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07-29-2009, 10:33 PM
An old on-line friend and experienced moderator Anibis (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/member.php?u=30) will aid myself and Aleilius with keeping this place nice and tidy!

I will let him introduce himself personally.


New nick = Zephyr

07-30-2009, 02:25 AM
Hi guys, it's good to be on board. I'm a big fan of the Hermetic path, and a worker with images and numbers. I hope that I can be of help around here. I'm a little new here in terms of the amount of posts I've made, but I will spend the next little while exploring the site more, so I am sure we will all have some cool and productive discussions together!


07-30-2009, 03:18 PM
Hi Anibis

08-01-2011, 08:14 PM
I fired him... but only because he has disappeared? Real life took him I guess, LOL!

Of course he is welcome back, but no point having an Admin that is not around... so now it is only I and solomon levi (http://forum.alchemyforums.com/member.php?26-solomon-levi) that are patrolling the boards... and for the moment things are pretty relaxed here (the way we like it) so no need to recruit any more "cops"!


08-03-2011, 03:29 AM
Eh, you also fired certain moderator privileges I had. Which I no longer have, and I'm very sad. We're back almost where we started with this moderator mess debacle we had a few months ago.

I want those back. PLEASE!

08-03-2011, 05:32 PM
We talked about layout stuff, never moderator stuff. We don't need any anyway at the moment. Pretty good manners over all here I think.


08-12-2011, 01:12 AM
We talked about layout stuff, never moderator stuff. We don't need any anyway at the moment. Pretty good manners over all here I think.


No, it's not that. I want to be able to DO stuff other than make things look pretty. I should have FOUNDER access to the board just like you. Why? I was a FOUNDER WITH YOU.

I keep repeating myself. Full circle it goes. At least give me my user-title back "The Heart of Mars." That's the least I deserve since you think this whole AF thing was YOUR idea. Yeah, you can continue thinking that. You deleted my history of AF thread that painted the real history of AF, and you accidentally "deleted" SL's thread thanking you & I for OUR work in getting AF off the ground. I hope it makes you feel better at night whilst trying to sleep. Really, I hope it does! It makes me feel like shit. :mad:

If it wasn't for the others that post here, that make this place what it is, I wouldn't even bother coming here anymore, and you can take that to heart Deviadah. You couldn't even put the time into setting up a new layout, and you have to rely on somebody else to do it. You left it looking like shit for more than a year. I spend the time to do it, a few hours, and look how you repay me: your golden bullshit.

It took me some time to sort out the Style Manager thing... have not looked into the permissions all that good. Don't be paranoid... I have not noticed any abuse. Try merging next time you are logged in.

I questioned him again about this, and this is what he gives me:

no... I thought we already went through this... you want to work on styles... we don't need moderators

Yeah, I think we'll do pretty good without moderators, or administrators. :D

You're going to wake up to a surprise buddy boy! This could have all been avoided if you had been fair.

08-12-2011, 10:35 AM
1. I feel like I am repeating myself.
2. Your user-title is something you can change whenever you want to in settings.
3. I didn't delete any thread, I archived it, because it was turning into a flame war...
4. I did accidentally delete SL's thread, sometimes mistakes happen.
5. I don't have trouble sleeping because your accusations are incorrect.
6. I don't know how many hours I spend a week keeping this arena clean and nice, I also spent a lot of time on the layout... I have other things to do besides this, it is not making any money for me nor will it ever, that is not the reason it exists.
7. You always bring private messages into the public arena.
8. Threats just makes you look stupid, it doesn't give me a problem.
9. Does anyone else care really?


08-12-2011, 10:23 PM

The only thing I agree with here is

You always bring private messages into the public arena.

Aleilius, why is it so important for you to have power?

Smells of Ego...is that healthy?

The forum is fine as it is...IMHO


Perhaps this post should have been a PM, but it seems the fashion is to air ones laundry in public.