefore, if you have entered the Great School and meet contradictions, you must know that you are too late and will not be accepted as a student in this School. You can attend it and listen to the lectures, but you can not be a regular student. You must return to that original, infant-state of your soul and listen and accept everything your Teacher is teaching you.

There is an anecdote about an 84 year old grandmother. During her youth, in spite of her great desire to study, she remained ignorant. In her 84th year, however, she was in better conditions and she decided to study. She went to school and entered the teacher's room, turning to one of the teachers with the words: My son, I want to study. - It is very late, grandmother. - Never mind, all my life I have wanted to learn, to read and write, but it is only this year that the chance has come to me. - All right, remain with the children. The old woman was happy that she was going to study at last. The children gathered around her, pushing her and laughing at her, but she did not heed them. She studied, read and wrote with them and even played with them, forgetting her old age. She was not offended by anything in her desire; to study.

Now I advise you also to forget your age and not be offended by anybody, but rather to listen to the Teacher who is teaching you both on the outside and on the inside. Take example from this grandmother. When people laugh at you or blame you, do not be offended. Remember that it does not concern you. However, when they praise you, do not lose your head. Remember that you must pay something for every bit of praise. When someone is praising you, he wants to take something from you.

Some years ago one of the Sofia newspaper editors asked me: "Do you know what the; newspapers write about you?" "I do not know." "They say bad things about you." "Then you may be sure they are not bribed. If they wrote something good, one might suppose that they were bribed." In general, if you speak evil about a person, your conscience is free, because you are not bribed by anyone. When you praise a person, it might be supposed that your conscience is bribed. However, as a man who serves love and the truth, both when you praise and when you rebuke someone, do not sell your conscience by any means. Only he who loves has a right to praise and rebuke. To love a person means to act in the way he would act. A visitor comes to your home who lives according to the Eastern customs. You invite him for dinner and on your table there are dishes, silver forks, spoons and knives. However, the guest acts as he is accustomed to; he breaks the bread with his hands instead of cutting it, and dips it into the dish of food without using any forks or spoons. You immediately give an order to the servants to take away the forks and spoons from the table and the whole family eats the may the guest does.

If you hold to the letter of things, you will make a remark to him that that is not the right way of eating, but love does not go by the letter of things.
Now you have entered the path of perpetual love - the path of the Divine love, and you must act according to its requirements. This love excludes all mistakes. In the love of interruptions, i.e., the human love, many mistakes and crimes are committed. The crimes and misfortunes are due to the fact that man does not submit himself to the Great Principle of life. There is one law in the world and he who diverts from it will inevitably expose himself to suffering and misfortune. Have you ever made the experiment for one day at least not to allow any evil thought in your mind, or any evil feeling in your heart? If one whole day is too long, make the experiment for one hour to see if during that hour you can keep evil from entering into you. How has evil come into the world? It is not allowed to speak about this question. What greater contradiction, indeed, than to meet men and angels sinning and committing crimes, in spite of the fact that they were created by God, the Only perfect Line among the perfect?

How has evil come into life? What is the cause of crimes? A young, handsome youth loves two young maidens. Before he decides upon one of the two, both of them are careful with him, converse well with him and seem to enjoy their mutual understanding. When the young man expresses his preference for one of them, the other one is immediately offended, draws herself away from him, and their relations are spoiled. Why? The evil has entered into their relations. If the mother loves one of her sons more than the others, or if the father loves one of his daughters more than the others, again the crime is born. In order that there may not be criminality in the feelings of people, this is how they must look at things. If you have two rings, the one iron and the other golden, you will prefer the gold one. Everyone would like the golden ring better. If you have two swords, the one iron and the other gold, you will prefer the iron one. If you must defend yourself with one of them, the iron one will do the work better than the golden one.

A man marries a woman who tortures him all his life - she does not give him any freedom to look at anybody. Whatever he does she is dissatisfied with him. He walks from one room into another, sighs and trembles, trying not to say anything which might displease her. She represents iron for him, which constantly presses him. At a certain time a woman-friend of his wife comes to their home, who is of a happy disposition and cheers up the whole house. The man feels contented at last and breathes freely. But soon a new torture begins - why is he happy in the presence of that woman, while in the presence of his wife he is down-hearted and in a bad mood. Who is to blame for that? Which man would not prefer the golden ring to the iron one? Where is the crime in this case? Give freedom to a man, if you want him to love you.
These are facts which exist everywhere in life, both among religious and among worldly people. Until you understand the laws which govern life, you will always meet contradictions. That is the reason why people imagine life in heaven to be like that on earth. They think that there also people are divided into men and women, that they are born, marry and die as they do here. They imagine a kind of human paradise. In heaven there are no men and women. If a man goes to heaven and seeks a woman, he will immediately be sent to earth. If a woman goes to heaven and seeks a man, she will immediately be sent to earth. While you are on earth you can marry, but when you go to heaven, there are no marriages allowed.

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"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28 - NIV)