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07-28-2009, 12:55 AM
I this on spanish television

Here is what I've seen so far:

July 15th, 2009
Avonís latest anti-aging breakthrough, ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Gold Emulsion: This luxurious and powerful anti-aging treatment is infused with Gold Polypeptide Complex and Pro-Sirtuin TX, which work together to improve moisture and strengthen the skin, while fighting against deep wrinkles.

In clinical and consumer testing, ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Gold Emulsion demonstrated the following results:

Immediately, skinís moisture levels surge by more than 400%

In just three days, the look of deep wrinkles begins to soften
After ten days, skin looks supported and more resilient
In two weeks, skin looks up to five years younger
Over time, density is restored to skin by up to 25% and skin is more cushioned and younger looking

Also a search for "Gold Polypeptide gave this:
Preparation of helical polypeptide-stabilized gold nanoparticles using a two-phase reduction process from the corresponding metal salts with NaBH4 is therefore introduced.

there are rumors floating around that some rich person is attempting to patent various Alchemical base Elixir's. Could this be one of the first to hit the market?