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05-23-2009, 10:10 PM
Also from archives, good to know when you get no precipitate from a process and suspect it had to work:

When we first began the Au/sodium burn method, we were only getting a
carmel colored (sometimes real dirty looking grey) precipitate and only 50
ml or so at that. I remember the first time we even got that, we were in
seventh heaven. Someone we consulted about the color said it was a normal
thing and that the color could be improved by adding more water to the
solution before titrating it. We tried that, but only got less yucky

After thinking that this process may not be worth the trouble for the
yield achieved, I gave a call to the Essene and explained the entire
process from start to finish. He pointed out a few (many) foolish things we
were doing...

As it turns out, there was sulphur getting into our process somehow. We
suspected it was the water, and went to Sears and bought a distiller. We
were double distilling. We would buy distilled water and run it in the
distiller. Still, on the next burn, we got the same results.

We noticed that as we began the titrating, our solution was turning a very
deep yellow and was not yielding any precipitate... A call to the Essene
again resulted in some corrections which included adding zinc (10 mesh) to
the solution at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon.

Oh yeah, the first batch of carmel colored stuff was dissolved with HCl
then based back up to 14 and re-titrated after letting it zinc for a
week... It yielded 1 gallon of pure white precipitate.

So here is the plan, filter your solution after the boil, place the
solution into gallon plastic jugs (milk jugs). Fill them up about 3/4 full.
Add 1/4 teaspoon of zinc shavings (10 mesh) into each jug, cap it and shake
well. Lift the cap slightly then to allow for gas escape and place
somewhere safe... Each day, shake the jug once or twice to mix up the
solution (with the cap in place) and then uncap slightly and set back in
place for the day... We do our burn and boil/filter on Saturday morning and
let the solution zinc until the next Saturday when we filter out the zinc
and then titrate. You only have to add the 1/4 teaspoon of zinc once, not
everyday... the zinc will turn into a dark black powder which settles on
the bottom of the jugs. The zinc pulls out the sulphur as zinc sulphate.

One ounce of gold should yield about 2 gallons of M1 and still return 80
percent of your metal. At least that's what we get.

So now you know... If there is ANY sulphur in the solution, you will not
get M1...

BTW, the sulphur gets into the solution from the gold, The Asian gold we
use (Canadian ML too) is precipitated gold, they use Sulphur Dioxide I
think to precipitate it out from solution... So unless you dig up the gold
from the earth or use pure natural nuggets, get some zinc (10 mesh).