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solomon levi
06-27-2009, 12:10 PM
This work has word-for-word some parts of the "18th century chemistry as
it pertains to alchemy" book I've recommended, only this has only about
a third of the material. Still it covers some useful works such as distillation of
tartar, analysis of vinegar and spirit of wine, volatile alkali, antimonial preparations, etc.
Especially, it contains what Frater Albertus said is the Philosophical mercury if you look
under the section "vinegar combined with lead", at the end, where it describes white clouds
coming over the receiver.


Yeah, the date is 1758 (if my roman numeral knowledge is correct) and it says it's volume 2.
This guy/s must have contributed to the Encyclopedia Brittania

Yeah, this is the same as the encyclopedia.
Here's volume 1:


Here is the Encyclopedia version for comparison: