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07-19-2009, 08:47 PM
I have been researching Genesis for some 35-years from a mathematical and grammatitical perspective and have made many discoveries that go beyond the pale. For example I can say that the Bible is a mathematical masterpiece.

However, I have been rereading the works of Carl G. Jung especially his Mysterium Coniunctionis, which is a work based upon the study of opposites. It was Jung's work that brought back Alchemy from the bring of oblivion. In the below reference Jung shows how the quaternio works in the opposites.

On page #7 he quotes a Abu'I-Qasim from Kitab al-'ilm al-muktasab p. 38

"Ostanes said, Save me, O my God, for I stand between two exalted brillancies known for their wickedness, and between two dim lights; each of them has reached me and I know not how to save myself from them. And it was said to me, Go up to Agathodaimon the Great and ask aid of him, and know that there is in thee somewhat of his nature, which will never be corrupted... And when I ascended into the air he said to me, Take the child of the bird which is mixed with redness and spread for the gold its bed which come forth from the glass, and place it in its vessel whence it has no power to come out except when thous desirest, and leave it until its moistness has departed.

The quaternio in this case evidently consists of the two malefici, Mars and Saturn (Mars is the ruler of Aries, Saturn of Capricorn); the two "dim lights" would then be feminine ones, the moon (ruler of Cancer) and Venus (ruler of Libra). The opposites between which Ostanes stands are thus masculine / feminine on the one hand and good / evil on the other. The way he speaks of the four luminaries-he does not know how to save himself from them-suggests that he is subject to Heimarmene,...

For all intent and purpose this is a rehash albeit it in Alchemical wording of the 2nd to 5th verses of the first chapter of Genesis.

"...The spirit of Elohym hovered (pouted, brooded) over the face of the waters. And Elohym said, let there be light and there was light, and Elohym divided the light from the darkness and he called the light day and the darkness he called night."

Jung giving the four luminaries the same designation of the Zodiac as I had given to light, darkness, day and night was interesting because it demonstrates that the Bible may be a rewording of Alchemy or vice versa. Or there are traditions that go even further back then the bible.
I had done a similar analysis of these text and have found that the first day of creation: Gen. 1: 3-5; actually gave evidence of sine waves, which is very similar to Jung's interpretation of the Alchemical text.

Jung continues with his discussion on another double quaternio, which Edward F. Edinger gives a discussion on in his THE MYSTERIUM LECTURES:

"In it [the Indian Ocean] are images of heaven and earth, of summer, autumn, winter, and spring, male and female. If thou callest this spiritual, what thou doest is probable; if corporeal, thou sayest the truth; if heavenly, thou liest not; if earthly, thou hast well spoken."

Here like previously Jung discusses the the secret Septenary: 1, 2, 4 and a diagram is show with a circle with an A in the center a second circle with F & G spliting the the original circle and a third out circle with a B, C, D, E.

The Indian Ocean is the collective unconscious. This discussion on the double quaternio is basically a rehash of the first five verses of Genesis, where God (A) separates the heavens and the earth (F & G) and the light, darkness, day and night are the B, C, D and E.

It is difficult to give the entire interpretation here but the heavens and the earth represent Yahweh and Elohym: two aspect of the Trinity and the Most Hight God is prior to creation in the transcendent, where Christ on earth is his spokeman. So the waters of creation are the heavens and the earth: Yahweh and Elohym, which are later broken down to light, darkness, day and night.

The point I am trying to get across is that it appears as if Alchemy can be a reevaluation of the ancient text to augment the sacred scriptures of the world. I can tell you that the Septenary is commentary on the first letter of Genesis: Beth, which give credance to this entire interpretion since all the text of the Torah can not be written unless the seed is within itself: it had to be seeded first even the first letter Beth had to be seeded before it was written. If you look at the text you will see this secret if you know what to look for.