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05-22-2009, 09:08 PM
Found this:

I have made the Tree of Life of which you speak. It is accomplished by
melting pure sodium in a flask, and then sprinkling in gold dust. The
sodium turns into an emerald pool as it melts and the gold is eaten up
by it (the green lion eating the sun). Then, as it dries up, a
remarkable transformation takes place, as a stem grows upward from the
dry pool, higher and higher, then branches grow off the stem. Other
stems rise up from other places and produce branches as well. The stem
is brownish and rough and 'plated' like the bark of certain palm trees.
The tips of the branches turn darker brown, and eventually red. This is
the Grove of the Gods, spoken of in Greek mythology. It looks so
incredible, you don't ever want to touch it.

If, however, you want to complete the process, grind the trees into
powder, add HCl and then neutralize with sodium hydroxide. You get nice
white ORMES.

>1: Isn't sodium a poisonous metal? From where does one get it and what
precautions are there in its handling? Fumes poisonous? Is it expensive?

Sodium is explosive if touched by water. It is probably poisonous as a
metal. It is easily obtainable from a chemical supply house. It is dirt
cheap - $65 a pound.

>2: At what temperature does it melt? I don't know, but not very hot -
certainly under 500 degrees. We didn't use Pyrex. But Pyrex is a good
idea. It withstands 600 degrees.

>Gas or propane flame OK? Yes.

>3: In what kind of flask does one heat it? Also, size of flask and
amount of sodium needed?

300 ml is fine for a lump of sodium the size of a silver dollar (it
comes in a round bar), sliced off about 1/8" thick.

>4: How much gold dust does one sprinkle in, and does one keep heating
the sodium while doing it?

We sprinkled in about 1/2 ounce. Heat the sodium until molten (green
liquid). Don't breathe any fumes coming off -- probably bad.

>5: Would filings from a pure gold coin qualify?

Yes, if it was PURE. Only gold Maple Leafs qualify, if what I hear is
correct - 999.9 fine.

>6: How long does one heat it after the gold dust is sprinkled?

Just keep heating and you will see the gold dissolve in the liquid
sodium, and then it changes all the colors of the rainbow and then the
tree grows. It is the essence of simplicity. "Women's work and child's

>6: How long does it take for the branches to form?

Within 15 minutes.

>7:When do they begin and how do you know they are complete?

They start within five minutes or so of the dissolution of the gold in
the liquid sodium, and they complete in five minutes, and then the tips
ripen in about five minutes.

>8:Do you force the drying or just allow it to happen in open air at
room temp?

You continue to heat all the way through.

>9:Can you reuse the sodium once the branches are removed?

NO. It is gone.

>10: How is it that the branches can form on already-formed "trunks"?

I don't know.

>11:Are the trunks not totally solid and still allow a "wicking" effect
to transport new material to their ends to form the branches?
No they are plenty solid.

>12: How hard is the tree material?

Quite hard. It took quite a bit of grinding in a mortar and pestle to
make it into a powder.

>13:Is it fragile or robust?

It is tough but brittle.

>14: Isn't the tree material ORMES already? (ie; why add HCl and

The tree is not ORMES yet. It has the potential, but it is not suitable
for consumption. It is sodium auride, probably, and you have to tease
the ORMES out of it. Remember, DH says ORMES exist mostly in the 'other'
dimension (5/9) and you have to 'digest' things in order to get the
ORMES into our world. It is the same process as digesting your food:
chewing, then hydrochloric acid (gastric juice), then a neutralizer
(sodium bicarb from the pancreas).

>15:What would happen if it was just ground and ingested and the stomach
acids worked on it?

Probably big tummy ache, and maybe poisoning too.

>16: What are the specifics in the HCl and NaOH procedure? Do I need a
pH meter for this?

Yes a pH meter is necessary. The HCl drives the pH down to about pH 2;
use a 10% solution; Then the sodium hydroxide (also 10%) brings it back
to neutral (pH 7). Don't overshoot, or you will lose the ORMES back into
the 'other side' and its hard to coax them back.

>17: How have you confirmed that ORMES are produced?

Nothing else that I have ever seen acts like this product. A biochemist
who was there at the time said that this cannot happen. So I feel pretty
confident we had ORMES. I also drank it all over a period of three
months. No poisoning, so no metal left -- ergo ORMES.

>18:Do you get a good conversion rate from metal to ORMES?


>19: Have you ingested the ORMES? and what effects?

