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05-23-2009, 11:14 PM
Found an interesting story in archives. The link probably doesn't work anymore but could be checked in archive.org or similar internet archives.
I thought it was interesting how the author is covered in white dust at the end.


This link is Patrick Zeigler's story about how he came to develop the
Seichim "form" of Reiki. According to his story he spent the night in the
sarcophagus in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in about 1980 or so.
During this time he was in an altered state of consciousness where he heard
a continuous sound like the buzzing of mosquitos and when he left the next
morning he was covered from head to toe with a white powder.

His experience that night tuned him to the cosmos and was the first step
toward his development of Seichim.

Following is Patrick's description of his experiences in the Great Pyramid:

About halfway through I had my vacation come and off we went to Egypt and
my very first thought was to come and go to the pyramids. For those of you
who have been there, you can just visualize what it is like to be there and
for those of you who have not been there I will just begin to describe what
it is like. When you first start coming in on the bus you can see the
pyramids. They just begin to poke up through the trees. You can see them
like huge monuments. It's really spectacular as you begin to leave Cairo.
Cairo is on the east bank. Giza is the town which is around the pyramids on
the west bank of the Nile. The Egyptians would divide up, the west side
being really the place of the burial sites of the Pharaohs and the of other
world. Most of the things that were happening on the other side - the
eastern side was really the side of the life - of the now. So that's where
people farmed and lived their lives. The west bank was all sacred. So as
you enter over you can actually feel the energy shifting as you cross over
the Nile and move into the plateau of the pyramids and they are on a
plateau which makes them even more spectacular.

The busses come up very close to the pyramids and you get out and walk
right up to them. The pyramids fill your whole field of vision. While you
are there people are trying to sell you camel rides, and sell you all kinds
of things for tourists. I just kind of walked right through and as I went
into the pyramids there is a place where the thieves had actually carved
out which is the main entrance. It's about a quarter of the way up the
pyramid. And then there is this carved out entrance that you go into and
then as you go into that you start to go into the smaller chambers where
you actually have to crouch down. So imagine yourself having to crouch down
a little bit and beginning to go through some of these chambers. It is a
very tight space. The temperature with a lot of people in there was a
little warm, but not uncomfortable. You had to go through these tunnels.
The tunnels are very squared. They are not really meant for people to be
walking in. They had giant plugs of granite that they would put into these
tunnels which you would use and then you would come along and you could go
two ways. You could go straight. You could go into the Queen's chamber,
which is where I went first. You would go straight in. The hallway would
get bigger and then you would go into a little doorway and to the right the
chamber would open. The Queen's chamber was much smaller. It has a little
pointed roof where it would go up. It also had the sarcophagus in it to the
right as well. Energetically, it was very peaceful there. I just sat down
and meditated for awhile. It was a time of the day where you didn't have a
lot of people there. I had the whole place to myself as I had come there
early in the morning. I just sat there and felt the energy and felt drawn
to move around into the chamber because at that point since there was a
little more activity coming in, I then decided I would go around and check
into the King's chamber next.

In the King's chamber there is what they call a Grand Gallery. You enter in
and it just goes up almost probably 24 or 30 feet. You go from this small
claustrophobic tube to this very high spacious staircase that goes up and
up and up about two thirds of the way into the pyramid. As you begin to get
up in there it levels off a bit and then you begin to come into the King's
chamber. As you enter into the King's chamber the sounds are just awesome.
Every sound begins to vibrate. It is like you are walking into a big bell.
So as you walk the sound of your footsteps begins to vibrate. If you are
quiet enough you can practically hear yourself breathing in this space.
Acoustically, it's perfect. You can make an Om sound and the Om is just
carried through. It's so deep. Again, I just walked in and felt right at
home. I began to walk around and the sarcophagus is off to the right and
the position of the head and, again I was assuming, was up to the north. So
the sarcophagus was oriented in the north-south position. The sarcophagus
itself is the container where the King was placed and is a solid piece of
granite. I could walk up and hit it and it would just go bong. It would be
almost like a gong. That itself carries a lot of energy. Again I knew that
I wasn't staying at this time. I walked around. I knew in my heart that I
needed to spend the night in this place. I didn't know how I was going to
do it, but again I asked for the guidance for this to occur. Right when I
was leaving, I started to look down and there was this little door where
some thieves had tried to carve in and around the granite that encased the
King's chamber. So the little tiny hole was big enough for someone to crawl
up into but definitely would have taken some effort in there. There was a
gate there that was covering it but the gate was unlocked. So I felt like
hmm. I had a flashlight with me and I got my flashlight out and looked up
in there and I thought, "well that looks interesting" and this voice said,
"you are going in there." So I said, "I'm going to go in there, but not now."

So I went home and the next morning I returned. And I had prepared. I had
decided that I would fast from that point so that way I would clean my
bowels out. I had fasted the night before and hadn't eaten anything in the
morning. I came back and had the things I would need for spending the night
there. Again the gate was left open, so when there wasn't anyone around, I
opened the gate and crawled in and shut it behind me and kept crawling. Of
course I had no idea of what was in there and I crawled up and up and up.
It went into a little alcove that was above the King's chamber. I was
actually quite amazed that all the blocks that are on the outside and are
shown are perfect. They are well fitted together, but the blocks that are
on the inside of the pyramid are actually quite crude and rough which was
the way they built buildings in that part of the world. They would make the
outside perfect and finish the inside a little rougher.

