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07-09-2009, 04:01 AM
Found this in archives:

> For those of you experimenting... digest a gram of gold in about
200ml HCl with a tsp of sodium nitrate as this amount should do the
trick. Then boil it until the yellow fumes stop... probably 2 min or
so... the boil should slow... add another tsp and boil off keeping it
hot the entire time. Upon adding the sodium nitrate you will
observe "the" reaction... it will slow in a few min and stop fuming
in another 2 min or so... repeat this 4 or five times. MAKE SURE you
boil off the nitrates when it is a manageable volume as they become
pesky when intermingled with the gold ppt... which becomes the "Red
Lion" or Red Gold ppt... but if the goal is HAu boil em off add a bit
of DH2O and swing the solution a few times with straight pure
chemicals always keeping the solutions hot... the exothermic reaction
from the NaOH will bring the solutions to a boil and it should drop
back down thereafter... then in the "acid" phase with AuCl slowly
titrate to 8.5 with heavily diluted HCl...
> this is an art as a little too much will spike the PH briefly and
the beautiful white will eventually turn dark from ppl gold even
though the PH at the time may be near neutral. VIOLA <-------- bad
French... Perty wite precip quik. HAu in a little under 7 hrs for me
last time although this was also my first time to try the re-
digestion with sodium nitrate. This is the fastest posted time from
anyone as of yet, but I was also going slow and I suspect it can be
done in less than 3... from this point you have a yeilding AuCl
solution and will be able to cook and yield approx 30ml of settled
gold ppt each time you decide to harvest it. From my experiences high
heat constantly evapping down your solutions in open beakers works
the **BEST** in terms of yield... lotsa DH2O... or "lots of water" as
Hudson said. Jeff and I are tossing around the idea that D2O or
deuterium oxide is the mechanism although I have yet to experiment
with it... give me a month or so and I will have some
> data. Interestingly Ron Talgamige (sp?) also feels that the
deuterium ion is responsible for the s-orme. In nature, Deuterium
does like to swap places with hydrogen( deuterate) ALLOT. OH... if
you decide to do this little experiment take a good smell of the
fuming nitrosil gold chloride... love that smell. This WILL give you
an extreme gold ppt buzz and you probably will have trouble sleeping
so you are warned. Anyway... Jeff and I started the White Gold Lab to
further the understanding and processes to create WPG... so far we
have reduced the time from a few weeks of painstakingly slow swings
to a matter of hrs. Pick up your glass stirrer, rally the pipettes,
and post your times!!!