Yes I drank them. Caused a fusing of left and right hemispheres, so that
I had complete control over my dreams. It made dreamtime and daytime
very much closer together. I would recommend it to anyone who had the
luxury of taking a few years off. Meaning that I cared a lot less about
day to day business affairs and getting to the office when I took it.
Since I am self-employed, it makes a big difference when I don't show
up. So I stopped taking it when it was done. Since then my business has
skyrocketed. I would say I experienced an increase in intuition that
lasted for a year or so.

>20: Is this even to be attempted by a novice? It sounds deceptively

It is simple, but I think that good lab technique is a must. I wouldn't
recommend it to anyone as their FIRST experiment. The biggest danger in
the whole affair is that damn sodium. NO WATER even NEAR it!!!! It
explodes like dynamite. The ceiling has the scars to prove it!

>21: Is there any similar action with other Platinum group metals? or
copper? or even mercury (with the proper precautions)?

Haven't tried it, so I don't know. I am not really that interested in
the others. I have read dozens of alchemical books and nobody ever said
you could get the Philosopher's Stone working with platinum or copper
(did they?) Mercury is another ballgame, but it is so toxic, I wouldn't
fool with it. I learned a mercury method from LPN, also using stibnite
(antimony), but it takes forever and is so ticklish (and toxic).
This method is safe if you are reasonably careful and don't blow up the
sodium (!), and it is the only method that will grow the Tree that I am
aware of. I think that this simple process was used to impress novices
(it impressed the hell out of me!) in initiations.


It is so fast and straight forward. The tricky part for the ancients was
where to get the sodium. (Moses on Mt. Sinai comes to mind).
But, of course, if you know the tricks of distilling sea water (and you
don't poison yourself with the chlorine)that can be done, although the
temperature required is over 600 C, and that's tough to handle.

05-22-2009, 10:22 PM
Wow thanks for posting this Vlad. This is really amazing if it's all true! This guy recommends using sodium metal (melting point of 207.9 F), but do you suppose substituting potassium for sodium would be possible. Potassium has a lower metal point than sodium (melting point of 146.08 F). I was just thinking about the information you posted a few days ago about sodium vs. potassium influencing microtubuli in the CNS.

It is so fast and straight forward. The tricky part for the ancients was
where to get the sodium. (Moses on Mt. Sinai comes to mind).
But, of course, if you know the tricks of distilling sea water (and you
don't poison yourself with the chlorine)that can be done, although the
temperature required is over 600 C, and that's tough to handle.
I'm not sure they would be able to get pure sodium metal, but sodium hydroxide seems more likely (if they were able to distill sea salt, then it's quite likely they simply extracted the alkali salt left over in the retort). I was considering a way to do it from sea salt,but I'm not sure they ever performed this.

Roasting sodium/potassium oxide with carbon should result in pure metal (it might sublime instead). It sounds good in theory, but I'm just not sure if I'm forgetting something important. Modern methods for producing elemental sodium/potassium/lithium involves molten electrolysis.

05-22-2009, 11:24 PM
I have no idea if it would work . I don't think so. This method is very similar to the sodium burn method which works for making m-state quickly, contrary to molten sodium hydroxide which does not seem to work quickly on metal but maybe works slowly over extended heating. This method is supposed to make the tree grow in like 15 minutes so I think you'll need sodium metal.

I used to have a method in my files on how sodium metal could be produced I think without electrolysis. So it may have been possible for the ancients. And even with electricity since they found the baghdad battery so the ancients may have known about electricity.

05-22-2009, 11:31 PM
I think the Essene mentioned it was possible to use potassium instead of sodium when doing the burn (maybe it was somebody else though). I know it'll produce m-state, but I'm just not sure if the gold will grow a tree in potassium. I don't see why it wouldn't react the same way.

05-23-2009, 12:31 AM
I think the tree growth might be related to m-state gold reacting with gravity, and possibly being repelled by it. I've heard that m-state iridium is the only one that exhibits this gravitational shield effect. I've also heard of m-state gold displaying some strange magnetic properties (i.e. being repelled by magnets). This might be another explanation for what's happening: the m-state gold is being repelled by the earth's electromagnetism.

This still doesn't explain the branching effect. Is the branching effect related to the spin of the earth? I'm just doing some brainstorming here and trying to come up with possibly explanations for what's happening. I'm really not sure of any of this. Maybe it's is just related to the crystallization of NaAu.

05-23-2009, 03:00 AM
Found some evidence to back up my claim about gold and its strange magnetic properties. This comes directly from the Hudson patent:

The (Ir) S-ORME and the (Au) S-ORME systems have a minimum critical field (''Hc1'') that is below the earth's magnetic field. The minimum critical field for a (Rh) S-ORME is slightly above the earth's magnetic field. When the quantum flux flow commences, due to the minimum external magnetic field being applied, the doublet in the IR spectrum will disappear because electron pairs are no longer bound in a fixed position on the individual ORME monoatoms.

solomon levi
06-06-2009, 11:46 PM
This seems similar:

Dissolve 6 drams of silver in about an ounce and a half of nitric acid without fire. When it is perfectly dissolved, throw into the matrass an amalgam made of one dram pure gold and two ounces of mercury; you will presently see a pelagus conturbationis made. Let the matrass stand still in some corner until you find the matter at that pass as you desire. You will see many beautiful colors appear. After forty days standing, you will see a kind of roughness appear upon the superfices of the mercury, which will daily grow and sprout out more. In twenty days more, it will be shot out into little needles and twigs. When it grows no more, pour off all the liquor and the mercurial matter will soon dry of itself. Then with some little piece of glass break off these needles from the mass (about a dram or better of them) and grind them to powder, which will be very white. Of this give 24 grains or more (according to complexion) in a cherry or the yolk of an egg. It takes seven or eight hours to work.
Sometimes the first dose will not work at all, other than to strengthen, and then he gives a second dose two or three days after; which will work either by stool or vomit or sweat, as Nature shall require and in due proportion.
It cures quartian and other agues (fevers), and works admirably in all desperate diseases. He used to take it once a month. When there is no peccant humour in the body, it worketh not by evacuation, but by strengthening. The mercury encloses and shuts up the metals, like a rose of Jericho, from whence he calleth it Sigillum Hermetis. The part of the needles next tthe mass works rougher than the ends. Out of the mass, you may draw most of the gold and silver with loss of about one-eighth part of the first, and less proportion of the silver. He thinketh this to be a Philosophical Mercury, and to be useful in the Great Work.
One hath made a work of projection with gold or silver and mercury amalgamated with antimony, that hath been impregnated by the universal spirit cast into it from the sun-beams by a burning-glass, which increases the weight of it, though in calcining it, much of its humidity do evaporate away.

solomon levi
06-08-2009, 08:21 PM
Another for steel...

Dissolve steel in a rectified spirit of salt, so shall you have a green and sweet solution which smells like brimstone. Filter it and abstract all the moisture in sand with a gentle heat. There will distill over a liquor as sweet as rain water. Steel, by reason of its dryness, detains the corrosiveness of the spirit of salt which remains in the bottom like a blood red mass which is as hot on the tongue as fire. Dissolve this red mass in oil of flints or of sand, and you shall see it grow up in two or three hours like a tree with stem and branches. Prove this tree at the test, and it shall yield good gold which this tree has drawn from the aforesaid oil of sand or flints which has a golden sulphur in it.

The same from Glauber...

While you're there, check out the experiment on pg69-70. Is this also related?

solomon levi
06-08-2009, 09:54 PM
A couple more ways from French....

Take oil of sand, as much as you please, and pour upon it the same quantity of oil of tartar per deliquium. Shake them well together so that they be incorporated and become as one liquor of a thin consistency. Then is your menstruum or liquor prepared. Then dissolve gold in aqua regia, and evaporate the menstruum and dry the calx in the fire, but make it not too hot, for it will thereby lose its growing quality. Then take it out and break it into little bits, not into powder. Put those bits into the aforesaid liquor (that they may lay a finger's breadth the one from the other) in a very clear glass. Keep the liquor from the air, and you shall see that those bits of the calx will presently begin to grow. First they will swell. Then they will put forth one or two stems, and then diverse branches and twigs so exactly as that you cannot choose but exceedingly to wonder. This growing is real and not imaginary only. Note that the glass must stand still and not be moved.

Calcine fine gold in aqua regia so that it becomes a calx, which put into a gourd glass, and pour upon it good and fresh aqua regia and the water of gradation, so that they cover the calx four finger's breadth. This menstruum abstract in the third degree of fire until no more will ascend. This distilled water pour on it again and abstract it as before, and this do so often until you see the gold rise in the glass and grow in the form of a tree having many boughs and leaves.