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solomon levi

  1. what will you do?

    What will you do friends? What will you do when you reach that point where you see/understand/realize something so shockingly amazing in context that you can never sleep/be unconscious of it again, and you are literally a different "person"? Will you manage it with grace? Or flip out? Will you be able to pretend, for sleeping others, that nothing has changed? Or will you be a virus? Will you emphasize love or vanity in the face of purposelessness? I wonder what you will choose when you ...
  2. understanding

    if you don't understand something, search first if you truly want to understand... that is the prerequisite to understanding anything. this is a universe of agreements (disagreements are also agreements). if something isn't right, search first your desire for it not to be right, your motive. motive is very near intent on the golden chain.
    only thought disagrees. the universe allows everything. thought is the self-conscious universe, the word, creator/creation. there are countless billions ...
  3. triunity

    There are three principle ways to perceive the universe - mercury, sulphur and salt; sattva, rajas and tamas; preserver, creator, destroyer, etc.
    A shaman manifests all three simultaneously and merges with the Source.
    A shaman never believes a manifestation unless s/he wants to, knowing that it is a perceptual agreement, maya-illusion, lila-play...
    thus a shaman is responsible for everything in their life.
    A shaman is even responsible for his/her degree of forgetting ...
  4. alchemist as PM-MP

    As i learn, grow, practice, i see more and more the unfolding of the path.
    There have been several returns to the black phase, several circulations.
    Of course as long as you grow there will be circulations until you ascend.
    What i want to mention today is that there is an end to the black phase.
    I've been going through some rough things lately that i noticed today would have been classified
    as black before but now they are just grey, which means i handle them much ...