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  1. Human Harp

    If you find yourself at Clifton Suspension Bridge, England, on March 15th, 2015, you may get a front row seat to this performance:

    This gives new meaning to playing the harp!
  2. EMF

    Contemplated whether to post this blog, I know how some closely, intimately tied to their iPhones.

    I'll leave you with the words of Martin Blank,

    No one wants to return to the dark ages, but there are smarter and safer ways to approach our relationship—as individuals and across society—with the technology that exposes us to electromagnetic
  3. OBE researched @ University of Ottawa

    Came across this recent study from University of Ottawa, Canada, that took an interest in a woman who could leave her body at will.

    Article link here:
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  4. Catacombs of Priscilla

    Here we go [again] while Vatican denies the possibility, restoration to Catacombs of Priscilla opened up the debate that there were women priests in early Christianity.

    What do others think on this heated debate?
  5. Gene Lin28

    Cell recently published (Vol. 155, I. 4; Nov. 2013) a study that highlights gene Lin28a as a promoter of tissue repair.

    Summary found here:

    I recently had a meniscus tear, and other than recipes I have from TCM (which I now take), experts don't know how else to approach it. That time might be shortening when traditional and modern have distinctions?

    What do you bloggers think?
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