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07-25-2009, 12:30 PM
I found some interesting info in the ORMUS_SWG archive.
From a post from Barry Carter:

Dear Friends,

Last month we had two conference calls which featured Michael Burbury
from the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Michael told us a bit
of his life story. His family had an electroplating business and he
was trained as an industrial chemist. He has also been a mechanic, an
electrical engineer and a computer programmer.

Michael has also done quite a bit of research into ancient alchemical

His favorite ORMUS making methods are the Wet Method and the Peroxide Method.

I originally discovered and published the peroxide method back in
July of 1997 and shared it with David Hudson's chemist a few months later.

In his 1999 Los Angeles lecture, David Hudson actually mentioned that
you could use hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid to dissolve the
transition metals and convert them into the ORMUS form.

Don Nance made significant improvements to the peroxide method and we
posted them to my web site in June of 2002. You can find Don's
improved peroxide method at:


Based on his alchemical and metallurgical experience, Michael Burbury
has made further improvements on the peroxide method and described
these changes in his conference calls. Michael has used the Peroxide
Method on the following 16 metals to get them to their white powder form:


Michael says that the precipitate from all of these elements is a
pure snow white color and the dried precipitate will dissolve in
ethyl alcohol while none of the metallic form of these elements will
dissolve in the alcohol. He uses the alcohol process to be sure that
there will not be any metal particles remaining in the precipitate.

On his first conference call I asked Michael about the effects he
noticed from the white ORMUS powders when he ingested them. On his
second conference call I asked him which of the ORMUS precipitates
from all the metals he preferred. You can hear Michael's answers to
these questions at:


Michael also described how he converted dew into a white powder that
would fly away from his hand when he moved his hand near it. He said
that his experience with this material reminded him of Jim's
experience with a similar material that Jim first described to me
back in 1991. This is the material that Jim called "fly ash".

When I first heard David Hudson talk in Portland, Oregon about the
material that would fly away from his hand after he had "annealed"
it, I remembered what Jim had told me years earlier about his "fly
ash". I have combined Jim's comments on the "fly ash" with David
Hudson's comments on his material and with Michael's description of
the "fly ash" from his dew process and placed the file at:


The Hudson quote is from the section of his lecture where he is
talking about biological superconductivity and he is using it to make
his point that the ORMUS elements can be superconductive at
biological temperatures.

It is interesting to note that both Jim's material and Michael's
material exhibit the same behavior as Hudson's material but they did
not require any heat above body temperature to go into their
"superconducting" state.