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  1. Money

    I hear people around me saying often: "I wish I had more money..", "If only I won the lottery..", "I want to be rich!".
    I like to play the game of foolish questions even with matters that seem to have an obvious answer. I wonder, what do they really mean when they say that. Why would they need the money for? Some need them in order to go to reastaurants and have other people prepare their meal. Others will go for vacations, live in a luxurious hotel and make ...
  2. False Paths

    I will expose here three paths I followed that have led to a dead end. They were inspired by the books of Robert Bartlett.

    The first one, can be found in his book "Real Alchemy" and deals with the so called alkahest of tartar. This substance is supposed to be able to extract the sulfur of metals and minerals. In brief, Bartlett requires us to perform a dry distillation on crude tartar and then purify the distillate. We obtain a clear liquid which upon digestion ...
  3. Extracting antimony

    Some antimony ore was crushed and then mixed with KOH in a porcelain crucible. Then it was heated till the KOH melted and a yellowness (sulfur) was extracted out of antimony. The contents were left to solidify, and then crushed to little pieces. Half of them were extracted with vinegar, the rest of them with alcohol. The vinegar gave no color upon extraction. The alcohol gave an interesting orange color within one day of digestion.


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