View Full Version : The arcanum of fulminating gold

solomon levi
06-08-2009, 10:51 AM
Agricola doesn't give much credence to this, but I'm curious if it works.

Mutratur is Tartarum, and the puzzle at the end is supposed to be spirit of wine.
I think the puzzle loses something when translated into english, so it doesn't make sense then,
we have to take Agricola's word that the solution is spirit of wine.
Also the whole was written in rhyme in its original language which is why it is laid out in verse.


If one takes what is beaten thin/

Opens it as it should/
Then pours into it drop by drop/
Mutratur which grows beautifully on the Rhine/
Of that an oil arises of itself/
Take note of what I am telling you about it/
The gold then settles again/
Slowly drips away until at last/
The effervescence stops of itself/
Put a long alembic on/
And strongly distill everything again/
Till no more juice comes off it/
Then pound it to a fine powder/
And pour it into warm water/
To dissolve the sharpness/
Stir it with a wooden spoon/
Pour it off/ and pour fresh one over it/
So that nothing corrosive is left/
Gold calx should be left brown and subtle/
But if there is much of it/
Repeat the work again/

Just as before/

The more often this is repeated/
The more subtle and beautiful it becomes/
Nor has it any grain or lustre/
But that has been completely destroyed/
That one has also to take note of/
When you believe that everything has been poured off/

Dry it quite gently/

Or else it will quickly ignite/
Bursting the oven at short notice/
Everything above and below/
That happens as fast as lightning/
Therefore, use common sense and intelligence in this/

Something else I wish to relate/

If you cannot get any oil of Mutritar/
Take common herbs/
Prepare them into a fine salt/
Dissolve it into an oil/
Use it as indicated above/
When the gold has been prepared/
I give you this additional information/
Twelve letters - the number fourteen/
Five syllables and also six vowels/
Rectify this very finely/
And pour the gold calx into it/
Set it in digestion well closed/
Then leave it for several days/
The solvent will become beautiful and red/
This essence will help you in case of need.

So theoretically, I guess it's saying that fulminating gold digested in spirit of wine
will give a tincture or perhaps open up, but Agricola thinks not.