So I sat there and meditated. I meditated all day long. It was just
wonderful. I was just in this almost suspended animation. There was a very
nice energy. It wasn't rough or anything and it was just really calm and
peaceful. I meditated all day long right up above the King's chamber and
every now and then could hear some of the tourists coming and going from
where I was. I waited until I felt all the people leave and, actually, I
could hear them shut the gate. It was about 7:00 at night and I could hear
them. They have a big metal gate at the front and it echoed all the way up
through the Grand Gallery into the King's chamber up to where I was at. So
I just waited a little bit longer until it was absolutely still and there
wasn't another sound and that's when I came out. I crawled out of the
tunnel that I was in and I went directly into the King's chamber. And, of
course, it was just absolutely pitch black. There was no light whatsoever.
I did have my flashlight so I could get around. I turned it on and found
the sarcophagus and proceeded to sit in mediation in it. At that point a
voice said, "No, you aren't supposed to sit in it." So I laid down. It was
actually a very good fit. For those of you that have never met me, I am
very tall. I am about 6'5". But it fit perfectly! Now, of course, this is
not the coffin that the King is put in. This is the outer casing.

And as I was laying down I bumped the edge and it reverberated this
wonderful tone -- "bohhmm" it was like a gonging sound. I laid down and
just started to meditate and before long I could hear this very high
pitched sound coming, like an "eeeeeeeeee" and I go "Oh wow! That's awful
quick!" You know, things are starting to happen. And I was laying there and
I said "Okay, whatever's going to happen, you know, just come on in." And
before long I realized that this high pitched sound was mosquitoes. And I
was like, "Wait a minute. There's not supposed to be mosquitoes in the
pyramids!" You know from the reading I have done, these forms of life where
not supposed to be here. And that's one thing that I definitely have a
problem with, mosquitoes. And I wasn't prepared. Now I did have a roll of
toilet paper, so I thought, "Oh, what I'll do is...because I don't want
mosquitoes chewing on me all night" and so I took the toilet paper and
started to wrap myself up so they couldn't bite. I wrapped my arms all up
with the toilet paper and I wrapped my feet because I didn't have socks or
anything on. And then I wrapped my face as well and laid back down again.

And once I began to get comfortable I heard this "boom....boom" sound. And
I thought, "Oh, no...someone's coming." And so here I am, laying in a
sarcophagus all wrapped up in toilet paper, and someone's coming. My mind
is going, "Well, like, what should I do? Should I try to get back out?" And
I realized if someone's coming up the grand gallery and I get up I'll have
to turn my light on in here where it's pitch black and, of course, they
would see me. So I thought "I'm just going to stay put." And actually what
happened was I couldn't move anyway! It was like this energy was just over
me and I was there.

And so I just stayed and listened and listened. And it was this sound you
know...like this "boom...boom" and I could feel it coming up the Grand
Gallery. And I began to rationalize, I'd say "well, maybe it's somebody
coming." Then I thought, "no, if it were somebody coming up the steps they
would turn on a light." And at that point I realized whatever it is, is not
human. And so it's not human, then what else could it be? Well, maybe it's
bats, so it's like bats flitting around and I'm hearing the bat droppings
or there's something going on. And as I listen deeper, it's like no, it's
too consistent. It can't be an animal or anything. So at that point I
realized that it's something beyond animal or human. And at that point I
also began to feel a fear coming in me. "Like, what is going on here?! What
is really happening?" And the fear -- now I've been in a lot of situations
before which were very fearful situations where people pointed guns at me
and everything. But the fear just started overwhelming me and I just fell
deeper and deeper and deeper into the fear. It was almost freezing me, it
was just overwhelming me with this fear. I was going, like wow, you know,
just being overwhelmed with this fear. And it got the closer, the sound of
it, I could feel it coming closer and as it got closer I became more
fearful. As it entered into the King's chamber, I could actually feel a
presence coming towards me. And my fear went deeper, and deeper, and as it
got closer, and closer I just had no idea what was going to happen.

All of a sudden I felt this energy was above me and I could actually, for
the first time see it and it was like whirling. And it almost had this
figure eight type pattern. It was like moving around in circles and flying
over me and at that point I said, "Well, I could die now. Or I could just
allow whatever this is to happen to me. I mean this is the reason I came."
And energetically then it started, it was as almost like, I said, "okay,
I'm open to whatever happens." And the fear began to melt away and the
energy just started to come down into my heart. I felt this warmth and this
love all of a sudden just fill my whole being. And as the fear began to be
transformed, it transformed right into this feeling of love. As I began to
feel it coming into my body, I went back and I could hear the sound and the
sound that I was hearing the whole time was that of my heart. It was like
this sound that been transformed outside myself now and into the inside, so
it was really transfixed now right in my heart. And for the whole evening,
I just sat and laid down in meditation just feeling the energy within my
heart and feeling it come all the way through my body, just allowing myself
to receive whatever else would come in. And that's how most of this night
went, just being bathed in this love for the rest of the evening.

I realized that soon it was going to be morning. I did have my alarm set in
case I would fall asleep or whatever but I didn't sleep at all. The alarm
went off and I said, "okay I'd better get back". I left the King's chamber
and went back into my hiding place and waited for the first few tour groups
to go through. When I felt it was an appropriate time I came out. And when
I came out, I realized that I was white. I was covered in this white dust.
I looked down at my arms and they were just totally white with this white
powder. I brushed it off as well as I could. I also felt it in my hair and
brushed it out as much as I could. I got as much of it off as I could yet
it was caked all over my clothes and everything.

A few tour groups came through and I then walked out with one of them. And
then as I was leaving, the guards started to call me in Arabic, "Come
here!" and I pretended I didn't hear them and kept walking and walking and
walked out of the pyramid and they're yelling "You get back here!" I just
kept walking and walking and pretty soon, it was just such good luck,
because there was a bus just starting to pull away, and I ran for the bus
and I jumped on and it took off. I ended up back in my hotel room. When I
got in I looked in the mirror and I was just totally white. I had a beard
at the time and it was just as if someone had taken white flour and just
sprinkled me all over.